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DCDSAA Architecture Office:DCDSAA Architectural Design Office has completed a very important architectural planning and design project in Shanghai this year-Lilith House (Cat House Garden); Architects hope to build a harmonious relationship among architecture, courtyard and nature through minimalist geometric deconstruction and calm symmetry.


▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view of the project

▽夜景鸟瞰 Night view



In Yunjian Granary Cultural and Creative Park, Songjiang, Shanghai, there are a group of old granary buildings with a long history, which are located on the banks of the people’s river. As an original granary land, the mission of this location is to create a harmonious symbiosis with the surrounding landscape and become a part of the site building.


▽项目区位 Project location

▽改造前原貌 Original appearance before transformation

▽场地环境 Site environment



“Architecture is an open natural relationship with rhythm and clear facade. Mr. Wang Hao, the presiding architect of DCDSAA Architecture Office, said: “Rigorous planning and design, thanks to our in-depth study and discussion of future architecture, is an open private space with a sense of ceremony. Architecture is connected with courtyard and the interaction between them creates unique experience fun.”


▽建筑外立面 Building facade



The inclined special-shaped frame of the entrance floating BOX is used, and the interesting upper and lower faç ades are formed. The faç ades are designed with large floor-to-ceiling glass. The three-dimensional structure of each BOX echoes the waterscape of the outside garden like a sculpture, creating the fluidity of the space.


▽东侧入口的巨大落地窗 The huge French windows at the east entrance



The whole indoor beige minimalist structure design, the semi-circular sinking leisure experience space has beautiful lines and sense of body, the tolerance and width of natural lighting, and more interaction and contrast between light and buildings. After the space has the natural attribute of light, it is full of the contrast between fantasy and reality, and it is endowed with the pure modern temperament like an architectural art museum.


▽外部与室内 Exterior and interior

▽咖啡吧与入口 Coffee bar and entrance

▽室内局部休闲功能 Indoor local leisure function



The rich and varied landscape environment creates diversified interesting experiences for the building. Each open space in the room not only provides people with an excellent vision, but also closely connects the outdoor space with the independent indoor space. In the design of the site and the building, the changes of scale and storey height are skillfully used, which form a rich volume contrast relationship and creating a unique space and visual experience.


▽临河室内望景 Linhe indoor view



Each symmetrical direction of BOX lighting is a pure form of architecture, which leads the space to a more intriguing artistic direction, and also leads to the “natural attribute” of architecture, thus creating a natural feeling of visibility and satisfying our pursuit of experience quality and ideal.


▽户外走廊与楼梯 Outdoor corridors and stairs



The overall planning consists of two small buildings, and an outdoor punch-in terrace is formed in the upper part of the building. The terrace is planted with green vegetation, just like a hanging garden, floating above the site and the river bank, creating a natural and harmonious indoor and outdoor atmosphere.


▽建筑之间的关系 The relationship between buildings



The patchwork appearance and posture create a series of continuous landscape scenes. The public space in the building is organized around the outdoor garden platform, and the boundary between indoor and outdoor becomes smart because of these gardens. The two-story sky garden structure floats on the first floor, forming a wonderful floating posture; Interact with the waterscape below, and the overall facade of the second floor shows various shapes, sometimes delicate and sometimes quiet, which can create a natural, soft, beautiful and smart picture for the space, and become a beautiful photoshop viewing platform.


▽二楼空中花园 Sky Garden on the second floor

▽建筑的光影形态 The light and shadow form of the building



In addition, the architectural design of another cat house adopts the upper and lower floors of open-ended integration design, with large area of glass and transparency, emphasizing the comfort of space, following the light and nature. The unconscious harmonious relationship between cats and nature is the best expression of “unconscious architecture”.


▽猫舍的建筑环境 The built environment of the cattery

▽一楼猫宠活动空间 Cat pet activity space on the first floor

▽二楼猫宠活动空间 Cat pet activity space on the second floor



In the rear area of the building, the inward outdoor garden is the most exciting realm to create an inner silence. The inner courtyard echoes the natural waterscape to show the beautiful garden and modern poetry.


▽1F平面图 1F floor plan

▽2F平面图 2F floor plan

▽结构立体分裂图 Structure three-dimensional split diagram

▽施工现场图  Construction site map




Project Name: Shanghai Yunjian Granary “Space Box Suspended by People’s River” LILITH House
Project location: Songjiang, Shanghai, China
Building area: 350 square meters
Type of project: Exhibition/Cat House Garden
Design: DCDSAA Architecture Office
Company website:www.dcdstudio.cn
Architect: Wang Hao
Design team: Yuan Zhengliang, Tang Chao and Yan Bingkun
Design and Completion time: July 2021-November 2021
Construction unit: Shanghai DCDSAA Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Main materials: stone, steel plate, metal, glass, texture paint and green plants
Project Photographer: Wu Qingshan



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