Studio OutsideMidcentury Creekside的花园融合了中世纪现代风格的建筑风格和现代化的景观,是创建具有现场感和精致感的住宅户外空间的典范。

Studio OutsideMelding a midcentury-modern style of architecture with an updated, contemporary landscape, the garden at Midcentury Creekside is an example of creating residential outdoor space with a site-sensitive and refined touch.



Midcentury Creekside坐落在得克萨斯州达拉斯市中心的一处倾斜场地内,展现了一种将精致细节与房屋建筑形式简单化相结合的景观。略带当代色调,但崇尚中世纪现代家居美学,创建了一个较低的露台,以优化邻近小溪和树林的景观。上院和进入家庭无缝地将独特的材料调色板和房屋正交轴延伸到景观中,营造出房屋和花园被设计为一体的感觉。

Sited on a sloping site in the heart of Dallas, Texas, Midcentury Creekside exhibits a landscape that combines exquisite detail with the simplicity of form in the architecture of the house. With slightly contemporary tones, but with reverence for the midcentury modern aesthetic of the home, a lower terrace was created to optimize views over the adjacent creek and woods. The upper courtyard and entry into the home seamlessly extend the unique material palette and orthogonal axes of the house into the landscape, creating the feeling that the house and garden were designed as one.




The simple modernity and open design of the home, in concert with the tranquil stillness and precision of the landscape, creates a place that finds balance in seemingly oppositional states: it is highly private but open to the landscape, contemporary yet mid-century modern, unassuming but expansive. It’s a place of subtlety and harmony.


Photography by Arlen Kennedy.

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