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Basis architectural bureau:Basis工作室历时六年,打造了这一宏伟的滨河项目。其主要目标是为Krasnogorsk的居民创造一个充满活力的滨水区,同时为附近公寓楼的居民提供一个安全的可漫步的绿色空间,以弥补庭院空间的缺乏。临河处正对着一个地铁站、一个带有购物商场的大型博览中心和莫斯科地区政府总部,所有这些要素都影响了该地区的功能分区和人流量。

Basis architectural bureau: An ambitious Basis Studio project spanning over six years. The main goal was to create a vibrant waterfront for the citizens of Krasnogorsk while at the same time providing the residents of the nearby apartment buildings with a safe walkable green space to replace the lacking courtyards. The riverfront is facing a metro station, a sprawling expo centre with a shopping mall, and the headquarters of the Moscow Regional Government, all of which impacted the functional zoning and pedestrian flows of the area.


▽设计平面图 Plan


▽项目最新阶段概况 Overview of the latest project stage



The most recent phase of landscaping involved the active recreational zone of the riverfront to the north of Pavshinsky Bridge. The natural topography of the area was hardly welcoming: a long, impractical slope with steep vertical drops. Thorough calculations allowed Basis architects to turn the weaknesses into opportunities, tracing the slope with a network of pedestrian walks and creating interlinked thematic ‘rooms’ along the ramps that even out the drop. The resulting multifunctional space is well integrated and structured in terms of design and user flow routing. Smart use of zoning and green hedges split the visitors in convenient small groups.



▽空间结构 Space structure



The ramp is easily accessed by strollers, bicycles, and kick scooters. This way, it is easy to get from the Swing Room into the Sandbox Room with its play digger, and then proceed to the terrace lined with deck chairs installed at the suggestion of the neighbours. Passing from site to site, the visitor eventually gains access to the river. However, the entire area has a riverside vibe. Every view offers a glimpse of water, and plenty of engaging river experiences are available for all. A birds’-eye view emphasizes the gentle outlines of the natural scenery highlighted by landscaping solutions.




Additional sunshades, sports grounds, and lush greenery meet the needs of the residents. Mornings are perfect for sports: the riverfront is busy with people doing yoga, workouts, or jogging. Afternoons belong to families: they are finally enjoying their play spaces. The employees of the nearby mall come here to work and meet outdoors. In the evenings, there are groups of friends hanging out on deck chairs, lawns, and amphitheatre seats. The riverfront is thriving around the clock, and everyone seems to be getting along.



▽不同活动空间设计 Different activity space




项目名称: Poyma Embankment Park
地点:俄罗斯 莫斯科地区 Krasnogorsk
面积:4.2 ga
作者:Basis architectural bureau(ab Basis.com
首席建筑师:Ivan Okhapkin
项目组组长:Tatiana Kozlova
团队:Anna Filippova、Anna Geraymovitch、Tatevik Mamyan、Ksenia Scherbina、Alexandra Sinitsa、Konstantin Pastukhov

Project Name: Poyma Embankment Park
Complete Time: IV PART, September 2022
Location: Krasnogorsk (Moscow Region)
Size: 4,2 ga
Authors: Basis architectural bureau (ab-basis.com)
Leading architect: Ivan Okhapkin
Leader of the project group: Tatiana Kozlova
Team: Anna Filippova、Anna Geraymovitch、Tatevik Mamyan 、Ksenia Scherbina、Alexandra Sinitsa、Konstantin Pastukhov




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