Studio Outside这个景观总体规划与萨克拉门托的HLA集团合作,在加利福尼亚州的一个市中心型购物中心,这是一个大型室内购物商场的替代品。 这是一个景观和城市设计的强烈融合,为这个环境意识社区的城市结构提供独特的贡献,以’生活品质’作为重中之重。 与另一家景观公司的协作设计工作提供了良好的团队体验,并完成了一个非常成功的项目。

Studio OutsideThis landscape master plan, in collaboration with the HLA Group from Sacramento, is for a Town Center type shopping center in California which is an alternative to the big box indoor shopping mall. It is an intense blend of Landscape and Urban Design that provides a unique contribution to the urban fabric of this environmental conscious community with ‘quality of life’ as top priority. A collaborative design effort with another landscape firm provided a great team experience as well as the completion of a very successful project.


Photography by Robb Williamson.

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