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Wuyuan County Village Culture Media Co., Ltd. :Noble Hall was originally a large commercial house built in the Qing Dynasty. It bears antique characteristic of a typical Huizhou building, which collapsed due to lack of maintenance. To save the house as well as its culture for future use an glory, the owner paid for its movement towards the tourist spot of Shuimoshang River.


▽ 项目概况 project overview

▽ 庭院鸟瞰courtyard from the top



The courtyard keeps the original trees. According to the topography, corridors, water systems, pavilions, are built and transformed following the principles of Huizhou gardens, so that the architecture is closer to contemporary life in terms of aesthetics and function.


▽庭院平面图 courtyard plan

▽ 中心庭院俯视图 central courtyard from the top

▽ 依地形修建爬山廊,增加空间层次 Mountain gallery built according to the terrain add to the variety of space



With many years of experience in re-constructing old houses, the designer adapted almost every aspect of the house, exchanged the old for the new for practical purposes to meet the requirement of the owner. The distribution of each functional area is reasonable, and the spatial transformation natural and harmonious. The simple and serene landscape as well as the green planting create a Huizhou garden full of elegance and tranquility and add to a sense of antiquity in modern design. It complements the ancient building of Noble Hall and connect inner and outer space.


▽ 从老宅往新宅看中心庭院 Central courtyard of the new house from the old house

▽ 光怪陆离的太湖石,增加空间的灵性 The weird Taihu stone add to the spirituality of space


▽ 思训亭广场 Sixun Pavilion Square

▽还原山石、蹊径的质感 Reducing the texture of rocks and roads



The construction starts with water proof and insect-proof effort, during which the original space was kept as much as possible. In order to better adapt to the needs of contemporary people’s life and aesthetics, the wooden door, floor, patio, wood carving, etc. were also rebuilt. The interior space reserves feature of the ancient, where texture of old woods contrasts with modern decorations visually.


▽ 宽敞明亮的餐厅临溪而建 Spacious and bright restaurant built by the stream

▽ 假山半亭 Pavilion at the rockery

▽ 水景和窗户细节展现传统的肌理  Water features and window details show the traditional texture



The functional space, however, were designed as modern as possible, allowing new materials and new appliances to provide a comfortable experience for the residents. Combining soft natural light with artificial lighting, a relaxed and elegant living atmosphere was created, complemented by a variety of styles of furniture, fabrics, ornaments, paintings and other soft furnishings. This fits tradition and modern perfectly in one old building., whose modern bathroom and cooking utensils were functional while maintaining the spatial layout of the original house. Beauty and convenient were both realized through the white surroundings, wooden furniture, lighting, ventilation, sound insulation and heat insulation.


▽ 一层中堂、会客厅 Middle Hall, meeting room.

▽中堂天井 Patio of Middle Hall

▽ 中堂茶室 Tea Room of Middle Hall

▽后堂闻香室 Room of Scents of Back Hall

▽楼梯 The stairs

▽室内多样生活方式 On the second floor indoor

▽客房内部 The guest rooms

▽客房摆件 Guest room furnishing articles



Noble Hall, an ancient building, is thus given new birth by fitting contemporary art into tradition.


▽一层平面图first floor plan

▽二层平面图 The second floor plan

▽三层平面图 The  third floor plan



项目设计 & 完成年份:2018 & 2019
品牌:红花梨、 钢结构、木构

Project name: Nobel Hall
Design: Wuyuan County Village Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Contact e-mail: 739079543@qq.com
Design year & Completion Year: 2018 & 2019
Designer: WANG Wanbin
Team Leader: WANG Jianhong
Project location: Shanghe Village, Qiukou Town, Wuyuan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province
Gross Built Area (square meters): 3000 square meters
Photo credits:Wuyuan County Village Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Clients: HUANG Xingfa
Brands / Products used in the project: Pterocarpus soyauxii , steel structure ,wooden construction



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