Studio OutsidePark Meadows提供了对国家公园系统内旅馆和酒店建筑中丰富遗产的现代诠释。 整个扩建过程中的一条中心河流加强了自然环境,吸引了游客对落基山脉的关注。 自然种植和铺石铺路强化了河流,并通过整个项目中的报价提供了分享该地区丰富遗产的机会。

Studio OutsidePark Meadows provides a modern interpretation of the rich heritage found in the architecture of the lodges and hotels within the national park system. A central river throughout the expansion reinforces the natural setting and draws the visitors’ attention to the Rocky Mountains. Natural planting and stone paving accentuate the river and provide opportunities to share in the rich heritage of the region through quotes located throughout the project.


摄影: 阿伦·肯尼迪
客户: 一般成长特性
项目合作伙伴:  Omniplan建筑

Photos: Arlen Kennedy
Client: General Growth Properties
Project Partners: Omniplan Architects

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