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Unum Studio: This project is located in Found 158 on Julu Road, one of the most concentrated areas of bars in Shanghai. The sunken plaza is a collection of nightclubs, bars and restaurants with a variety of music genres, which are often overcrowded on weekends.





Featuring hip-hop, Long Bar stands out from most nightclubs focusing on electronic music. The owner has been deeply engaged in street culture for years and is determined to create hip-hop culture with Chinese characteristics. In response to non-pretentious and authentic attitude of hip-hop culture, we abandoned the refined and elegant idea in space design at the very beginning, hoping to present direct and authentic characteristics in both space construction and material selection.





Located in the heart of Shanghai, Found 158 is a bustling collection of bars across the street from a cluster of historic alleys. The strong contrast is part of the region’s wonderful attraction. Walking through the alleys opposite Found 158, you can see the narrow skylines outlined by the narrow lanes, wires and cables hanging across the walls, arrays of electricity meter boxes, jagged air conditioners on the windows. There are beautiful sceneries of street culture everywhere.


▽DJ台和舞池 DJ booth and dance floor


▽从DJ台看向吧台 Looking at the bar from the DJ booth




We collaborated with the artist Yulong Huang on this project. For a long time, he has been fascinated by street culture and is known for his sculptures featuring hip-hop figures. We decided to take “street” as the main design concept and put a section of street in a semi-underground space of less than 200 square meters, thus creating a reversal of the indoor and outdoor spaces.


▽弄堂街道的场景再现 The scene of lane street reproduction




The whole space is divided into two parts. A dark hallway leads to the main “street” space. A huge bar stands in the middle, which is the focal point of attraction. We transform the life-real scene in the lane into an art installation, with jagged eaves in the narrow lane becoming the edge of the soft film ceiling above the bar, just like inserting a piece of sky into a semi-underground cave. The color of the light will change from reddish orange to violet along with the music.


▽酒吧整体空间布局 Overall spatial layout of the bar


▽随着音乐从橙红转为紫蓝的色彩变化 As the music changes color from orange-red to purplish-blue




We have retained the mottled texture of the original wall after removal and use a large number of common materials in the space, such as cement, old wood, galvanized steel plate and so on. We have changed the air conditioning shell into a dustbin, and specially designed furniture and handrails. Both the bar seats and the high tables in the booth area have a concrete block supported by stirrup columns, like a concrete structure to be poured, revealing an unfinished state. The same material is used for the railing of the raised part, with vertical rebars jutting messily from the concrete floor to support the wooden countertops above. The 20 cm-deep wooden countertop makes it easy to lean on or place wine glasses.


▽从不同角度望向吧台 Looking at the bar from different angles


▽保留原来墙面拆除后斑驳的肌理 Retain the mottled texture of the original wall after removal


▽电线杆做为装饰和照明 Utility poles for decoration and lighting


▽吧台细节设计 Bar detail design




Due to the need for sound insulation, most of the exterior walls must be made of solid walls. We used wave-punched steel plate fence, which is common in construction sites, as the wall finishing, and integrate the facade lighting, takeaway window, waiting seats and counter table into the same system. The 30-meter-long white wall with distinctive signs makes it easily recognizable to people arriving at the sunken plaza.


▽外立面以长达30米标志鲜明的白色墙面为主题 The facade is themed with a 30-meter-long white wall with a distinctive logo




As for the Long Bar project, we hope to create an accessible and relaxing place by drawing inspiration from daily life and choosing materials from surrounding objects.


▽酒吧入口 Bar entrance


▽平面图 Floor plan

▽剖面图 Section



项目设计 & 完成年份:2019.12-2020.05

Project name: Long Bar
Design: Unum Studio
Contact e-mail: unumstudio@126.com
Design year & Completion Year: 2019.12-2020.05
Leader designer & Team: Yihsuan Lin,Sheng Liang, Hanfang Zhai
Project location:Found 158, Shanghai
Gross Built Area (square meters): 180㎡
Photo credits: Play
artist: Yulong Huang
Clients: Shanghai Playhouse Food & Beverage Management Co. Ltd.
Brands / Products used in the project: galvanized steel, recycled wood panel, wave-punched steel plate



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