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SZ-ARCHITECTS: MIZUNOE is an established Japanese restaurant in Nanjing, the new store is located in the CBD business district of Eastern River in Nanjing, facing the quiet Green Axis Park.




We hope to inherit the owner’s cooking spirit, making every guest can experience the spirit of cuisine and space while enjoying food through the design.


▽区位图 Project location

▽门头远眺 Far view of the entrance



“Cooking is like writing in water.” This is the owner’s profound understanding of cooking. Therefore, that is what inspired me to design.


▽板前 Itamae

▽餐厅公区 Restaurant public area



In order to take advantage of the location of restaurant and meet the owner’s needs for 10 VIP rooms, we have rotated the layout of the internal space to make the sunlight can enter the internal space layer by layer along the space gap after rotation. The tilted external facades created by the rotation also make it clear to guests entering from the east main road.


▽阳光分析图 Sunshine diagram

▽包厢过道透露的天光 The private room corridor shows the sky light



In the internal space layout, the Elegant Houses “TATAMU” is taken as the basic module, and the VIP rooms of different sizes and forms are formed through combination and dislocation, showing the organizational relationship of void-solid combination. The negative space between the VIP rooms creates the circulating light scene and personalized room.


▽平面模数分析图 Plane modulus diagram

▽玄关 Entrance

▽接待 & 清酒展示 Reception & Sake display



In order to make the light quieter, we choose acrylic instead of traditional Japanese shoji paper to make the sliding door and partition wall of the rooms, which optimizes the sound insulation of the traditional shoji paper sliding door, and also makes the light at different times penetrate into the room through the filter layer of material to present different atmosphere and artistic conception.


▽卡座 Cassette

▽包厢开门后透出的庭院 The courtyard through the door of the private room

▽夜晚过道光影 Night light and shadow in the corridor

▽大包厢内部庭院 Private room interior courtyard

▽大包厢内部庭院 Private room interior courtyard

▽包厢过道 Private room corridor



Borrowing from the buckets system in Chinese traditional architecture, the cantilever structural beams are exposed at the facade through the interpenetration of 4-story steel beams, which makes the rooms of different sizes hide in the shadow and landscape with humble posture, reflecting the hierarchy and layering of the space.


▽结构分析图 Structural diagram

▽室外“斗拱”门头及庭院 Outside “arch” facade and courtyard

▽模型鸟瞰 Aerial view of the model

▽餐厅入口 Restaurant entrance

▽包厢内部 Inside of the private room

▽亚克力透光测试 Acrylic light transmission test

▽平面图 Plan

▽剖视图 Section



摄影师:大川又Mata Okawa

Project name: Mizunoe Japanese Cuisine Restaurant
Project type: Interior
Project location: Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China
Design unit: Real Architecture Design Studio
The firm’s website: https://sz-architects.net/
Principal Architect: Zhang Zhikun
Complete list of design team: Liu Yue, Xu Hua
Owner: Mizuki Japanese Cuisine
Built status: Built
Design period (from date to date) : September 2022 – December 2022
Construction period (from date to date) : December 2022 – March 2023
Building area (m2) : 263 m2
Lighting Consultant: Light dimension lighting design
Construction: Nanjing Baiquan Decoration Engineering Co., LTD
Materials: Aluminum alloy wood grain transfer, acrylic, diatom mud coating, paulownia finish, fire tile, PVC woven carpet
Brand: (Aluminum alloy wood grain transfer) Nanjing Half water building Decoration Engineering Co., LTD
(acrylic) DECODECO Plexiglass
(PVC woven carpet) Gehun aesthetic woven carpet
Photographer: Mata Okawa



审稿编辑: Maggie

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