Bank Street Parklet项目是阿德莱德巷道连接的重要发展,同时为贸易商和社区提供重要的新场所和经济机会。

The Bank Street Parklet project is a significant development contributing to the laneway links of Adelaide while providing significant new social and economic opportunities for traders and community.



经过广泛咨询后,开发了种植、照明和灵活座椅的模块化小公园。整体设计重新配置了狭窄的车道,结合试验性的逆向自行车道和照明升级,减少的停车位,行人交叉路口和艺术家Sam Songailo的超级路线,为行人和社区设施提供了更大的平等空间。

Following extensive consultation, modular Parklets with planting, lighting and flexible seating were developed. The overall design reconfigures traffic with a narrowed vehicle lane combined with a trial contraflow bike lane, CCTV and lighting upgrades, reduced parking, pedestrian crossover and road supergraphic by artist Sam Songailo create a space that gives greater equity to pedestrians and community amenity.




With over 12,000 pedestrians a day and vibrant activity in the evenings and mornings, the project provides an innovative solution for public amenities with high urban design values. The design is robust, durable, and flexible in its application to meet a difficult topography. As a revitalised shared street it unifies a complex array of contradicting standards and approval guidelines.


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合作: ARM建筑,CODA,Electrolight,Buro North和Paul Thompson
竣工日期: 2016年
建筑预算: 320,000,000美元
面积: 2.7公顷

Client: Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority
Collaboration: ARM Architecture, CODA, Electrolight, Buro North and Paul Thompson
Location: Perth Western Australia
Completion Date: 2016
Construction budget: $320,000,000
Size: 2.7 Hectares

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