Myk-d :在小石城,米金设计公司开发了一处城镇公共用地,由1881年的一间邮局构成,它位于国家历史登记处,2009年新建了一座联邦法院。我们将雕塑和景观建筑的词汇融合在一起,我们设想这个场地的干预是对建筑的一个主要的部分,同时在这个城市景观中建立一个目的地。我们与社区、联邦法官和总务管理局密切合作,制定了一项计划,将新的循环模式和安全问题结合在一起,并在公园的街道上提出一个优雅的种植解决方案。城市绿地通往一个公共广场,广场从街道延伸出去,构成了历史建筑和法院。这座坐落在法院场地中央的雕塑为小石城的市民提供了一个休息和思考的地方。较小的环流区,有专门的铺路,公园设施和一个雕塑般的不锈钢喷泉,从繁忙的街道生活在这个城市中心的主要干线道路上提供了休息。

Myk-d :In the city of Little Rock, Mikyoung Kim Design developed a town commons that is framed by a post office from 1881 that is on the national historic registry and a new Federal courthouse built in 2009. Blending the vocabularies of sculpture and landscape architecture, we envisioned this site intervention to be a predominate part of the pedestrian approach to the building while also establishing a destination in this civic landscape. Working closely with the community, the federal judges, and the General Services Administration, we developed a plan that integrated new circulation patterns and resolved security issues with an elegant planter solution along the street face of the park. The town green space leads up to a public square that extends from the street and frames the historic building and courthouse. This centrally located sculpture on the grounds of the courthouse provides a place of respite and reflection for the Little Rock citizens. Smaller circulation areas, with specialized paving, park amenities and a sculptural stainless steel fountain offer respite from the busy street life along the main arterial road of this urban center.


Photos by Charles Mayer.

客户:GSA Region 7

Project name: Little Rock Courthouse Commons
Location: Little Rock, AR
Client: GSA Region 7