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佰筑建筑: 一马平川是我们为战略客户-东原地产设计的围绕“马”系列项目的又一个转折点。首先是亮相于绵阳的像素乐园(马-盒子);紧接着是最具象的,位于重庆的梦马行云和童梦海马(马-地景);最后,也是最新,最大和最知名的是位于重庆的金马仙踪(马-装置景观)。

100 Architects: Mă Way is yet another twist in our recurring series of projects revolving around the concept of the Horse for our regular client, Dong Yuan. First came the popular HorseBox in Chengdu; soon after, the least abstract ones, HorseLand & SeaHorse, both in Chongqing; and finally, the latest, largest and most famous one, Pegasus Trail also in Chongqing.


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After 4 different successful projects exploring alternative ways of playing around same Dong Yuan’s IP image of the Horse, they reached out to us a 5th time for yet another fun twist. This time, for the public realm of a newly built residential development in the city of Hangzhou, our response was a bit more calligraphic: A playscape driven by the actual shape of the Chinese character Mă (马) which guess what? Yeah, it means Horse.


▽轴测图 Axonometric

▽场地形态演绎 Site form deduction

▽平面分析 Planar analysis



In order to be visible, recognizable and even readable from all the surrounding residential towers, we created a huge Chinese character in eye-catching monochromatic aquamarine green color, and then turned it into a playscape. We realized that the character’s calligraphic stroke, when geometricized, was ideal for becoming a playful path or Way of entertaining activities filled with challenging obstacles & fun features for encouraging social interactions. Thus, its name, Mă Way. You do it your way.


▽鸟瞰图 Aerial view



Furthermore, the canvas onto which the character is calligraphed, the negative surrounding space, complement the path of playful activities with different pocket plazas for leisure, offering seating opportunities in the form of sunken plaza, and shaded areas for kids and adults alike, as well as sports areas for youngsters and teenagers or floor games for kids, converting the space in a multi-functional and multi-generational square.


▽丰富多元的游玩空间 Rich and diverse play space

▽休闲下沉广场 Leisure sunken square



Taking advantage of the independence of one of the strokes, separated from the main calligraphic body, we proposed a vertical play-wall, which when seen from above looks like a straight stroke line, and when seen from a pedestrian point of view, it becomes a challenging wall full of perforations & vertical games besides climbing and sliding opportunities.


▽充满挑战性的游戏墙 Challenging game wall


一马平川被精心设计为一条“游玩动线”,从马字的每个笔画的一端到另一端,充分考虑沿途不同年龄段的不同挑难度难度设置。 将地面上的笔画设置成为孩子们玩耍和成人聚集或休息的动线,并融合在一条色彩缤纷的动线中,为游玩动线赋予了形状和秩序。

Mă Way has been thoughtfully developed as a “Play Route” from end to end of the different character strokes, having into consideration different challenges and levels of difficulty for different age groups along the path. Calligraphy strokes on the floor set the path along which kids have fun and adults gather or have a rest, unifying them in a colorful path that gives shape and order to the Play Route.


▽夜景鸟瞰 Aerial view


设计团队:Marcial Jesús,Javier González,Mónica Páez,Lara Broglio, Michelle,龚勋,蒋静璇,赵芳波,张忠进 & 刘耘彤,沈春香
项目管理团队:Matías Hernández,范江涛,& 江清霞
客户: 东原地产
面积: 2400 m2
摄影师: 邹及人
视频摄影师:Lalo López

DESIGN: 100 Architects (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
DESIGN TEAM: Marcial Jesús, Javier González, Mónica Páez, Lara Broglio, Ponyo Zhao, Keith Gong, Cosima Jiang, Michelle Aldora & Yuntong Liu.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAM: Matías Hernández, Jenny Fan & Eva Jiang.
PRODUCTION: 上海清艺游乐设备有限公司
CLIENT: Dong Yuan Dichan Properties (东原地产)
SIZE: 8,000 m2
LOCATION: Hangzhou (China)




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