Myk-d :项目位于美国波士顿后海湾,文华东方酒店和海恩斯会展中心之间,这个中心城市广场是保德信零售和办公大楼888博伊斯顿的前门。突出了该场地的风模式,一系列不锈钢编织的灯柱,定义了广场。风叶片在光柱上旋转,并表示风的强度,变化的颜色显示出更大的强度和较小的强度,将广场变成了一个生命的风向图。所有的照明都是由风力涡轮机驱动的,它定义了保诚大厦的顶部,并突出了这个项目的可持续性。

Myk-d :Located in the Back Bay of Boston between the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the Hynes Convention Center, this central urban plaza serves as the front door for the Prudential retail and office tower at 888 Boylston. Highlighting the wind patterns of the site, a series of stainless steel woven light columns define the plaza. Wind vanes rotate on the light columns and signal the intensity of wind with changing color that indicate greater and lesser intensity, turning the plaza into a living wind diagram. All the lighting is powered by wind turbines that define the top of the Prudential Tower and highlight the sustainable nature of this project.


Photos by Anton Grassl and Ted Cavanaugh.

客户:Boston Properties

Project name: Plaza at Boston’s Prudential Center
Location: Boston, USA
Client: Boston Properties


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