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LD DESIGN:The Upper city project is located on the water bank of the first line of the Fuyang Delta. Its unique geographical advantages have won the great beauty of the riverside Cultural Park. Here precipitates the history and inspires the future. In the plate of urban renewal, the old urban area along Ying river will be built into the green plate of riverside in the future. Among them, the riverside Cultural Park of Upper city will link time and future, river and city with a time corridor bridge.


我们在时光中相汇交织,赋予空间以生命,与另一个自己挥手示意 To the blending of time Giving life to space, waving hands to another side


设计 Design


We hope to have a dialogue with the waterfront space. Through the landscape bridge as a medium, we can link the city and the waterfront, not only at the spatial level, but also evoke people’s memories and links at the time level. The time bridge witnesses the new life of the site and the possibility of the future.


项目生成 The design process项目平面图 Master plan


光线 The light


Each city has its own charm, either the rich ink given by history or the color given by modern times. We are more like making a prism to reflect the wonderful things that originally belonged to her.We use modern methods to open up the past and talk about the future. We hope to open up the magic of time and space between the past and the future, and make countless overlaps and weaves into “beauties” that make people stop one by one. As for the future, as for the hope, they all turn into memories.


现代的设计语言交织于空间之中 Modern design language interweaves in the space


光影 The shadow


Natural light is presented in front of the world perfectly with its unique and ethereal life. It engraves the track of soul in the living space of human beings with the support of spirit. Light and shadow use its own special vocabulary to reshape the characteristics of things and create a special artistic atmosphere. A work of art, like other creatures, exists in nature. When it encounters light, accompanied by light and shadow, it has soul.


置于场景中的光影艺术装置 A light and shadow art installation placed in a scene

光影艺术墙细节 Light and shadow art wall details


光景 The landscape


Scattered light on the ground, combined with a variety of spaces and places, which people are happy with, the beauty of life in this countless vivid pictures, towards the light, showing the most beautiful smile.




Bridge between trees, caress the treetops, indulge in nature



架空休闲廊道依附于地形,被设计出不同高度的 ;或凌驾于高空,或穿梭于树梢,或于树干凝视。

The elevated leisure corridor is designed with different heights depending on the terrain. Or high above the sky, or through the treetops, or staring at the trunk.




U and I , shuttle back and forth in the time




A corner of the water feature in the park


在水边戏水的儿童 Attract children to play in the water

项目夜景 night view


结语 conclusion

“我不断追逐着光,光能将平凡的东西化为神奇。”I am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into the magical.

——特伦特•帕克Trent Parke


项目设计 & 完成年份:2019年3月-2019年9月

Project name: R&f Properties The Upper River Side Phase I
Client: R&F Group,WANTOU
Project address: fuyang
Project design & completion year: March 2019 – September 2019
Design area: 21,000㎡
Design company: Land+View Performance
Scheme design: li guowei, zhou qinghua, zhao chong yi, zhao qinghong, zheng xiaoyue
Construction drawing design: jiang zhenqi, cao guangtao, bai luna
Plant design: yuan qiongxia
Photography :lubing


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project



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