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BALANCE DESIGN: “Compared with breaking away from the original temperament of space and pursuing only the ‘avant-garde’ design that shines before people’s eyes, we hope that under the premise of respect, we will continue the original state of space given by nature and time and give it stronger vitality. No matter how popular and aesthetic preferences change in the future, it is all because of its sincerity and simplicity.”





The predecessor of Party Life is a local residential house, which is more than 30 years old. The main body of the building is constructed of stones and stone strips. After the baptism of time, there are traces of time under the moss . Since it is located on Guling, it really impresses people with a sense of”Shangri-la”.


▽被自然包裹的世外桃源 An arcadia wrapped in nature





To better understand the building, the designer brought camping equipment and computers and stayed in the restaurant for four days and three nights.

Even though the hostel has been open for more than a year now, he still clearly remembers one morning during that time, wearing slippers and holding a tooth-cup, squatting in the yard to brush his teeth:

“Looking up, the fog seemed to be right in front of me, and I could see it floating by. In the distance, there are terraces and unprepared meadows, and the green ground is hidden in the mist, reminiscent of the verses ‘green hills reflect the fog, green water pulls the wind’. “




Time and nature endow the building with beauty and temperament that people cannot bear to destroy. Therefore, when making a plan, the designer decides to fully respect the original aura of the space and the unique conditions given by nature, and make a continuation and dialogue in time. “


▽庭院局部鸟瞰 Partial aerial view

▽自然赋予的美 The beauty given by nature




This original intention will eventually be felt by people as soon as they step into the coffee shop through the entrance. With the greatest patience, time touches the stone pillars and walls in the hall day after day, and thirty years is enough to make it charming.


▽咖啡厅 Coffee shop



“They captured the heart of the designer from the beginning. “when you see these two stone pillars, you can imagine that the workers 30 years ago did not have advanced cutting tools and tried very hard to cut them straight.” At that time, people always did things with such persistence, seriousness, and care. “


▽从咖啡厅看向外景 The view from the cafe to the exterior




The traces of three different layers of stone blocks on the stone wall also contain the tenacity of the elder generation who built their houses 30 years ago. “Make effort according to your strength, and build the house bit by bit.” even if the material is scarce, that generation has always worked hard to make a living.

In the face of such a rich connotation of the structure, the designer chose to retain. Before finding a suitable worker, he would change it, and even thought that if the righter worker cannot be found, he would never make do with it but keep it as it is for the time being.


▽拙朴自然地内部空间 Humble and natural interior space




Fortunately, “fate” is wonderful. When the project entered the middle and later stage, in the face of wall in lack of functionality, the designer was on the verge of despair and the courtyard ushered in a wandering uncle.

During the conversation, he was surprised to learn that the uncle built the stone wall 30 years ago, which made him so excited and immediately invited the retired uncle to “come out again” to complete the mending of the stone wall.




When we have been talking about respect and reservation, it is no longer an illusory definition, but a 30-year space-time link in practice. Also because of the specific, all this has become more moving.






From the coffee shop to the inner courtyard, the transformation of the courtyard was designed to respect the stone walls, and only made a choice for the green plants in the courtyard. The tall sweet-scented osmanthus trees are kept, disorganized weeds are cleaned up, and slates and grass are paved in the courtyard.

The intention is that the green in the courtyard is actually the link that runs through all the functional spaces of the project, such as coffee shops, gathering areas, guest rooms, restaurants, swimming pools, outdoor camping areas. Overlooking, these independent spaces surround it, connecting harmoniously and forming a whole.


▽连接咖啡厅的内院 Connected to the inner courtyard of the cafe



无论人们三三两两的在咖啡厅下沉围炉区闲聊,亦或走进温馨的餐厅就餐,或在院中游玩…… 这里处处相通,皆可见众人身影。设计给你的安全感,一如日常他们给你的一般。

As a daily contracting building operation, it can be used as a space for company group building and gathering of friends and family, Such connection is also intended to “wrap” people in space.

Whether people chatting in the sunken hearth area of the coffee shop by twos and threes, or eating in the warm restaurant, or playing in the courtyard…… It’s a place where you can see people everywhere. The same sense of security they give you every day as like as design thinking.


▽咖啡厅下沉围炉区 Sunken fenced area of cafe

▽餐厅 The restaurant





The clever design of the courtyard still lies in the details, such as the big stone under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree.

The usual plan is to put tables and chairs in the courtyard for people to rest, but in this case, the designer thinks that in such an environment, people will prefer to sit under the trees, wait for the breeze, and watch the fallen leaves.

What can match the old wall and the old sweet-scented osmanthus tree is the boulder made by nature over a long period of time.


▽庭院景观 Garden landscape




So, in those days, the designer and the owner drove cars and took workers to search boulders all over the mountains.

It turns out that everything comes to him who waits, and nature never disappoints him.





Like the big stone under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree, in addition to respect and continuation, this case also contains the designer’s independent feeling and understanding of life.


▽院门空间 Courtyard gate space




When walking from inside courtyard to the outer courtyard, walking under the sun, and feeling the charm of architecture and the grandeur of Guling ,These reminded the designer about the memories of traveling and camping in the past.

It was a moment of great relaxation and freedom for him to leave behind the burdens of life and enjoy nature. He wants to bring that comfort to the this space.




People are always immediately attracted by the huge swimming pool in the outer courtyard when they inter Leshan party life. It is in the surrounding tall lush trees, echoing the natural environment, green and bright, shimmering. Even before you get into the pool, you’re already relaxing.


▽民宿泳池 Home stay swimming pool




Plants and running water always bring soothing comfort to our heart.

When summer is gone and winter is coming, the designer believes that people can’t resist the warmth brought by warm fire. This is the idea about the campfire area, which is arranging by the designer throughout the year.


▽露营篝火区 Campfire area





In order to ensure a happy and carefree warm time, the designer first solved the safety problem of the bonfire.

The firewood-burning area is concentrated in the middle, and the extension is isolated and protected by a frame. He hopes that such a comprehensive design will allow everyone to sit together and enjoy a warm bonfire.

He believes that at that moment, people will not just want to take pictures of moments, but really calm down, put down their phones and feel the moment.





Lin Yutang once said, “all the problems in art are questions of rhythm.” Whether it is painting, sculpture, architecture or music, every art form has an implicit rhythm. “


▽建筑细节 Architectural Details


所以自樂山party life开门迎客这段时间内,人们常说她就像一曲老歌新编。


Therefore, since Party Life opened the door to guests, people often say that she is like a newly made old song.

She has an old melody that can resonate with people in the past, contains the designer’s own mood, and a tone that people are familiar with today. However, if you listen carefully, you will meet one pleasant note after another around the corner.


▽室内空间 Interior Space



The considerate and warmdesign in the guest room.


▽温馨的细节处理 Warm detail handling



The stone seats on the roof are distributed forpeople to enjoy the broad beauty of Guling.


▽屋顶休闲区 Rooftop recreation area



Walking deep from the camping area, people may not expect that there are hot spring soup ponds hidden there.


▽从屋顶看向泳池 View of the pool from the roof




Even if it is the flower arrangement decoration in the coffee shop, the
designerspeciallyrecommends to use thenatural plants of Guling.”We decorate Party Life, as timeand nature decorateGuling.”




As the original intention of this case, it meets the nature 30 years ago.


▽庭院 courtyard

▽1F平面 1F Plan

▽2F平面 2F Plan

▽屋顶 roof



项目名称| 樂山 party life |福州 鼓岭
项目面积| 600平方主体+2000平方户外
设计机构| BALANCE DESIGN平衡空间设计
设计主持| 董欣猛
设计团队| 董欣猛、陈英衍、吴巧梅、苏添财、池清
竣工时间| 2022年2月
文案主持| 柳虫子
项目摄影| 李迪

Project name | Party Life | Guling, Fuzhou
Project area | 600 m2 of main body + 2000 m2 of outdoor space
Design organization | BALANCE DESIGN
Design host | Dong Xinmeng
Design team | Dong Xinmeng, Chen Yingyan, Wu Qiaomei, Su Tiancai, Chi Qing
Completion time | February 2022
Copywriter | Liu Chongzi
Project photography | Li Di




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