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TOA Landscape Architecture:Shanghai Qibao Vanke Mall is adjacent to Qibao old street. As the first commercial square project of vanke in Shanghai, it has been receiving attention from both inside and outside the industry since its opening. TOA had the honor to participate in the extremely important part of the project design — landscape design, and experienced the whole process from concept plan to construction design and construction guidance.




Design concept
As a modern shopping center located in the commercial circle of Qibao old street, we hope to realize the perfect integration of past and present, tradition and future through the language of landscape.




A building, like other creatures, exists in nature. When it encounters a waterscape and is accompanied by a joyous stream of water, it has a soul. The dry spray and stepped waterfall near the main entrance of the subway station have added a lot of color to the atmosphere of the mall and increased the popularity of the site. No one sees the scene, first hears its sound, and then brings the most direct visual impact to people when they are there. The dry spray area with turbulent water flow and scattered high and low is a paradise for children to explore and play. The interaction with water has triggered children’s perception and desire for exploration of nature.




Sinking square
The sunken square connecting the ground with the B1 floor and the subway entrance and exit is one of the highlights in the architectural design. In order to show its unique characteristics to the greatest extent, the landscape team has planned a space with staying function in a highly mobile place after considering various factors such as investment promotion, transportation and so on. The stepped wooden platform and stair steps are perfectly integrated, providing a place for people to rest and entertain while ensuring the passage of people. When a large-scale event is held in the center of the square, it is the viewing stand with the best perspective.





At the same time, the sunken plaza is close to the subway station and faces the problem of ensuring a large subway ventilation area in the design. In order to minimize the sensory impact on the users, the landscape team and the owner coordinate with many parties to change the ventilation shaft on the ground to side ventilation on the wall and use aluminum alloy grille to cover the huge ventilation openings on the wall, which not only ensures the safety requirements of the subway, but also becomes a bright spot in the design.

Under the condition that there are many unfavorable factors in the sunken square, we balance the functions and demands of subway traffic, square distribution, fire protection and refuge, and weaken all kinds of negative effects. The smooth traffic and pleasant stay in the square space after the opening is the best example of the success of the design.




From northwest to southeast, the venue has changed from modern to traditional. In the southeast culture square adjacent to qibao Lao street, we pay tribute to Lao jie by introducing green tiles and photographic carving techniques in the paving. Each green tile has witnessed the flow of history in its own unique way, explaining the time change of qibao old street. The texture of the legendary ancient town of qibao is engraved on black stone, which concentrates history into a perceptible segment. Passing through the square is like crossing the long river of history, profound and meaningful.




Three-dimensional greening of wall
In the conceptual design stage, the huge subway ventilation shaft 20 meters high and 20 meters long is the difficulty in the design. How to minimize the impact of such a large number of structures on architecture and landscape has become one of the most important issues. After more than ten rounds of proposals of different forms, the plan of three-dimensional wall greening was finally selected. Considering the cost factors, we selected simulated greening and PVC board as the main elements, and divided the plane by straight lines and broken lines, breaking the huge sense of volume and skillfully transforming the unfavorable factors into landmark structures with eye-catching effect in the site.




Sunken square of curve wall as the main ornamental surface of the action line, take the extremely important landscape functions, considering the relative scale walls and distance, we chose to use the real plants to improve of the interactive user, to outline the structure of the curve and the curve of the sunken square photograph echo, suspension and vanke logo on the plant became the nods eyeball pen of whole space.




There is also originality in the treatment of details, such as the laminated glass designed to reduce the impact of subway ventilation equipment on the landscape.






As a landscape designer, we are lucky to have experienced this commercial masterpiece beyond the era. The wisdom and sweat paid for it in the past three years evolved into eternity at the moment of its completion and became an important milestone on the road of our exploration of landscape design.




设计时间:2013 – 2015
设计团队:大川善成, 王晓田, 大塚祐記, 増野絢子, 万志烨
业主团队:刘小博, 陈渝, 杨铖

Project name : Qibao Vanke Mall
Type: Commercial
Location : Shanghai city, PRC
Design year : 2013 – 2015
Year of construction : 2016
Site Area : 49,000m2
Landscape Area : 27,000m2
Client: Vanke
Landscape Architect : TOA landscape architecture
Design team: 大川善成, 王晓田, 大塚祐記, 増野絢子, 万志烨
Client team: Liu Xiaobo, Chen Yu, Yang Wei
Image Credits : Makoto Adachi


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