Raymond Jungles, Inc. :这个单户住宅营造的一个景观设计,展示花园元素如何能够将建筑环境与自然无缝融合。 这座家庭由世界知名的巴西建筑师Marcio Kogan设计,他们将诸如暴露的混凝土,石头和木材等原材料加入到天然矿物中。 家庭化合物具有连续的设计语言,从特定地点使用材料到土着种植和标本树。

Raymond Jungles, Inc. :This single-family residential home welcomes a landscape design demonstrating how garden elements can meld the built environment seamlessly with the natural. The home was designed by world-renowned Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, who incorporated raw materials such as exposed concrete, stone, and wood to complement the natural site. The family compound has a continuous design language, from the site-specific use of materials, to the indigenous plantings and specimen trees.



除了一个传统的游泳池,花园还包括一个生物过滤的自然游泳池,包括红树林和红色植物。 曲线走道在自然游泳池上创建一座桥,为下面的花园提供独特的视野,并可进入二楼的屋顶露台。 从这个优势来看,可以欣赏到主要植被绿化屋顶的景观,俯瞰印度溪和迈阿密海滩的天际线。

In addition to a traditional swimming pool, the garden envelopes a bio-filtered natural swimming pool that includes Red Mangrove and native wetland plants. A curvilinear walkway creates a bridge over the natural pool offering a unique perspective to the garden below, and access to the second floor roof terrace. From this vantage point, one can obtain views of the vegetated green roof of the main level, and overlook Indian Creek and the Miami Beach skyline.


北园建筑: MK27工作室

Architecture for North Garden: Studio MK27
General Contractor: Brodson Construction, Inc.
Location: Miami Beach, Florida

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