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karres+brands:Loenen Cemetery is located in a nature reserve on the Veluwe, consisting of forest and heath. Loenen Memorial Cemetery is the final resting place of nearly 4,000 Dutch soldiers and civilians. They lost their lives during World War II and in other violent conflicts that followed, such as the Dutch East Indies campaign, and in international peacekeeping missions.


© Chiel van Diest
© Chiel van Diest


公墓初建于1949年,是在荷兰战争墓地基金会(OGS)的倡议下建造的。根据OGS的规定,每一个被认为是战争受害者的荷兰人都可以葬在这里。墓地的数量永远不会减少,所以为了容纳更多的战争受害者,OGS购买了现有墓地附近的土地。这是一个三角形区域,树木繁茂,需要为大约5000个坟墓提供空间。在2009年到2010年之间,Karres en Brands为新的战争墓地设计了一个总体规划,该规划将随着时间的推移而在不同的阶段进行开发。设计是一条1.5公里长的蜿蜒小径,连接八个墓地。OGS从2015年到2017年建设了前两个墓地,第三个墓地是退伍军人公墓,由卢嫩国家退伍军人公墓(NVBL)委托于2020年到2021年建设。纪念馆和教育中心以及墓地的新入口也已建成。

The cemetery was built in 1949 on the initiative of the Dutch War Graves Foundation (OGS). Every Dutch national who is deemed a war victim according to the statutes of the OGS can be buried at Loenen. The number of graves will never be thinned. To accommodate possible additional war victims in the future, OGS purchased land adjacent to the existing cemetery. It is a triangular area with a wooded character that must provide space for a total of approximately 5,000 graves. In 2009/2010, Karres en Brands designed a masterplan for the new war cemetery that will be developed in different stages over time. The design involves a 1.5 km winding path linking eight burial chambers. The OGS installed the first two burial chambers in 2015/2017, while the third was commissioned by the Loenen National Veterans Cemetery (NVBL) in 2020/2021 and set up as a cemetery for veterans. The memorial and education centre has also been built, as has a new entrance to the cemetery.


© Chiel van Diest
© Chiel van Diest


▼平面图 Plan


D. Haspels最初设计的战争公墓虽然不起眼,但却很有气势。在入口处,你会发现一个木制小教堂,在它后面是一个星形空间,中间有一个十字架。设计的力量在于森林与开放空间互相交织,形成鲜明的对比。为了保留这些特征,设计师决定不在原来的设计基础上继续进行,而是让扩建部分成为一个独立的设计。

The original war cemetery designed by D. Haspels is modest but powerful. At the entrance you’ll find a small wooden chapel, and behind it is a star-shaped space with a cross in the middle. The strength of the design lies in the organization of open spaces enclosed by forest, and in the contrast between light and dark. In keeping with these qualities, it was decided not to continue with the original plan, but to allow the extension to be an independent design.


© Chiel van Diest
© Chiel van Diest



The extension consists of a long footpath connecting the main routes of the original cemetery to the new second entrance along Groenendaalseweg. There are eight elliptical open spaces along the path. The path is a beautiful winding line cut out into the forest with heather vegetation. The open spaces act as separate burial chambers, and each has its own character. The position and layout of these rooms is related to the topography, the environment, and the existing war cemetery.


© Chiel van Diest
© Chiel van Diest



The memorial and education centre sits at one of the axes of the star and faces the cross. It forms a connecting link between the Netherlands War Graves Foundation and the Loenen National Veterans Cemetery. The building has a unique spatial relationship to the surrounding landscape with striking sight lines and layered transitions from the outside to the inside.


© Chiel van Diest



Although the design language differs from the current cemetery, certain characteristics are reflected in the new design. The contrast between open and closed spaces, for example, the contrast between light and dark, the simple and modest interior, the use of white, and built elements that form a clear contrast against the forest. The park-like burial chambers are serene spaces that can offer comfort to relatives and form a beautiful backdrop for visitors. In the future, the burial chambers still to be placed can offer space to other specified groups.


© Chiel van Diest
© Chiel van Diest
© Chiel van Diest




纪念和教育中心设计:KAAN Architects
合作:SmitsRinsma, bureau Waardenburg
摄影:Chiel van Diest

Name of the project: Loenen Memorial Cemetery Extension
Project location: Groenendaalseweg 64, 7371 EZ Loenen, The Netherlands
Size: 16,8 ha
Design year: 2009 – 2017
Design company: karres+brands
Design memorial and education center: KAAN Architects
Collaboration: SmitsRinsma, bureau Waardenburg
Photo Copyright: Chiel van Diest
Editor: Jiangyan Shou


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