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AL_A:The latest Maggie’s cancer support centre at Southampton General Hospital, designed by award-winning architecture studio AL_A, will formerly open next month. Maggie’s has 25 years of experience providing free cancer support and information in centres across the UK. The new centre, which transforms a corner of the hospital site previously used for car parking, offers support for the hospital’s specialist oncology unit, serving a population of 3.2 million people across the region.


© Hufton + Crow
© Hufton + Crow


这是一个位于在医院郊区的林地绿洲,几乎四分之三的场地被用来打造四个不同的花园,反映了附近新森林的生态特性。AL_A的首席设计师Amanda Levete说:“我们希望医院的停车场花园的一部分就像是从新森林公园运送过来的一样,充满宁静和魔力。” 花园被四堵墙穿过,这些墙从一个大的中央空间辐射出来,在四个角落定义了更多的离散空间。

A woodland oasis set in the grounds of the hospital’s suburban campus, almost three quarters of the site is given over to four distinct gardens that reflect the ecology of the nearby New Forest. Amanda Levete, Principal of AL_A, says: “We have imagined that a piece of garden has been transported from the New Forest into the midst of the hospital’s car park, bringing serenity and a bit of magic to the place.” The gardens are cut through by four walls that radiate from a large central space, defining more discrete spaces in each of the four corners.


© Hufton + Crow
© Hufton + Crow



As in all Maggie’s centres, the kitchen table sits at the heart of the building; a skylight above brings daylight and sky views deep into the building.


© Hufton + Crow



The private areas, including consulting rooms and quiet spaces, open onto the gardens through full-height glazed sliding doors which disappear into pockets in the walls, removing the boundaries between landscape and building.


© Hufton + Crow
© Hufton + Crow



The building emerges from this naturalistic landscape with an almost ethereal clarity. The building’s skeleton, which extends outside of the building enclosure, is formed by the four blade walls made from ceramics. The earthiness of the clay colour roots the centre to the ground.


© Hufton + Crow
© Hufton + Crow



The four corners are clad in a mottled stainless steel giving a dreamy reflection of the surrounding landscape, placing the garden front and centre. The structure itself seems to disappear as it reflects the surrounding trees and planting.


© Hufton + Crow
© Hufton + Crow
© Hufton + Crow
© Hufton + Crow


这座花园的设计者是屡获殊荣的景观设计师Sarah Price,她是伦敦东部奥林匹克公园2012年花园的联合设计师,“毫无疑问,亲近‘自然’对我们有积极的影响。该景观的灵感来自新森林,以及从森林中丰富的植物群中汲取的治愈的力量:木海葵、兰花、野生大蒜、白屈菜、风铃草和报春花、苔藓和蕨类植物,生长在林地小径上。”

The garden has been designed by award-winning landscape designer, Sarah Price, codesigner of the 2012 Gardens at the Olympic Park in east London. “There’s no doubt that looking at ‘nature’ has a positive impact on how we feel. The landscape is inspired by the New Forest, and draws its healing power from the rich diversity of the Forest’s flora: wood anemones, orchids, wild garlic, lesser celandines, bluebells and primroses, mosses and ferns, growing in the woodland pathways.”


© Hufton + Crow
© Hufton + Crow


Maggie的首席执行官女勋爵Laura Lee夫人表示:“看到Amanda Levete和AL_A的团队设计的新中心,我非常激动。他们完美地诠释了我们的想法,并且对细节严格关注,创造了这个惊人的建筑。大窗户使得自然光线充满了室内空间。他们在室内和室外空间的发挥,以及与园林设计师Sarah Price的密切合作,创造了一个花园,为癌症患者和我们的员工提供全方位的绿色景观。亲密的房间保障了隐私,而共享空间将人们聚集在厨房桌子周围,分享他们的故事,并相互支持。”

Dame Laura Lee DBE, Chief Executive of Maggie’s, says: “I am absolutely thrilled with our newest centre designed by Amanda Levete and her team at AL_A. They have interpreted our brief beautifully and their exacting attention to detail has created a stunning building with large windows that flood the centre with natural light. Their play on inside and outside space and the close working relationship with landscaper Sarah Price has created a garden that will give people with cancer and our staff views of greenery on all sides. Intimate rooms allow for privacy whilst the communal spaces bring people together around a kitchen table to share their stories and support one another”.


© Hufton + Crow


▼平面图 Plan


▼剖面图 Section


▼墙面设计细节 Wall detail




景观设计:Sarah Price Landscapes
施工:Sir Robert McAlpine
钢铁:Stephens & Stuarts
机械电气:Lowe & Oliver
陶瓷墙施工:Chichester Stone
摄影:Hufton + Crow

Architect: AL_A
Landscape designer: Sarah Price Landscapes
Engineering services: Arup
Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine
Ceramics: Cumella
Planting: Hillier
Groundworks: Shoreland
Envelope: Cantifix
Steelwork: Stephens & Stuarts
M&E: Lowe & Oliver
Ceramic wall construction: Chichester Stone
Photo: Hufton + Crow
Editor: Jiangyan Shou


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