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TUNG DESIGN:Zhuangzi said: the phase of no phase is the real phase. And our Oriental Zen philosophy takes the bright moon as a mirror, creates philosophical thoughts, and uses the landscape in the mirror to present the phase of no-phase to the truth.



【设计概念】Design Concept


The demonstration area is located in Nanning, which is known as “Yongcheng” in ancient times. The design is based on the local conditions, creating an ideal place with the cultural and natural characteristics of Yongcheng. The landscape design is based on Suzhou’s “Yipu”, which is characterized by concise and sparse architecture, with water as the center and a compact structure. The project integrates the spirit of Zen into the design concept of the building, refining “empty, elephant, simple and simple”, integrating landscape and Confucian rituals into one, using the ground as the rice paper and water as the ink, mapping all the images from the clear state of mind of landscape painting, and shaping a unique oriental charm for Yongcheng. The space is divided into “entrance space”, “landscape and mystery” and “woods and trees” in order from deep to far.



【初入|入口空间】First Entry | Entry Space


“The path to the entrance is absolutely slender, and the waterfront is a long way from the viewpoint. In the midst of the lush green forest, a sheltered place is occasionally found as the entrance to the demonstration area, giving a first impression of Zen relaxation.


▽入口空间 Entry Space


门庭 Courtyard


The display area is expressed with simple Chinese elements in the façade design. The entrance gate continues the elegance of Song-style architecture, with a complex pattern stainless steel decoration in the middle, and enters through two doors next to it, with light-colored walls unfolding on both sides. The steps eliminate the imperial path and evolve into three parts of oversized steps, visually increasing the width.


▽入口门廊景观 Entrance porch


【意外|山水幽玄】Accidental | Mountain Mystery


The mysterious, or hazy beauty, implicitly and euphemistically depicts the aura of nature nurturing life and the transcendent mood. It is the sense of no phase, unspeakable. As the old saying goes: Taste the poetry of the writer, there is painting in the poem; view the painting of the landscape, there is poetry in the painting. Landscape has always been the soul of design, people in the downtown, return to the mountain and water in a quiet place, design to create people push the door to see the landscape and the ideal place to live.



翠微阁 Cuiwei Pavilion


Go through the gate and enter the hall. Inside the pavilion, you can see the opposite scenery in the garden – Qingnian Pavilion, the establishment adopts the ritual system of the gate hall. The negotiation area is combined with the gate. Sitting in the negotiation area and looking out of the window, you can enjoy the view of the cascading waterfalls reflecting in the Cuiwei Pond. Feel the sound of the gurgling water like a fine rain beating the banana, and listen to it quietly to create a picture of the clear sound of the landscape.


▽与入口大门连接的休闲洽谈区 A leisure meeting area connected to the entrance gate

▽坐在洽谈区远观 Sit in the conference area and watch from afar


翠微池 Cui Wei Pond



“Seeking the water stream at night to listen to the rhythm of pine, and going up to the star altar at night to see the bright moon.”

The barge in the pool does not have too many winding twists and turns, and in the flow line is also a simple one-way flow line, but it makes a rich spatial division in the vertical direction. The central part of the waterscape, using the height difference of the site, creates a kind of waterfall landscape of hanging water, and the frame view from the Cuiwei Pavilion to the outside can also vaguely see the gurgling stream from the bottom of the pavilion naturally diffuse, along the side wall, into the Cuiwei pond, the bottom of the pond and the barge are shaped with pieces of stone, dense and sparse, in accordance with nature.




The black rocks along the barge are poetically arranged around the pool, with the rocks together, as if there is a mountain shadow, the posture of the overlapping mountains, strolling along the shore to gaze, you can feel the barge flowers and plants verdant, rippling blue waves. Water is colorless, simple and unadorned; water is tasteless, pure and timeless. With water as a mirror, mirror water and clear wind, open and clear pattern. Water as a mirror, reflecting life.



鸣石涧 Ming Shi Jian



“The bright moon shines among the pines, and the clear spring flows on the rocks.”

Here, the rocks are stacked and the huge scenic stone suddenly appears, creating a sudden surprise. The stone is inscribed with the word “lead spring”, a waterfall from the scenic rock straight down, impacting the rocks, spraying snow and jumping pearls, along the stream, from top to bottom, into the pool, with the meaning of high mountains and flowing water.


▽山石瀑布 Rock falls



The steps are made of old stone slabs with old chiseled details to show exquisite. Hanging steps on the step, meandering Xu twists and turns, the path diverges, bending and following the road climbing, as if the sound of water and tree shadows in front of the eyes, the landscape is in the heart, up to the top for the clear night and a half.



清宵半 Half past midnight



“Playing the piano and whistling, the moon comes to shine on each other”

With the shadow over the Pei, the sight outlines, a garden scenery all over it, the clouds and water change, galloping the mind and eyes, making the garden at hand. Listening to the zither is like practicing meditation, the subtle sound of the zither, the melodious rhythm. The rare ancient zither, spanning over a thousand years, conveys a leisurely Zen feeling, unknowingly moving towards the realm of “nothing”.




The whole design repeatedly utilizes the techniques of pair view and barrier view to guide and control the line of sight, and the central pavilion fully assumes the role of seeing and being seen, maximizing the use of the existing landscape. The simple shape of the half-view pavilion exudes tranquility and transcendence, and the four sides of the eaves are enclosed by silk antique copper stainless steel screens and ancient painting screens, which interplay with each other to make the overall space more transparent and better interact with nature.



【疏影|林木寻幽】Sparse Shadows | Forests and Trees in Search of Secrets



“The woods lead to the path of seclusion, the road is narrow, the evening smoke is half hidden in the flat forest”

There is a courtyard in the house, there is a house in the garden, there is a courtyard in the house, there are trees in the courtyard, the trees see the sky, there is a reading in the sky. It’s a pleasure! Greenery and water mist dazzle, the garden landscape is staggered, the rhythm of the pace and the beauty of the landscape are naturally integrated together, and the shady trees are naturally comfortable in the swaying.


▽错落有致的自然园林景观 Scattered natural garden landscape


疏影径Sparse path



“The cicadas are more quiet than the forest, and the birds are singing in the mountains.”

Follow the path and step deep into the forest garden to feel the cicadas chirping in the summer night. Through the enclosure of plants, embellished with scenic rocks, viewers can further experience the combination of humanity and landscape.


▽移步异景的夹道幽径 Walk on a path with different scenery


绣漪桥 Xiuyiqiao Bridge


The curved Xiuyi Bridge is unique and chic in shape. The stone bridge, rocks and rocks, high mountains and flowing water are all different scenery. The greenery of the waterfront is exquisitely controlled and staggered, and the flowing water passes under the bridge, as if walking in a place where clouds rise. The trees and shadows along the barge bank cover the landscape, and the light waves ripple. Within a stone’s throw, change is sought in the unchanging, giving people infinite reverie.



飞虹桥 Flying Rainbow Bridge


When you walk out of Qingnian Half, you will pass through a section of winding paths and pass by an antique stone bridge like a flying rainbow lying on the slope, spanning both banks. The stone bridge is a classic element in Suzhou gardens, and an important embellishment of the landscape. Here, the folding bridge adds a vitality to the water scene and transforms it into the meaning of “source flowing in a vein, hydrophobic if endless”.



栊翠苑 Bar Tsui Gardenn


The trees are lush and green, the bamboo and bamboo groves are beautiful, and when you cross the bridge, you will arrive at the Bar Cui Garden, where you will see the pomegranate tree, a symbol of good luck with its bright flowers. The stone facing the scene is engraved with the four calligraphic characters “Autumn Forest Reflecting Evening”, which adds a rhythm to the space. Walking in the path, the comfort is hidden in the shadows of the trees and the flowers in the garden.



【终|有归】The End | The Return


The ancients used clouds to simulate peaks and rocks, so the small building is like lying in the clouds, where is this? It is a divine place of freedom and liberty. The beauty here is not only in the bones, but also in the Zen. A touch of writing, a few Zen, quiet heart to feel the sound of the flowing clouds. An exhale, an inhale, an exhale, a feel the rhythm of nature between.




开 发 商:建发集团南宁事业部
邮箱: etung@qq.com

Project Name: Nanning C&D He Yue Exhibition Area
Design time: May 2021
Completion date: Oct. 2021
Developer: C&D Group Nanning Division
Landscape Design: Shenzhen Yitang Landscape Planning & Design Co.
Landscape construction unit: Yiding Landscape
Architectural Design: DC International
Photographer: Lin Green
Contact email: etung@qq.com




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