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LAURENT:In natural space, on the one hand, more behavior possibilities will give the landscape space the opportunity to present a unique property of localization, and on the other hand, the differential expression of humanistic value will also carry the unique value of the site to extremes, resulting in the resonance of humanistic emotion and immeasurable premium value.




The project is located in the radiation area of Dahongqiao. In the future, it will be a multi-category review project that gathers top educational resources, has a new model of city-level business, and is surrounded by a 230,000-square-meter urban ecological park. The project is located in Panlong Town, which is a rare thousand-year-old Jiangnan ancient town in Shanghai. The history of Panlong Town is a microcosm of Jiangnan, and it has become a witness, participant and promoter of the development of Shanghai Jiangnan culture.


▼ 项目背景 Project background



Thinking: Based on the Panlong Jiangnan culture and the current open and diverse lifestyles and needs, what perspective should be used to design the venue?


01 创造性地利用资源|Use resources creatively


Explore the past, present and future of the site, fully tap the site’s resource advantages, and present it in an artistic and diversified manner. From planning to site, taking the meaning of “curving water and lingering residence” in the ten landscapes of Panlong, water is introduced into the garden, and the structure of modern Jiangnan texture and poetry is constructed with 9 forms and functions of waterscape.




Water becomes the main body of the space, sometimes quietly lining the building, or quietly passing through the forest, or dimly fluttering gently, or falling down in layers. Form a continuous and dynamic space.


▼ 水的形态 The shape of the water


02 沉浸式地激发场所精神|Immersively inspire the spirit of the place


Through the exploration of the original culture, materials and language of the site, to find the cultural resonance between people and space to trigger emotions. From the four quadrants of architecture to the natural four-season image space and time conversion, to create “seven moments that meet Jiangnan”.


▼ 蟠龙生活的七个体验瞬间 Seven moments of experience in Panlong’s life


Frontcourt | Rainwater courtyard


To continue the architectural language, build the four waters to return to the church, and create a space for gathering water and making money,which incorporates natural elements such as light, wind, and rain, and opens a dialogue with nature.


▼ 入口 The entrance

▼ 构造:轻 & 薄  Construction: light & thin

▼ 光影:时间 & 动态 Light and shadow: time & motion


前场 | 夏至莲池
Frontcourt | Summer solstice lotus pond


Different from the general waterscape in the demonstration area, we hope to build the lake through natural ecological methods. The open water surface reflects the reflection of the building.There is a sinking walkway in the water to experience the feeling of walking in the water.


▼ 生态湖泊 Ecological lake

▼ 生态湖泊夜景 Night view of ecological lakes

▼ 水中步道 The water trails

▼ 生态湖泊剖面 Ecological lake profile


样板区 | 四时之园
Sample area | The garden of the four seasons


It is an important proposition of residential landscape design that the Qushuiyingju in the ten sceneries of Panlong. The model area interprets the life of Qushuiyingju through small bridges, flowing water, bamboo and white walls, and plant changes in the four seasons. The winding river and the natural and agile Jiangnan scene evokes people’s memories of this land.


▼ 样板区入口 Sample area entrance

▼ 样板区水景和竹林步道 Sample area waterscape and bamboo forest walkway


后场 | 小满丘池
Backcourt | Grain buds mound pool


The site is surrounded by continuous grass slopes to form a land playground. Children can shuttle between sand pits and grass slopes, drill holes, climb rocks and slide. To create a natural, powerless experience.


▼ 松果滑梯 Pinecone slide


后场 | 谷雨溪水
Backcourt | Grain rain stream


Children interactively experience the push-wave paddling pool, which descends along the micro-topography layer by layer with the concept of a stream, presenting a gurgling natural scene, and finally converges in the sea.


▼ 推浪戏水 Push the wave paddle


后场 | 芒种花谷
Backcourt | Flower Valley of Grain in ear


The sunken terrain and heap slopes create a sandwich-like space, and the space boundary is established through the zelkova tree array and glazing. To create an immersive natural flower valley experience.


▼花境 Flower border

▼ 花境剖面 The flower border section

▼ 三角水景 Triangle waterscape

▼ 材料运用 Materials used


03 结语|Conclusion

蟠龙本身的价值是多元化的,从历史传统中复生的蟠龙,理应以其文化独特性折射上海魅力的一面。 1.46万方的场地,我们从场地资源的创造性利用到沉浸式地激发场所精神 ,以实现江南园林的摩登重构和生活方式的延续与新生。

The value of Panlong itself is diversified. Panlong, reborn from historical traditions, should reflect the charm of Shanghai with its cultural uniqueness. With an area of 14,600 square meters, we have moved from the creative use of site resources to the immersive inspiring of the spirit of the place, in order to realize the modern reconstruction of Jiangnan gardens and the continuation and rebirth of life style.






Project name: Shanghai Shui On Panlong Tiandi (exhibition area)
Project address: Qingpu District, Shanghai
Developer: Shanghai Shui On Panlong Tiandi Co., Ltd.
Design Department: Kevin Xu, Richard Jiang, Kenny Chen, Jiangtao Lv
Mechanical and Electrical Department and Engineering Department: Neo Sha, Jianfeng Li, Vlon Zhang, Jimmy Li
Landscape area: 14,600 m²
Completion time: 2020.08
Landscape Design: LAURENT
Design team: Rain Jiang, Jiameng Deng, Jing Du, Dai Shi, Meizhen Hu, Xiaowei Liu
Cooperative comprehensive design unit:
Shanghai Xiandai Architectural Decoration& Landscape Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Planning and design: SASAKI
Architectural design: Scenic Architecture (Sales Office)
Architectural design: Shanghai Tianhua architectural design co. LTD. (model room)
Interior design:  Harmony World Consulting & Design (HWCD)
Situational experience design: LESIGHT DESIGN
Construction unit: ShangHai Julong Greenland Development Co.,Ltd
Photography unit: VIEW photography team


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