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Loom on the Moon:​《兹林之镜》展览为庆祝兹林市 700 年的历史,在城堡公园内展出了一系列多媒体装置。

Loom on the Moon: The Exhibition The Mirrors of Zlín was created for the occasion of 700 years of history of the city of Zlín, which manifested as a series of multimedia installations in the chateau park.


© BoysPlayNice
© BoysPlayNice


三个装置中的其中一个以作家帕 Pavel Kosatík 的独特视角展示了城市及其周边环境的演变,我们随后用插图对其进行了补充和总结。这就形成了文字和图像之间的代际对话,它们时而和谐,时而相悖。除此之外,在这座城堡公园里还有另外两个装置。

The first out of the three installations, which works with the distinctive perspective of writer Pavel Kosatík on the evolution of the city and its surroundings, which we subsequently complemented and summarised with illustrations. This resulted in an intergenerational dialogue between text and image, which are sometimes in harmony and sometimes in contrast. In addition to this narrative part, there are another two installations in the chateau park.


▽插图 Illustrations

© Loom on the Moon
© Loom on the Moon
© BoysPlayNice
© BoysPlayNice
© BoysPlayNice
© BoysPlayNice



One is an immersive film, an audiovisual experience that allows visitors to inhabit past moments of Zlín in various eras, seasons, lights, in rural times, during a fire, when the railway arrived, during the Bata boom, and also present moments. It is a frame-by-frame painted animation that treats each frame of the film as a painting.


© BoysPlayNice
© BoysPlayNice



The last permanent installation is the mirrors of Zlín – a lyrical constellation of fluid shapes, poetically placed among the most beautiful trees of Zlín‘s park, whose treetops, flowing sky and curious passing visitors they reflect. The soul of this part of the installation is a sound composition that is a celebration of the cycle of time, the turning of the seasons, the lengthening and shortening of the days, the moments of equinox and solstice, which functions as an unpredictable, surprising solar calendar or astrological clock.


© BoysPlayNice
© BoysPlayNice
© BoysPlayNice



The basis for the music composition that sounds through the park in various phases of the year was a careful mapping and study of the sounds of bells in the belfries of the Zlín Region. Thus the park rings with the vibrations of bell bronze, which creates a scaled-down geographical imprint of the Zlín Region. The individual multi-channel musical compositions and their exact position in time and the year correspond to a study of the movement of the sun and stars.


© BoysPlayNice
© BoysPlayNice



The sound level is supported with a moving light, which not only provides a visual accompaniment to the mirrors and music, but also a poetic and playful alternative to the park‘s night-time lighting. This results in a harmony between the natural and artificial light, between the sound of the park, the musical composition and the passage of time. The Mirrors of Zlín thus becomes an art work that can exist only in this place, at this time.


▽设计平面图 Plan

© Loom on the Moon




项目地点:Sad Svobody,Soudní1,76001 Zlín,捷克共和国

景观/建筑公司:Loom on the Moon
首席建筑师:Ing. arch. Lenka Hejlová、 Ing. arch. Martin Hejl、BcA. Jan Nálepa
设计团队:Natália Kaňová、Milan Martinec、Long Phi Trieu、Petr Janák、Vojtěch Šálek、Petr Prouza、Pavel Kosatík、Kateřina Šípková、Alexey Klyuykov、Michal Rataj、Matouš Hejl
客户:兹林法定城市,和平广场12,761 40,兹林,捷克共和国
合作伙伴:byPINK、AVT Group、superactive.works


Project Name: Mirrors of Zlín
Completion Year: 2022
Scale: area 36.000 m2
Project Location: Sad Svobody, Soudní 1, 760 01 Zlín, Czech Republic

Landscape/Architecture Firm: Loom on the Moon
Website: http://www.loomonthemoon.com/
Contact e-mail: info@loomonthemoon.com
Lead Architects: Ing. arch. Lenka Hejlová, Ing. arch. Martin Hejl, BcA. Jan Nálepa
Design Team: Natália Kaňová, Milan Martinec, Long Phi Trieu, Petr Janák, Vojtěch Šálek, Petr Prouza, Pavel Kosatík, Kateřina Šípková, Alexey Klyuykov, Michal Rataj, Matouš Hejl
Clients: Statutární město Zlín, náměstí Míru 12, 761 40, Zlín, Czech Republic
Collaborators: byPINK, AVT Group, superlative.works

Photo Credits: BoysPlayNice
Photographer’s Website: https://www.boysplaynice.com/




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