bauchplan ).(:boblingen镇在车站和历史中心之间有一条火车站街。最初的设想是一个汽车友好型的城市,开放空间正在被改造成步行区和低交通购物区,从正面到正面用天然石材铺成像素化的图案。Neue Meile Boblingen以一种全新的方式诠释了一个经典的火车站街道。在合作与外部视图开始车间,我们的任务是创建一个新的„的测量系统”,城市的公共空间的参考Boblingen。因此,为了在老城区和火车站之间建立联系,一条商业街和休闲空间之间的新品质被设计出来。这些品质在参与过程中得到改进,并在整个实施过程中得到支持。在大量初步研究和短暂设计阶段的基础上,在与当地利益相关者密切合作的同时,开展了一系列实地考察、抽样和原型制作过程。

bauchplan ).(:as a radical statement for public space the town of böblingen gets a railway station street between the station and the historical center. initially conceived as a car friendly city the open space is being transformed into pedestrian zones and low traffic shopping areas paved with natural stone from facade to facade in a pixeled pattern.The Neue Meile Böblingen interprets a classical railway station street setting in a completely new way. Having started out with an external view in the cooperative workshop, our task was to create a new „system of measurement“, a public space of reference for the city of Böblingen. Hence, new qualities between a strip mall and recreational space were contrived in order to create a link between the old town and the railway station. These qualities were then refined during the participatory process and supported throughout the entire implementation process. Based on numerous preliminary studies and a short design phase, a series of on-site visits as well as sampling and prototyping processes were carried out while closely cooperating with local stakeholders.




尺寸:约。 1.8公顷
合作:lumen 3 lichtplanung,raumspielkunst作为现场施工管理
图片来源:c. franke, ).(, j. lichtl

Location: Böblingen, Germany
Design year: 2013
Years of construction: 2014 –2015
Client: City of Böblingen, Civil engineering office
Size: approx. 1.8 ha
Costs: 8.5 m euros
Work phases: 1-8 as general contractor
Cooperation: lumen 3 lichtplanung, raumspielkunst as on-site construction management
Prize: 1st prize cooperative cooperative workshop
Image credits: C. Franke, ).(


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