Kengo Kuma & Associates:Mushizuka是一个昆虫艺术纪念碑装置,坐落在镰仓的Kencho-ji寺庙的辖区内。这是一种颠覆“纪念碑应该是坚固的”观念的尝试,通常倾向于用石头或青铜建造。这个想法来自于解剖学家Takeshi Yoro博士,他也是一名昆虫收藏家。我们用不锈钢丝网制作盒子,给人一种昆虫笼子的印象。 总共40个盒子以螺旋形堆叠,以表达昆虫在天空中高高滑翔。 网状物由Shohei Hasado粘土喷涂,其中含有玻璃纤维和局部土。 在保持结构清晰的同时,我们设法创造出独特的材料,感觉柔软和温暖。

Kengo Kuma & Associates:Mushizuka is a transparent mound for the repose of insects, which sits in the precinct of Kamakura’s Kencho-ji Temple. It is an attempt to reverse the idea that “monuments should be solid”, usually tending to be built of stone or bronze. The idea came from the anatomist Dr. Takeshi Yoro, who is also an insect collector.We made boxes with stainless steel wire mesh that give an impression of insect cages. 40 boxes in total stack up in spiral to express the insects gliding high in the sky. The mesh is clay-sprayed by Shohei Hasado, which contains glass fiber and local earth. While retaining clearness of the structure, we managed to create unique materiality that feels soft and warm.


面积:57 m2

location:Kanagawa, Japan
year:June 2015


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