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DDON:The project is located in Ningbo Bay, Fenghua, in the south of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. It is positioned south to the island and mountains, east to Xiangshan Port, and adjacent to the East China Sea. It has clear water resources and rare natural resources of mountains and seas.

▼项目区位 Project Location



The local wildlife communities are well developed, and the soil quality is a saline-alkaline wetland. The site is densely covered with weeds, and full of natural purple rough stones, which provides the site the wildness and beauty of an uncultivated ecosystem. Nature and wildlife are the real dwellings here. The designers agree to the principle of respecting the nature here, using natural language, texture, and brushstrokes to depict a simple and ecological spatial form. The design illustrates the hope of returning to natural life.


▼基地条件 Site Conditions

总平面图 Site Plan

项目实景 Real scene




The local natural features can be found in our design. We intentionally make connections with the local features to make the project more associative.





The mysterious purple flowers meadow at the entrance stretches towards the bay. There are mysterious caves hidden under the hillside where Vervaine blooms. The purple stone is like the meteorite fallen here. The big tree comes out of the cave, feeling the wind breezes and the laziness and ease of the seaside meadow.





The elevated bridge connects the site separated by the river, forming a natural and smooth curved garden path. When people stop here and look towards the coast, a picture of mountains and seas slowly unfolds here.



▼拱桥夜晚灯光效果 The bridge night view




The slopes of the site echo the continuous mountains. The unique purple stone witnesses the memory of the place. The whirlpool-shaped white stone and the sand imitate the star tracks, recording visitors’ footprints. Carrying a unique place memory, the design writes down poetry here and now.



▼温馨愉悦的灯光氛围 Warm and pleasant atmosphere lighting



Green terraces and canopy trees enclose an intimate space with wooden piles, creating a natural scene. The flowing water, the sound of wind encourages children to explore and step in nature.




The native silver grass creates a rustic atmosphere. The horsetail in the water adds peace to space. Purple stones spread on the grass slope in the distance, seeming to welcome people to participate in them.


▼木贼直立在平静的水面上 Equisetum stands upright on the calm water




Transparent glass, the pure sky, and sea, the cantilevered platform extending to the bay, disappear in this wilderness. The sky is changeable from the splendor of the burning clouds in the summer evening to the watercolor-like sky in the spring rain. The main character in the landscape is always ever-changing nature. We don’t need to design much. The design just wants to keep people here and enjoy time with nature alone.

Natura is the host here and is warm and hospitable to accept the guests for a rest.



“轻干预”与“重参与” Light Intervention and Heavy Participation


Abstract boundary (light intervention): Plants inside and outside the site are interspersed, without conventional enclosures. Borrowing scenery from nearby mountains, seas, plants, mountains, and bays, the design visually extends the space, blending into nature.


▼轻干预 light intervention




The connection between people and the site (heavy participation): The project respects the site and retains the local material elements. The silver grass, purple rough stone, native species echo the land art of hilly landscape and attract people to explore.


▼重参与 Heavy participation




The design attempts to convey the leisurely mood of “return”, “vacation” and “slow life” in a simple and ecological space form to realize the encounter with oneself and nature. People can establish deep connections with nature through various experiences. The six “zones” bring different types of experiences to visitors, and each zone encourages the interaction between man and nature in its unique way.




De-stylization to have simplicity, weight, and vitality: the locally excavated purple stone and soil are reused in the landscape. White and gray sones are selected to give people a sense of purity and tranquility. In the vast space, the hardscape disappears in the true and indifferent nature of the lake and mountain.


▼素色的肌理 Plain Texture



Quality, Atmosphere, and Style: The combined application of spotlights, lawn lights, underground lights, and LED strips creates a warm and pleasant lighting atmosphere.


▼温润的灯光氛围 Warm Light



Tall, native, simple, and distinctive in the four seasons: Native plants that are tolerant to salinity are selected, including silver grass, horsetail, and tallow. The design strives to preserve the existing silver grass and big trees on-site to blend in the interaction between people and the environment.


▼原生感的植物 Native Plants



Since the beginning of 2019, it took one and a half years to enter the construction phase of the project. Frequent communication and on-site technical problem solving have become the norm in the work. The 30,000-square-meter seaside experience area will be fully presented in the spring or summer of 2020. During the period, it witnessed the tidal flats after the hurricane in summer, the pampas grass under the sunset in autumn, the yellow awns, and the frost crystals on the purple stone in winter… …However, nothing is eternal. The original power of the site makes this world of heaven and earth continue to evolve into a different and beautiful posture.






Project name: Ningbo OCT·Joyful Coast
Year of completion: May 2020
Project area: 32950㎡
Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China
Landscape design: DDON
Design team: Hangzhou Design Institute of DDON, Shanghai Landscape Department 2
Client: Ningbo OCT
Partner: Yuelong Landscape
Photographer: Nancy studio


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