bensley皇家姬拉娜SPA直属于皇家皮塔瑪哈酒店The Royal Pita Maha,拥有不间断的热带植物景观,皇家皮塔玛哈拥抱巴厘岛上乌布乡村的一片精神充沛的景观。这个豪华的度假村建在周围环境的罕见敏感区域,该区域下降到Ayung河的河岸。

bensleyRoyal gina spa directly belongs to royal pitama Hotel Ha the royal pita maha, which has an uninterrupted tropical plant landscape. royal pitama ha embraces a vibrant landscape in the ubud village on Bali island. This luxurious resort is built in a rare sensitive area of the surrounding environment, which descends to the banks of the ayung river.

The resort aims to celebrate Bali’s tradition, art and culture. it has a series of private swimming pool villas and supporting facilities overlooking the eternal beauty of the ayong river. Royal pitama Hotel Ha is a recreational area that seeks to fill Bali’s ubud village with body and empty the mind and spirit of tourists.



Royal Kirana Spa,A Sanctuary For Sensory Indulgence Lies Within A Tranquil River Valley Landscape

A busy lifestyle depletes the senses without you even being aware of it. In order to replenish depleted energy levels and restore balance, it is important to surround yourself with the simple offerings that Mother Nature has to offer. The timeless beauty of Ubud on the spiritually charged island of Bali is ideal for communing with nature. It is the perfect place to reconnect with your inner self by releasing the body and mind from the pressures of modern living.




Client:Pita Maha Resorts Group



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