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Triptyque:该SEB集团创建的概念学校Sacré-Coeur,旨在以创新的教学方法预测教育的未来,专注于创业、合作和可持续发展等领域。它既是圣保罗的标志性建筑,也是好几代人永恒的记忆。近期,Triptyque Architecture受委托拯救这个机构日渐颓靡的社会价值,并赋予它一个可适应当代需求的新形式。

Triptyque:The Concept School, created by the SEB Group, works with innovative teaching methods anticipating what should be the future of education, and focuses in areas such as entrepreneurship, cooperation and sustainability. Sacré-Coeur is an iconic building in São Paulo that has already developed several generations of people. Triptyque Architecture made a commitment to rescue this institution’s values and give it a new format suitable to the contemporary world’s needs.




It is an historical building located in a residential neighborhood and a delicate work to deal with the 1930s construction and the façade listed as architectural landmark. Later came the enlargements: an annex was built between the 1940s and the 1960s.




An important focus is the external area, a large park filled with large trees and exuberant greenery, a breeze, a surprise that acts as a connecting element between the blocks sprayed through the 18.000 square meters ground.



材料 Materials


All new interventions, starting with the marquees, are made in high technology certified wood – CLT, experiencing experimental phase in Brazil –, what projects a conscious and innovative idea responsible to create the link between history and contemporaneity in civil engineering.




As an architectonic layout, the marquee that runs throughout the park interconnecting all blocks and linking the courts and the pool is designed in an organic shape to respect the existing greenery.




The wooden floor in the original building was recovered, maintained and expanded – there were taken into consideration scientific studies over the benefit of the interaction with this material which concern concentration, calm and higher levels of learning. The classrooms are conformed in a modular layout also attuned to the new ways of teaching.



标志性元素 Iconic elements


The chapel was converted into an auditorium and in a 40 meters tall tower fully preserved to be used as an expositive platform.



▼平面图 Site Plan

▼模型轴测图 Axonometric drawing




地点:巴西 圣保罗 (Av Nove de Julho, 5520, jarardim Europa)
合作伙伴:Carolina Bueno, Greg Bousquet, Guillaume Sibaud, Olivier Raffaelli
总协调员:Mario Tavares
团队:Ana Castro, Bárbara Campelo, Gabriela dalSecco, Natasha Taylor, Weslley Karpor, William Campos
3D图像:Wax Digital (Fred Meyer)和trityque (Thiago Bicas)
建筑面积:12.853 平方米
摄影:Frâncio de Holanda(现有建筑照片)| Fran Parente(新结构)

项目管理:Berton Engenharia
电气、液压安装:GWIC Group
空调:GWIC Group
结构:GWIC Group
环境舒适度:GWIC Group
木质结构:Carpinteria Estruturas de Madeira
照明项目:Estudio Carlos Fortes Luz + Design
景观工程:Studio Matter – Guil Blanche
更新报告:Vanessa Kraml Arquitetura | Restauro
建筑:Grupo Lock Engenharia
技术团队:Daniel Boer

Program: Retrofit – School building
Client: SEB Group
Architecture: Triptyque
Location: São Paulo, Brasil (Av Nove de Julho, 5520, Jardim Europa)
Partners: Carolina Bueno, Greg Bousquet, Guillaume Sibaud, Olivier Raffaelli
General Coordinator: Mario Tavares
Team: Ana Castro, Bárbara Campelo, Gabriela dalSecco, Natasha Taylor, Weslley Karpor, William Campos.
3D Images: Wax Digital (Fred Meyer) and Triptyque (Thiago Bicas)
Constructed area 12.853 m²
Conclusion: August/2018
Photographies: Frâncio de Holanda (pictures of the existing building) | Fran Parente (new structures)

Project Management: Berton Engenharia
Electrical and Hydraulic Installations: GWIC Group
Air Conditioning: GWIC Group
Structure: GWIC Group
Environmental Comfort: GWIC Group
Wooding Structures: Carpinteria Estruturas de Madeira
Lightning Project: Estudio Carlos Fortes Luz + Design
Landscaping Project: Studio Matter – Guil Blanche
Restore Report: Vanessa Kraml Arquitetura | Restauro
Construction: Grupo Lock Engenharia
Technical team: Daniel Boer


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