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Bona fide taller:长廊位于河谷边的一个小镇的边缘,是对道路一侧的景观改造。陶瓷铺装沿着现有的石墙一路展开,当树木和道路穿过时,就会弯曲或者折叠。

Bona fide taller:Located on the edge of a small town by the river valley, the promenade is a landscape intervention on the side of a road, a ceramic carpet that has been unrolled following the line of the existing stone wall that holds the terrain. It creases and folds as the trees and roads cross its way, thus dragging stones of concrete in those backwaters, where one can sit.


© Oleh Kardash Horlay



The surfaces of these slabs polished as if they were exposed to the sanding of use. Other elements such as bollards lead the flow.


© Oleh Kardash Horlay



It descends and drains into a small plaza. Unlike the pathway, this space is of urban, domestic attributes. An outdoor room for meeting and rest. A fountain holds the center, expelling its water through an open drain to the natural terrain below. From its ledge of rusted mesh and stone the river can be seen, with all its white marbles, and the abandoned barns at the other side of the valley. The dry-stone wall that holds the court follows a footpath that goes down to the old wheel, coming from the high levels of the town above. Its stepped slope is solved with river stones in between salvaged bush-hammered masonry -as found in the nearby streets uphill-, all under the shade of the pines.


© Oleh Kardash Horlay



Materiality is key, particularly in such a delicate environment. Pavement is built using blocks of recycled low value ceramic stock, cut and reassembled, resulting in a warm red pinstripe. Along with stone work, stone paving of different sorts and rusted steel, the intervention blends into the palette of the landscape.


© Oleh Kardash Horlay



© Oleh Kardash Horlay
© Oleh Kardash Horlay



Designed from the early stages to the final details by hand, no software of any kind has been employed, resulting a beautiful set of drawings that narrate the whole process. During the de-velopment, the drafting table at the studio was held hostage by a 1/50 floor plan of roughly 5 meters of tracing paper. Drawings piled up and superseded the former in an untidy chronologi-cal process. The result gathers trials and errors, thoughts, ideas, details and work instructions; the temporal dimension of the process condensed in these documents. On the tablecloths of paper each element acquires its own nature, demanding space or even tri-dimensional representation outside the unfolding rules of the dihedral view, according to its needs for definition. A dance of pieces, partial views and details are choreographed by and ref-erenced to the outline of the plan.


▼平面图 Floor plan


▼设计过程 Iteration design


▼喷泉细节 Fountain detail

▼施工图 Construction drawing


▼设计概念 Mirador concept




设计公司:Bona fide taller
首席设计师:Alejandro Martínez del Río
客户:Diputación de Castellón
摄影:Oleh Kardash Horlay

Project name: Promenade at Les Coves de Vinromà
Completion Year: 2020
Size: 500 sqm
Project location: Les Coves de Vinromà, Castellón, Spain
Landscape Firm: Bona fide taller
Lead Architects: Alejandro Martínez del Río
Clients: Diputación de Castellón
Photo credits: Oleh Kardash Horlay
Editor: Jiangyan Shou


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