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MAP studio Magnani Pelzel – Architetti Associati:由Naomi Milgrom基金会委托在维多利亚女王花园建造的临时展馆项目,探索了作为标志性建筑装置的条件,并一如既往地展示了墨尔本城市的创造性和活力。

MAP studio Magnani Pelzel – Architetti Associati: The project for the temporary pavilion commissioned by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation in Queen Victoria Gardens explores the condition of architectural device as a powerful attractor and display of the creative and dynamic quality of the city of Melbourne, as previous editions have fully demonstrated.


© Anthony Richardson
© John Gollings



The structure we imagined was a shimmering device that qualified itself as a urban lighthouse that hosted and enlighten the cultural activities for the community planned for the 2021 summer season in Melbourne.


© John Gollings
© John Gollings


展馆的抽象性几何外观使其成为一个舞台,可以举办各种临时活动,它不仅能够反射光线的变化,还能反映和放大活动场地、人物和色彩,犹如一个万花筒,这也是其名称“捕光器”(The Light Catcher)的由来。它自身作为一个城市标志,巩固了其过去几年在维多利亚女王花园举行的MPavillon临时建筑展览活动中,作为公民集会和灵感场所的作用。

The pavilion’s geometric abstraction qualified it as a stage intended to host a multiplicity of ever-changing events, such as the variations of the light that it will be able to reflect. A kaleidoscopic structure that reflects and amplifies activities, people and colors. For these reasons we called it The Light Catcher. The Light Catcher proposed itself as an urban sign of the consolidated role of civic place of meeting and inspiration that distinguished in the past years the MPavillon event in Queen Victoria Gardens.


© John Gollings
© John Gollings
© Anthony Richardson



The pavilion was conceived as a kind of stage around which people gather to attend events and shows. Its permeable system of ground supports U shaped qualified itself as a livable device in the different ways that the intense program and the different types of events has required.


© Casey Horsfield Photographer
© Anthony Richardson
© Anthony Richardson
© Anthony Richardson



The three-dimensional mesh – based on 2x2x2 meters square modules – configures a volume with base of 12 meters side (6 modules) and high of 6 meters (3 modules) that covered overall an area of 144 sqm. The structure seemed to float above the ground level on a colored organic shaped crushed rubber surface and it defines inside an hollow space. The three-dimensional lattice was supported by four pillars made by precast reinforced concrete. These elements, in force of the particular U-shaped form and smooth edges design, were used also as sitting places.


© John Gollings
© Anthony Richardson



We believe that the kaleidoscope structure has took on a double meaning of an urban lighthouse to gather people around as an expression of new hope and to glitter our minds into appreciating new horizons. But it was also a kind of warning: it was not a shelter in nature as the previous pavilions were, but an element of amplification of human activities in nature as a metaphor of man’s current condition in relation to our environment — inspiring an aspect of new awareness of this fragile situation.


© Anthony Richardson
© Jeff Raty


▽设计概念 The design concept

© MAP studio Magnani Pelzel – Architetti Associati


▽设计图纸 Design drawings

© MAP studio Magnani Pelzel – Architetti Associati
© MAP studio Magnani Pelzel – Architetti Associati
© MAP studio Magnani Pelzel – Architetti Associati
© MAP studio Magnani Pelzel – Architetti Associati




项目名称:Mpavilion 2021 The Lightcatcher
项目地点:澳大利亚 维多利亚州墨尔本 维多利亚女王花园
景观/建筑公司:MAP studio Magnani Pelzel – Architetti Associati
首席建筑师:Francesco Magnani、Traudy Pelzel
设计团队:Francesco Magnani, Traudy Pelzel; Assistants Gabriele Martella, Matteo Sirinati
3D模型和渲染:Gabriele Martella

客户:Naomi Milgrom Foundation
顾问:Structure、AECOM Australia、Nigel Bourdon、Robert Macaulay
图片来源:John Golling、Anthony Richardson、Casey Horsfield、Jeff Raty

Project name: Mpavilion 2021_ The Lightcatcher
Completion Year: 2021
Size: 150 m2
Project location: Queen Victoria Gardens , Melbourne, Vic., Australia
Landscape/Architecture Firm: MAP studio Magnani Pelzel – Architetti Associati
Website: www.map-studio.it
Contact e-mail: info@map-studio.it
Lead Architects: Francesco Magnani, Traudy Pelzel
Design Team: Francesco Magnani, Traudy Pelzel; Assistants Gabriele Martella, Matteo Sirinati,
3D model and render: Gabriele Martella

Clients: Naomi Milgrom Foundation
Consultants: Structure, AECOM Australia, Nigel Bourdon, Robert Macaulay
Photo credits: John Gollings, Anthony Richardson, Casey Horsfield, Jeff Raty
Photographer’s website: www.gollings.com.au



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