Myk-d :码头4广场连接波士顿海港步道和当代艺术学院,位于波士顿海港区创新区。 灵感来自于基地的分层历史,广场庆祝历史铁路轨道的线性运动和定义这一景观的新型光纤和电气联动。 流体和线性铺路图突出了在现场以下移动的信息和电路的流动。 广场由大型景观区域和一系列花岗岩/不锈钢座椅构成,白天和夜晚变成了一个令人兴奋和丰富多彩的聚会空间。

Myk-d :The Pier 4 Plaza connects to the Boston Harbor Walk and the Institute of Contemporary Art in the innovation district of the Seaport area of Boston. Inspired by the layered history of the site, the Plaza celebrates the linear movement of the historical railway tracks and new fiber optic and electrical linkages that define this landscape. The fluid and linear paving patterns highlight the flow of information and circuitry moving below the site. Framed by a large landscape area and a series of granite / stainless steel seating elements, the plaza transforms into an exciting and colorful gathering space during the day and at night.


客户:Hanover Company
建筑设计:ADD Inc.
摄影: Alan Karchmer ,Above Summit

Project name: Pier 4 Plaza
Location: Boston, MA,USA
Client: Hanover Company
Architect: ADD Inc.
Photos: Alan Karchmer ,Above Summit


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