LaGuardia Design Group:“Leonard和Louise Riggio的非凡住宅区将会让当代艺术爱好者、园艺爱好者和园林设计爱好者惊叹不已。对话中,LaGuardia设计集团创始人Chris LaGuardia和公司负责人Daniel Thorp将在参观该场地时与里格斯进行对话,该场地展示Richard Serra和许多其他艺术家的优秀雕塑作品,最近还增加了Maya Lin的新作品《Lay of the Land》。LaGuardia Design Group精心整合了各种场景,这些雕塑被放置在一个统一的环境中,通过谨慎的路径连接起来。超过20种树木被战略性地放置在整个地面上。Richard Gluckman设计的露天展馆俯瞰着与Edwina von Gal合作设计的围栏,周围有银杏树和池塘,周围排列着Isamu Noguchi的作品。不同高度和密度的植物材料有助于描绘整个花园的不同空间,同时也提供了私密性”

LaGuardia Design Group:“The exceptional residential estate of Leonard and Louise Riggio will wow contemporary art aficionados, horticulturalists, and garden-design enthusiasts. The Dialogue will feature LaGuardia Design Group founder Chris LaGuardia and firm principal Daniel Thorp in conversation with the Riggios as they tour the grounds, which feature outstanding works of sculpture by Richard Serra and many other artists, with recent additions including a new earthwork, Lay of the Land, by Maya Lin. The LaGuardia Design Group has meticulously integrated the various tableaux into which the sculptures are set into a unified environment linked by discreet pathways. More than two dozen types of trees are strategically placed throughout the grounds. An open-air pavilion designed by Richard Gluckman looks out onto an enclosure designed in collaboration with Edwina von Gal with gingko trees and a pond, around which are arrayed works by Isamu Noguchi. Plant materials of various height and density help delineate distinct spaces throughout the garden while also providing privacy”



地点: 纽约布里奇汉普顿
建筑师:  Gluckman Tang建筑师,Peter Pennoyer建筑师
艺术家: Maya Lin 工作室
室内设计师和现场陈设: Peter Pennoyer建筑师
承包商: Wright 公司、Loebs & Gordon Poolcraft, Marders, Hamptons Tennis Company, MOE Masonry, Tebbins Steel
顾问: Southampton Engineering PC
照片: Sarah Schlichte, Connor McInerney, Daniel Thorp
项目团队: Chris Laguardia, Dan Thorp, Sarah Schlichte

Location:Bridgehampton, NY
Architects:Gluckman Tang Architects, Peter Pennoyer Architects
Artist:Maya Lin Studio
Interior Designer and Site Furnishings:Peter Pennoyer Architects
Contractors:Wright and Company, Loebs & Gordon Poolcraft, Marders, Hamptons Tennis Company, MOE Masonry, Tebbins Steel
Consultant:Southampton Engineering PC
Photo Credits:Sarah Schlichte, Connor McInerney, Daniel Thorp
Project Team:Chris Laguardia, Dan Thorp, Sarah Schlichte

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