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Chaoyue Vision: From morning to evening, spring to winter, only the light is never get tired of sitting down in the wind and rain corridor, read the leisure time and listen to the poetry of Lingnan life.





Uphold the spirit of excellence and pursuit of excellence for each project, Chaoyue Vision would spend a lot of time and energy on the shooting, photograph selection and post-editing work for each project.Therefore, the update of the public account is slow for more than half a year this time,it is sorry and we would like to thank the readers who always support us.

This time, we choose a project-Mountain Villa we love and would love to share with you, which has won numerous awards at home and abroad since 2022.This project is the most scholarliness of our projects in the past year, compared with the project on pursuit for luxury ,opulent and royal garden,Mountain Villa have a clear sense of freshness and refinement. It can be said that from the inside out of the high-level feeling,which is a calm temperament like who is filled with knowledge always behaves with elegance.

Guanji’s projects always had their unique temperament of scholars, which requires the designer to have a profound Chinese traditional aesthetic foundation and the horizon of modern design. The project design is gentle and elegant, as if from the Song Dynasty, every time he write a project, all like playing himself.





How to transfer the Lingnan life poetry of the landscape? Authentic and natural without being pretentious. It was the most important part of this shoot.

Summer in Lingnan is like a child’s temperament, which is changeable. The sun was high in the sky 5 minutes ago, and after a while it’s gonna rain hard,and the shooting day when it was under this changing weather conditions, so we had the opportunity to feel the different “personalities” of the project. we in accordance with the “garden one day view” way, to elaborate what we see beautiful. Different viewing angles, fixed space, flowing light and wind, as well as the people in the space, constantly collide with our thoughts and catalyze a series of haunting pictures.


▽弧墙展开如一幅画卷 The arc wall unfolds like a picture

▽在月洞门的禅意中驻足 Stop in the zen of the moon gate

▽傍晚时镜面水景与月门相映成趣 The mirror-like waterscape and moon gate gain by contrast in the evening



Talk to the woods, Sapium sebiferum spread shade silently, The sunshine through the leaves falling down a big piece of light, Soaked by the rain and dew of the south.




Sunlight leaves its mark on SLATE, glass, greenery, With an infinite spread of life and satisfaction.




Lingnan garden carries hermit poetry, The shadows of the trees are mottled, and the shadows of the wind sway, The yard have its own thoughts and whispers, Stand silently, lean over, listen.




The dusk light, Rich and bright, Awaken self-healing powers beneath the calm representation of the courtyard.





The sunshine disappear behind the mountain, When night falls
This intoxicating moment, With quiet atmosphere,It’s the part we must shoot for each project.





The greatest poetic beauty lies in a enjoyable and comfortable life, Mountain villa, then flowing Lingnan ordinary life poetry.

The visual elements expressed in design carry specific cultural connotations. And the ancient and modern Landscape gardeners, have a common vision, most of them pursuit for painting garden, for the heart of the yearning to create a dream, and strive to achieve “feasible, hopeful, playable, habitable”, so photographers understand this yearning at the same time feel the atmosphere brought by the site, it is particularly important.





Project name: Mountain villa
Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
Landscape Design: Guangzhou Guanji Landscape Design Co., LTD
Landscape construction project: Xiamen Jiayuan Ecological Environment Construction Co., LTD
Construction project: Zhejiang Huajie Construction Co., LTD
Architectural Design: Shanghai Youan Architectural Design Co., LTD
Landscape photography: Chaoyue Vision




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