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广亩景观城市印象 City impression


GM LANDSCAPE: Ningbo is located in the east of Zhejiang Province and built on the sea. It is one of the important seaport cities in China and has always been an important window for foreign exchanges. Ningbo has a profound cultural heritage and an open and inclusive attitude towards foreign cultures. This spirit of embracing all rivers is an important keynote of Shanghai culture.




Ningbo people attach importance to the quality of life, the pursuit of exquisite life. This attitude to life is also an indispensable part of Shanghai culture. Whether it is local intangible cultural heritage or modern daily life, we can see the love and pursuit of life of Ningbo people.



设计理念 Design concept


Based on the Shanghai culture, the project focuses on the local humanistic spirit, integrates luxury brand elements, and creates a high-level and elegant hotel atmosphere. The overall space interprets the theme of “the spiritual place of the hidden noble” and creates an aesthetic scene of elegance, luxury, delicacy, inclusiveness and openness.



雅奢东方 Main Entrance


The main entrance etiquette axis landscape creates the fashionable romanticism of Shanghai style modern, the symmetrical water feature in the center highlights the atmospheric dignity of the entrance space, and the array of gurgling springs creates a sense of ceremony and luxury. In combination with the overall Oriental elegant and luxurious tone of the project, four large camphor trees are combined with yew hedge to create a unique signification of the entrance. When the yew seeds are ripe, they are bright red and full, which is pleasing to the eye and set against the green leaves.


▽入口空间 Entrance space



The rounded corner design of the water feature outline shows the style of Shanghai style, and the height of the three water features is staggered, adding level to the entire entrance space. The imported blue diamond smooth marble combined with champagne gold brushed stainless steel reflects the high quality of the seiko door as exquisite as jewelry.


▽仪式感景观水景 Ceremonial sense of landscape water feature



The extracted symbolic elements are repeated in each scene space, enhancing the unity of the place, strengthening the noble sense of identity of the place, and constructing the elegant and luxurious homecoming ritual experience.


▽入口廊架 Entrance pergola



In the middle of the ground is a whole piece of Prada green stone, which draws inspiration from the pavement and decorative patterns of Shanghai luxury houses, and re-engrits classic parquet, deducing the geometric beauty of texture and sequence, creating a high-level Shanghai texture.


▽精致的细节处理 Fine detail handling



Exclusive symbols will be integrated into the facade, paving, soft decoration, LOGO, decorative details, etc., showing the beauty of craft between complexity and simplicity.



参考上海外滩海派花纹,次入口搭配了温暖的 “老上海”复古摩登灯具,指引业主归家之路。

Referring to the Shanghai style pattern on the Bund, the second entrance is matched with warm “Old Shanghai” retro modern lamps to guide people’s way home.




浮生戏游 Garden Theatre


The unique design of the urban landscape interface forms a visual corridor of internal and external dialogue, introducing urban life into the site, and the water feature reflects the garden plants and surrounding scenes, interacting with the site space.


▽归家步道 Home walk




Water flows down the top and hits the raised black gold sand smooth granite stone, making a rhythmic sound, simulating the sound of a natural waterfall.



幻乐夜宴 Unbounded Club


With Ningbo intangible cultural heritage gold and silver embroidery as the cultural base, the exquisite and paper and glass combined with the theme of flowers, to create a natural and hazy artistic beauty. The natural imitation stone brick of black gold sand and the exquisite brushed stainless steel surface of champagne gold form a texture contrast, highlighting taste and style.



吉维尼花园 Giverny Garden


Inspired by the Monet Garden in Giverny town, the birthplace of many of Monet’s famous works, the garden is placed in Monet’s former residence, injecting romantic elegant luxury modernism aesthetics to create a pure immersive experience.


▽浪漫的现代主义花园 Romantic modernist garden


花园地面与入口大堂有异曲同工之妙,几何纹样序列的使用,通过简约形式的重复,集合而成高级质感的大面元素,展现空间独特的个性气质 。

The garden floor and the entrance hall have the same beauty, the use of geometric pattern sequence, through the repetition of simple forms, the collection of large elements of high-level texture, showing the unique personality of the space.




With reference to the fireplace in the famous British manor of Harewood Manor, the whole blue jade smooth rock slab is created and cut into a suitable shape, combining with modern aesthetic to create a flower-like Shanghai style. The fireplace is so beautiful with the flowers that you get lost in a huge dreamlike painting.




Based on the retro tone, the color proportion is controlled to make the place unified and strong, greatly improve the spatial integrity, and the memory of the space is superimposed again. Afternoon sunshine, with three or two beautiful neighbors comfortable in the blooming art garden, in the ordinary daily encounter romance. Giverny Garden is a beautiful representation of future community life, and every return home is a stroll through the garden, which makes the owner full of endless expectations and yearning for the new house.



花园营造深度解析 In-depth analysis of garden design


Every garden should have its own temperament, whether it is the Giverny Garden with the theme of Bordeaux red, or the beautiful and romantic moonlight frost fall corridor, or the very oil painting texture of the forest under the shade of ferns, deep red plants in the space to build a unique Shanghai “flowers”.



吉维尼花园 Giverny Garden


Mysterious and romantic Bordeaux red, the soul bloom of freedom and wanton. With the theme of Bordeaux red, highlighting the collision between silver-white plants and Bordeaux red, the use of uniquely colored plants to create a romantic garden exclusive to winter. The red branches of rosewood and the deep red flowers of iron chopsticks interlace the deep red leaves of barberry and elderberry, adding silver plants to make the garden more natural and soft, showing the warmth and charm of Shanghai style.


▽吉维尼花园 Giverny Garden


主要植物品种:茶花“黑骑士”,铁筷子“黑珍珠”,接骨木“黑色蕾丝”,黄栌,红瑞木,澳洲朱蕉,红花银叶菊,油橄榄,银香菊,落新妇等。茶花“黑骑士” :Night Rider,又名黑鸟,午夜骑士,由新西兰园艺师O.Blumhardt先生培育,系杂交种‘宝石钟’(Ruby Bell)品种与‘黑樁’( Kuro-tsubaki )品种之间的杂交种,冬春时节会开放深红色的精巧花朵。


铁筷子“黑珍珠”:又称圣诞玫瑰,原产欧洲,黑色的花在自然界中实属罕见, Black Carnelian 属于东方系铁筷子,通过在黑色亲本中不断得人工杂交选育, 保留其黑色纯度高的基因 ,从而得到颜色纯正的黑。

Camellia “Black Knight” : The Night Rider, also known as the Blackbird, was developed by the New Zealand horticulturist Mr. O.lumhardt as a hybrid between the Ruby Bell and Kuro-tsubaki varieties, and produces delicate, deep red flowers in winter and spring.

Elderberry “black lace” : Originated in Europe, has won the RHS variety award, is a relatively rare black leaf plant, leaves as slender as feathers, white flowers are as advanced as lace, “Harry Potter” in the elder wand is made of elderberry.

Helleborus thibetanus Franch “Black pearl” : also known as Christmas rose, originally from Europe, black flowers are rare in nature, Black Carnelian belongs to the Eastern series of Helleborus thibetanus Franch, through continuous artificial hybridized breeding in black parents, retain its high black purity gene, so as to obtain pure black color.



幻乐夜宴-月夜霜落:Unbounded Club



The main color of the silver-white series emphasizes the cool and elegant elegance of the space, and takes the plant “Astilbe chinensis (Maxim.) Franch. & Sav.” as the main theme flower that can be used as the bride’s bouquet material. It is paired with soft and fluffy plants to create a gentle and elegant feeling.



雅奢东方-阴生蕨语 Shady ferns



Under the corridor frame of the second entrance, the main shaded white and green garden emphasizes the stretching and elegance of different shades and textures of green in the hard structure. Yellow daffodils as the theme flowers, the background is the ball garden, stretch soft ferns interspersed among. With the gallery frame as the frame, green plants as the background color, yellow flowers embellished the picture to create the texture of oil painting.


▽次入口植物营造 Secondary entrance plant construction


雅奢东方-森系风情 Forest style



Both sides of the main entrance are composed of large leafy plants with tropical flavor. Looking out from the lobby, the contrast of different shades and textures of green is emphasized to create an atmosphere that is different from other areas.


▽主入口植物营造 Main entrance plant construction


写在最后 Conclusion


Each garden embodies the efforts of the designer. From the selection of trees to the landing of the garden to the presentation of the flower border in the later stage, the plant designer tracks the on-site construction to ensure the restoration of the design idea. In the winter of the industry, we insist on doing a good job of the project, invest in every project with professional spirit, stick to the original heart, and create a unique reputation.


▽施工过程 Construction process


▽总平面图 Plan



设计团队:李冉 蔡同阶 刘晨辉 李春来 周雨荻 韦宏诚 修黛西 孙家凤
摄影机构:E-ar TARS

Landscape design: GM Landscape
Landscape area: 2500㎡
SD team: Li Ran, CAI Tongjie, Liu Chenhui, Li Chunlai, Zhou Yudi, Wei Hongcheng, Xiu Daixi, Sun Jiafeng,Song Xuyang, Li Chang ‘an, Ren Li, Wang Junrui
CD team: Zhu Haiming, Yao Xian, Jia Ruobin, Yang Pei, Llu Yongshuai, Shao Dan
Plant Team: He Wenhong, Huang Xiangyu
Clients: China Overseas Property,Ningbo Company
Architectural Design:TIANHUA,Ningbo housing building Design and Research Institute Co., LTD
Interior Design: ONE-CU
Construction Company: Ningbo Green construction municipal landscape Engineering Co., LTD
Image Credit: E-ar TARS




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