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山水比德 :  借由情感的勾连和生活叙事的重构,《瓦尔登湖畔》的自然世界,瓦解了梭罗日常的时间尺度,时间产生了扭曲甚至变形。空间在这一刻,产生了时快时慢又偶有迟滞的生命运动,外延不再仅仅是片刻或永恒,更是一种与人亲密的体验。

Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd:Through the connection of emotions and reconstruction of life, the natural world of Walden lake disintegrated Thoreau’s daily time scale, and time was distorted. At this moment, space produces a life movement that is fast, slow and occasionally sluggish. Extension is no longer only a moment or eternity, but also an intimate experience .




The same goes for landscape. Every garden can be regarded as a unique intimate experience. Plants, walls, veranda, rhythm, light and shadow have constructed a world of garden life, breaking the cycle of time and letting people stop, walk and even lose in space.

And when time is still, we will find the pleasure of being lost in space, time, or a place by capturing subtle changes in shadows, the rhythm of space, light, color, and the characteristics of plants, even the sound of falling rain and the fragrance of flowers.






Looking for a mountain outside the mountain, I caught a glimpse of a standing stone and pointed to the depth of Yunfeng. Looking at the mountain, he walked in a roundabout way, with a long black title and white clouds in the crown. the left and right sides were covered with jagged shadows, and there was no limit to what was hidden. The road was covered by a light bus. the winding path was a few folds, crossing the bridge, and the stone wall was towering. The gate was suddenly open.

In the continuous large-scale sense of ” entering”, the government gate has constructed an upper limit of visual control. at the same time of completing the mask of the front court space, it has also completed the construction of an experience mood, creating emotional entanglements that one cannot desire to be poor and one cannot desire to be poor. ” there must be one thing to hide so that the sitting guest cannot be poor at the end of the top.”


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Implicit, create desire, a door, is a mask. Because of this mask, space becomes uncertain, like a mass of hidden space and time with possibility and impossibility. As Wang Xin said, ” a ceremonial mask … makes it unknowable and mysterious, causing people to be dragged down, teased, attacked, consumed, and intimidated in a sequence … casts its perception atmosphere of the house and the city hall and its abstruse and psychedelic hierarchical structure into the structure of people, alienates and mystifies the object, and widens the distance between the beholder and the beholder.”
























In China, the ” city mansion” is described as a special architectural sequence for people’s masks.

Blank tension

The gate must be the opening one. It is the ceremony of breaking the mask and entering the house.

Between the close and the open, a big freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting knocked out the line of sight. A very simple scenery, sparse forest slope bank, shallow water remote cen, quietly elegant and loose show, the artistic conception was super – relaxed, and there was no dust in the air. It was just like a picture.




Gardens are more than that. Gardens are not only an external space, form or composition, but also the extension of the body and the derivation of emotions. they are part of human beings. The core of gardens is human beings. The relationship between human body and space constitutes the interaction between each other and arouses different emotions. Gardens are born in everyday life and are friendly with people.






A washhouse, a tea house, and a leisurely space, greatly drawing our hearts of conversion. There is appreciation of nature, appreciation of life and consolation of life.

Maze of time

After the indoor transformation, it was suddenly enlightened in the backcourt.

The essence of garden lies in the expression of life movements that are fast, slow and sometimes sluggish. it is not only a short or eternal experience, but also an intimate experience with people. From a garden perspective, the distortion of time is usually manifested in many ways, sometimes in a series of juxtaposed corridors with different intervals and length ratios, sometimes in scattered courtyards, and sometimes with unexpected visual obstacles …




In the backcourt, this way is achieved through the rhythm of light and shadow and the rhythm of ups and downs, and through light and shadow and pitch to calm down and feel the subtle moments of nature, clearly hear the voice of your heart, and achieve a lost state under the distortion of time.

According to local conditions in the backcourt and the advantages of the mountainous region, the design method takes from ” the Sui garden” . Based on the site situation, is likely to form a crisscross in the continuously platform.





There is a mature situational setting in the sample room. each sample room is given a family, including the allocation of family members, the age, occupation, hobbies and other basic personality characteristics of the members, so as to better unify the temperament and style inside and outside the room.

In the early steps of courtyard design, designers carefully studied the nature of the customers, the function distribution of the indoor space, the visual relations around them, etc. they analyzed what the customers needed to think, brought the customers into the scene, and enjoyed the intimate and extraordinary life experience.





A garden is a living body. A living garden should have hearing, vision, smell, touch and leave traces of time just like life.







Project address: Guangdong, Guangzhou, China
Design date: 2017
Developer: LongFor
Landscape design: Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd.
Landscape construction: Shanshui yiren


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  1. 因为大堂的地面 觉得很有意境点开,可是后场的高差设计的水景 就叫人比较失望了,完全不是一种意境的东西 硬是把一个现代的非常工业的水景设计表达的很禅意 觉得很怪,也很不搭