Myk-d :位于美国迈阿密杰克逊医院的入口处,这个雕塑的花园提供了医院活动的喘息时间,雕刻的铺路水喷射波纹。 编排冷却雾以构成中心空间,并沿着石头中的波纹图案收集多余的水分。 位于迈阿密,灵感来自于沙滩上的海洋模式,突显了水流沿着冲浪运行的水流。 地貌和植物材料加强了波纹马赛克,为这个医院环境提供了一个丰富的材料。

Myk-d :Located at the entrance of the Miami Jackson Hospital, this sculptural garden offers respite from the activities of the hospital with sculptural paving water jet with a ripple pattern. Cooling mist is choreographed to frame the central space and collect excess water along the ripple patterns in the stone. Located in Miami, and inspired by the patterns of the ocean over sand, highlighting the movement of water as it flows and retreats along the surf. Landforms and plant materials reinforce the ripple mosaic offering a healing garden with a rich palette of materials for this hospital setting.


Photos by Robin Hill.


Project name: Ripple Garden
Location: Miami, FL,USA
Client: Miami Jackson South Community Hospital


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