WRT | Planning + Design是面对纳什维尔历史悠久的法院的5英亩公民广场的首席设计师。按照市长的建议,将停车场移到地下,用一个公共聚集的地方代替,广场下面新建了一个1200个停车位的地下停车场,为法院工作人员和游客服务。与建筑师、景观设计师、工程师、停车场专家和艺术顾问一起,WRT | Planning + Design通过为音乐会、市民活动、市场、工艺展览会和户外游戏提供场地,设计了1100万美元的广场,以最大化全年活动。中央的椭圆形草坪是一个灵活的空间,适合大型集会。停车场的入口和出口都被屏蔽在视野之外,而参与的喷泉、河流景观和纪念碑则为周围的街道景观注入了活力,使广场融入了更大的城市环境。

WRT | Planning + Design was the lead designer for the five-acre civic square facing Nashville’s historic courthouse. Following the Mayor’s proposition to move the parking underground and replace the site with a public gathering space, a new 1200-space underground parking structure was built beneath the square to serve courthouse employees and visitors. Working with architects, landscape architects, engineers, parking specialists, and an art consultant, WRT | Planning + Design calibrated the design of the $11 million square to maximize year-round activity through provision of venues for concerts, civic events, marketplaces, craft fairs, and outdoor play. A central, oval-shaped lawn acts as a flexible space suitable for large gatherings. Parking garage entrance and exit points are kept shielded from view, while participatory fountains, river overlooks, and memorials energize the surrounding streetscape, knitting the square into the larger urban context.

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