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WTD: In 2017, LONGFOR Jiuli Qingchuan took root and developed in the core hinterland of Jialing River Bay District on the west side of Zhaomu Mountain in Chongqing. Subsequently, LONGFOR built a “Nine Mile One Kilometer Happy Circle” around the Jiuli Qingchuan series of real estate, covering nature, communities, sports, An activity venue with multiple elements of entertainment, culture, and education.





The Jiuli Fengjing, completed this time, is the final piece of the series, allowing you to enjoy the already mature peripheral supporting resources. At the same time, Jiuli Fengjing is also a rare super high-rise residential area in this area. It is located in many high-end, low-density and low-rise ecological communities, and is adjacent to about 3,300 acres of Jiuqu River Wetland Park.





The user base of pure high-rise residential areas is relatively large and relatively young, so we hope to create a vibrant, blended and shared space atmosphere for the community through more innovative landscape design. The main creator responsible for this project is a young designer with a ghostly personality and full of fantastic ideas. This time, she wants to use a purer form to make an innovation on a seemingly ordinary venue.


▼ 社区内充满活力、交融与共享的空间氛围 The community is full of vitality, mingling and sharing space atmosphere




设计思考Design thinking


The rapid development of the Jiuqu River block is inseparable from the superior natural conditions. One of the most important resources is water. The design hopes to integrate natural elements into the project to connect the site with regional characteristics. Inspired by water, we abstracted “ripples” as the simplest and most charming geometric figures-“circle” as the design strategy and main element, interlaced circles and curves form the space, which has the poetic and dynamic feeling of ripples in the water. It also reflects a unique sense of modernity and artistic beauty. The composition of the circle is the biggest highlight of this design. It is a brand new and adventurous attempt for both the designer and Party A.


▼ “涟漪”的具象化 Realization of “Ripples”




The site is high in the east and low in the west, with a height difference of about 7 meters, with a slope of 3% from east to west. Under this condition, maintaining a circular composition on the plane will limit a variety of ways to resolve conflicts on the site. How to do it in one language to better combine the composition of the circle with the sense of place has also become the biggest challenge of this design.




空间格局|Spatial pattern


The 8 buildings enclose a large atrium space of nearly 100 meters, leaving enough space between the buildings for use. The design uses the large atrium as the convergence core to form an open composite space. The houses on both sides are used to carry the full-age functions and form a linkage with the elevated floors of the building. The other corners are supplements for some functions.





The atrium is the intersection of the community life circle and the social circle. The design combines the scale of the atrium landscape and uses the rational layout of the structures to create a shared and blended atrium landscape. The large lawn facing the water is surrounded by curved corridors and bar counters, forming a shared living room in the community. The under-forest water play area is interlaced with the lawn, integrating children’s play space into it. The still water surface widens the line of sight through ingenious shape treatment and controls the area of the waterscape. The small springs hidden at the bottom of the pool slowly sway the ripples to form one circle after another in the water. The waterfall below the landscape platform falls into the water, adding a natural sound to the open space and shortening the sense of distance.





In the all-age activity area in the house, we chose to combine bold colors to express emotions. The square under the tree facing the central corridor uses simple and calm colors to create a comfortable recreational activity area for the elderly; the back of the central corridor is linked with the overhead floor to create a special children’s activity space, using pink to add warmth and dreaminess ; In the comprehensive sports venues, green is used to convey vigor and vitality.




The whole district generates two loops around the atrium, forming an integrated community. The exterior is attached to the fire-fighting corridor, which combines the return home active line with the fitness track, and the interior is the scenic loop line. On the plane, each road is formed by tangent arcs.





The entrance serves as the junction between the community and the city. The design uses a simple color system to emphasize the texture of the materials, combined with the lighting to reflect the sense of modernity, and form a unique entrance image. The curved ultra-white glass reveals the interior view of the courtyard, making the space more transparent and bright. The line of sight extends to the landscape of the inner courtyard, and is further blocked by a wall of scenery, ensuring the privacy of the residents. Looking down from the upper floor, the top of the entrance is also composed of arcs, echoing the entire site.


▼ 入口空间的通透性 Transparency of the entrance space



竖向处理|Vertical processing


The height difference and fire control restrictions in the site are not a problem in themselves, but in order not to destroy the composition of the circle, the design team conducted repeated discussions and program adjustments on a variety of treatment methods. Take the large atrium as an example, with a height difference of about 3 meters and a garage below. In order to ensure that the soil does not exceed the standard, the east side of the large lawn is sloped, and the southwest side chooses to have a landscape terrace overlooking the atrium, combined with a shallow water surface. The method is centralized processing, the height difference is cleverly resolved from the boundary, and the contradiction between the height difference, the amount of soil cover and the circular composition is solved without the need to separate the stage to destroy the purity of the shape. The design team pursued the ultimate in mind with care and patience, maintaining a pure circle in the height difference of the site and fire restrictions, and at the same time making the whole area barrier-free, realizing the double guarantee of safety and humanization.


▼ 景观挑台解决了高差问题 Landscape platform solves the problem of height difference





In this world composed of circles, the design divides the architectural pattern and functional space with circles, and then makes the space converge and blend to form an interaction. Large and small circles are separated, contained, intersected, and tangent, and the arc-shaped path is interspersed and extended…pure The round and bold colors convey the youthful tension with an eclectic attitude, and also form a more hierarchical and interesting plane composition in the high-level vision.

Overlooking the project, Jiuli Fengjing’s blending and proliferating circles are like ripples in the Jiuqu River, connecting the past and the future, and inclusive of more possibilities.



▼ 平面图 The floor plan




设计团队:李卉 张黎 李倩婷 谢婷婷 申铭敏 郑雪 杨芯 王晓娟 简梦婕 王园园 薛凤仪 张梁 廖春霆 邓玲
业主方管理团队:安东 饶志远

Project Name: Longfor Jiuli Fengjing
Owner: Longfor Group
Landscape area: 35846㎡
Project address: Yubei District, Chongqing
Landscape Design: Weitu Design Agency
Design team: Li Hui, Zhang Li, Li Qianting, Xie Tingting, Shen Mingmin, Zheng Xue, Yang Xin, Wang Xiaojuan, Jian Mengjie, Wang Yuanyuan, Xue Fengyi, Zhang Liang, Liao Chunting, Deng Ling
Owner’s management team: An Dong Rao Zhiyuan
Architectural Design: Shanghai Water Stone Architectural Planning and Design
Landscape Construction: Chongqing Curved Garden
Completion time: 2021
Photography: Triangular Prism


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