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MW’ LANDSCAPE ARCHIECTURE:Urban pattern with high-rise buildings and fragmented green space busy city life, Longing to be away from worldly troubles, Relieve Anxiety and Constraints, Liberate the shackles of the heart, Embrace a more private and relaxed natural field seek, Back to the pure and simple life belonging.


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“Design combined with nature” was proposed by James Corner, who was deeply influenced by his mentor McHarg. He believed that the planning and design of the landscape cannot be separated from human participation, but this artificial behavior must follow and conform to the law of natural development and cannot destroy its internal system structure. In the process of its evolution, the ecosystem has the ability of self-design and perfection. Therefore, we seek a balance between ecological and urban development conflicts, and harmonious coexistence of man, nature and ecology.



布局&选址 | LAYOUT


The Xuanniao Bay project is located in the core lake area in the middle of the Luhu Lake District. The land is composed of several peninsulas. The super-high-rise product building has the largest view of the lake area, making use of the unique advantages of the site, allowing the building to fully integrate into the nature and the lake, but at the same time ensuring that the privacy of the occupants is not disturbed.


▽项目夜景鸟瞰 Aerial view




The shoreline of the lake is winding and winding, and there are many islands distributed, forming a pattern of alternating lakes and islands with rich layers. We respect the terrain and retain the original natural attributes of the site. After the first building is dropped at a 10-degree parallel offset from the boundary, the follow-up buildings are placed at an angle of 30 degrees to ensure the distance between buildings and the view of the lake. After the building is settled, due to the slope of the boundary and the receding distance from the waterfront revetment, there is not much design space left for us. In order not to make the space appear cramped and dark, we designed it with light landscape intervention, leaving more space for nature to play. Plants grow from the ground and fall into the landscape. The whole site seems to break out of the wilderness, running through a natural growth state, forming a pattern of mutual penetration with nature.


▽方案手稿 Plan manuscript

▽建筑落位图 Building layout

▽场地生长分析图 Site Growth Analysis Chart






We intervene with low intervention, pay attention to the exploration of the spirit of the place and the preservation of the local ecology, and use restraint design techniques to retain the most vivid memory of the site, abandon redundant functional forms, and even abandon words. Only clean silence and Existence, returning to the natural and authentic space philosophy; beside the Luhu Lake, this natural sense of shelter gives people comfort, tolerance and warmth. Ecological art environment.


▽模型推演 Model deduction



登岛而上,微风拂来,步入荒野之地 。入口处地面的铺装以灰色水洗石铺底,具有自然生态感的墨耀石作为点景。走近细看,青白石板组拼而成的景墙有着它独特的肌理,伸手触摸时,仿若获取了石头中蕴藏的稳定与安宁。它们与植被之间的边界模糊,仿若共生,一起演奏出别样的荒野风情。

Landing on the island, the breeze blows into the wild land. The pavement at the entrance is paved with gray washed stone, and the moyao stone with a natural and ecological sense is used as a point of view. When you get closer, you can see that the landscape wall made of blue and white stone slabs has its unique texture. When you reach out and touch it, you seem to have obtained the stability and tranquility contained in the stone. The boundary between them and the vegetation is blurred, as if symbiosis, playing together a different kind of wilderness style.


▽初见荒野之门 First sight of the Wilderness Gate

▽青白石板景墙与自然野趣的植物,营造别样的荒野之景 The green and white SLATE landscape wall and natural wild plants create a different kind of wilderness scene


▽形态各异的树木植被好似自然生长般的随意而未加修饰 The various forms of trees and vegetation appear as if they were natural and unmodified




Walking into the green forest trail, a boundless waterscape unfolds in front of you. The overall waterscape uses double-layered black rock slabs scattered to create reflections, and there are several tree pools scattered around the pool.


▽漂浮之径,微风绿叶 Floating path, breeze green leaves


▽以双层黑色岩板散置的无边水景,倒映着随风摇曳的自然疏影 The endless water feature with double black rock panels reflects the natural thin shadow swaying in the wind

▽水中树池夜景 Underwater tree pool night view




Climbing up the steps, the breeze and green leaves on the floating path are like a fairyland. Falling into the sunken theater surrounded by gray and white plastic stones in the forest, surrounded by ecological plants such as miscellaneous woods, calamus, pennisetum, etc., a bonfire is lit and some simple seats are arranged. We need a thorough Let go, to pursue that pure feeling. In the wilderness, a bonfire may bring us the true meaning of life. The bonfire is lit, the flames are jumping, and the warmth is permeating. It is primitive and pure to talk with friends in two or three.


▽原真荒野剧场 Original Wilderness Theatre

▽下沉式休闲剧场 Sunken leisure theater

▽于下沉式剧场感受自然的包裹 Feel the wrap of nature in the sunken theatre

▽让每一个细微的点缀都能带来意外的惊喜 Let every little embellishment bring unexpected surprises




Continue walking along the road, and the wilderness trail appears in front of you. The branches and leaves of the trees on both sides of the road are full of trees, providing a perfect shade space. The dense and wild land has broken the road boundary, as if walking in the wilderness and blending into nature.


▽雾野蛮荒,荒野之庭 The Foggy Savage Court of the wilderness




Architecture is solidified art. The simple and plain façade of the Gap Gate is like a clean canvas, allowing natural light and shadow to compose poems and paintings on the surface at will, fully presenting the artistic sense of the work and the super-sensual state of nature itself. Furthermore, the ethereal state of water is used to interpret the tranquility, breadth, and metaphor of the Gate of Gap, expressing the humble side of design and natureTrees and sunlight reflect the door frame through the gaps, blending into a unique space atmosphere. Mottled light and shadow, tranquility and agility coexist in this space.


▽美学\光影之隙 Aesthetics, the gap between light and shadow



The door of the gap is 8200m long, 1600mm wide and 5400mm high, with a gap of 50mm. It is made of 3 thick hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and white metal fluorocarbon paint on the surface.






“The grass on Liliyuan, one year old and one withered and flourishing, the wild fire is endless, and the spring breeze blows and regenerates”

Passing through the gap of light and shadow, the whole pennisetum hits the eye, swaying with the wind, fascinating. Pennisetum does not have bright colors or luxurious flowers, but its linear structure, dynamic rhythm and unique aesthetic feeling create a harmonious, natural and simple wilderness landscape.


▽荒野上的风并不温柔但一定自由 The wind on the moor is not gentle but it must be free



Do we forget to look up at the sky when we walk with our heads buried? At the end of the line of sight is the wilderness ladder standing there alone, following the ladder up the stairs, as if you can touch the sky with your hands. The sky and ladders are reflected in the water of the lake, as if you are in a wilderness fantasy.


▽云梯之上风会传播我们的名字 The wind will carry our name above the ladder




Living facing the water, sitting on the beautiful lake and water. Open the door and you will see a boundless waterscape. Double layers of black rock slabs are scattered on the bottom of the pool. When you look at it from a flat view, it is connected with the lake as if the water and the sky are the same color. Three or two friends sat watching the water and saw the setting sun and the setting sun in the wilderness.


▽宁静,无边水景 Tranquil, Boundless Waterscape 



Going to the depths of Pennisetum, we kept the original clean scene of the landscape site to the greatest extent, and left the stage for light and shadow to express. The furniture exhibition shows delicate emotions, which enriches the changes of the scene in the morning and evening, and makes people walking in it seem to be living in a neo-naturalistic painting.


▽无尽禁锢于荒野之中的荒野 A wilderness within a wilderness 




Throughout the construction process, we are carefully controlling the shape and size of the stone, the paving of the road, the details of the landscape wall, and the placement of each tree pool. Terrazzo is used for the overall ground pavement, which is simple and modern. The water feature is paved with black rock slabs, and black gravel is scattered in the tree pool to create a natural and original landscape. Ecological materials such as blue and white slate and terrazzo are used for the facade, and natural elements are integrated into the landscape to create a natural and relaxing atmosphere.



▽平面材料 Flat material

▽立面材料 Facade material


▽施工过程 Construction process




The charm of wilderness landscape design lies in its perfect combination of nature and humanity. Through the understanding of nature and creative thinking, a unique landscape style is created, so that people can feel the pure and original beauty in nature.


▽平面图  Floor plan

▽剖面图 Sectional view

▽施工详图 Construction details



项目名称 | 麓湖C7玄鸟湾样板岛
项目地点 | 四川成都
项目面积 | 4976m²
完成时间 | 2023年07月
业主单位 | 成都万华新城发展股份有限公司
业主团队 | 万华景观中心
景观设计 | 麦微景观
主持设计 | 甘炜炜
技术总工 | 金亮亮
设计团队 | 马青 腾龙 黄柱 刘宇晴 郑尚婷 白小容 刘李军 林英 傅雪梅 王超 朱俞婷 李敏
施工单位 | 四川卓璟园林工程有限公司
拍摄团队 | 三棱镜
市场品牌 | 沈习创

Project Name |Luhu C7 Gentoo Bay Model Island
Project Location | Chengdu, Sichuan
Project area | 4976m ²
Completion time | July 2023
Owner | Chengdu Wanhua New City Development Co
Owners’ Team | Wanhua Landscape Center
Lead Design | Gan Weiwei
Technical Chief Engineer | Jin Liangliang
Design Team | Ma Qing Tenglong Huang Zhu Liu Yuqing Zheng Shangting Bai Xiaorong Liu Lijun Lin Ying Fu Xuemei Wang Chao Zhu Yuting Li Min
Construction unit |Sichuan Zhuojing Landscape Engineering Co.
Shooting Team | Triprism
Market Brand | Shen Xichuang



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