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BLUES: “At this moment, what we are considering is the necessity to conceive a design that respects and embraces nature, creating something that is born for this place.”


▽苍山雪,洱海月 Cangshan snow, Erhai moon


01 起°-叙述:关于一个天边的云,在大理的故事 Narration: The Tale of a Distant Cloud in Dali



“Clouds on the horizon”, a project that does not conform to commercial logic, if only look at her as a homestay project. You won’t be able to read her. If you want to understand the “horizon of the cloud” first to understand the master Lao Zhang, understand Lao Zhang’s people, will not wonder why there is such a strange project, it can be said that “cloud” is the love of his life and cause, can also understand that “cloud” is his personal memoir
Perhaps it is the unfinished dream of Lao Zhang’s thirty years of landscape design career, his dream of exploring the design road, his constant activation of the imagination of the dream, and always have the courage to practice the dream with enthusiasm, “clouds in the sky” may be his next design craftsman’s road again, here, he has a lot of stories to tell you.


▽“一朵云的演变””The Evolution of a Cloud”


©LOGO体系设计l 蓝调景观


区位关系 Spatial Positioning Relationship


Located in the east of Erhai Lake, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, within the Dream Yunnan · East Sea Villas community.


▽项目区位 Project location


海景度假 Seascape Vacation


The distant Cangshan Mountains, ancient village settlements, and Erhai Lake merge into a harmonious panorama before your eyes. This is a unique geographical location offering an unparalleled vantage point to appreciate both the sea and mountains of the entire Erhai Lake.




The guesthouse is designed with a stepped layout,cascading down like suspended terraces, all facing Erhai Lake.Within the five-story structure, only five rooms have been crafted, ensuringeach room offers an unobstructed panoramic view of the sea and sky.It’s akin to a three-dimensional “sky garden.”


▽手绘图 Hand-drawn illustration


[自然沉浸  X  极致追求  X  松弛之境] Natural Immersion X Ultimate Pursuit X State of Relaxation

布沃克复古机车,1000多棵雨林植物花园,悬崖生态庭院 [ 健身中心 ]「日时夜影」主理餐饮酒吧,全球限量KEES SLIM JIM 顶级咖啡机 大理ONLY ONE,开启颠覆性的时髦奢野生活方式。

Bwook Retro Motorcycle Over 1000 Rainforest Plants in the Garden Cliffside Ecological Courtyard [Fitness Center] “Sunrise to Sunset” Culinary Bar Global Limited Edition KEES SLIM JIM Premium Coffee Machine, Only One in Dali Embark on a Subversive Chic and Luxurious Wild Lifestyle.



02 融°-设计定格局-叙述:自然为底色,内外空间高度融合 Nature is the background color, and the interior and exterior Spaces are integrated


“The internal space cannot exist independently, from the external image; the internal and external spaces are, in a continuous and seamless relationship. If these two,are separated from each other, the integrity of the whole is lost.”


▽顶楼(5F)公共活动区 Top Floor (5F) Public Activity Area



Through the external circulation, a green, vibrant and efficient environmental space is obtained, so as to achieve the purpose of harmonious coexistence between architecture, human and natural ecology.


▽天边的云 / 时光之影 “Clouds on the Horizon / Shadows of Time”

▽手绘图Hand-drawn illustration


把景观无限延伸 Extending the Landscape Infinitely


To enrich the holiday living experience, reserving the most beautiful views for public areas is an embodiment of artistic loftiness and a simple approach to living.



极致窗景 Ultimate Window Views


Integrating indoor spaces with the outdoor natural environment, allowing the exterior views to become a natural canvas within the interior. Creating a “boundless” experience with transparency and lightness.



北极熊大沙发”Polar Bear Grand Sofa”


Inspired by a polar bear’s lounging posture on ice floes, it effortlessly helps you relax. Getting close to it satisfies the desire for comfort and a sense of relaxation.



270°全景视野 270-degree Panoramic View


Various materials in the space collide, emitting a raw yet, intricate ambiance. Creating a design realm that washe



03 转°-叙述:圆弧形“拱”的空间漫游 Narration: Roaming through the Arched Space

弧线°,是最美的语言 The curve, with its graceful arcs, speaks the most beautiful language


The arched doorway is a common feature in Roman architecture. The harmonious curves hold a unique and timeless beauty that never tires the eyes. Between the realms of square and circle, it adds a touch of romantic sentiment and emotional attachment.


▽将直线和曲线完美融合,以完美的弧度诠释几何之美 Blending straight lines and curves seamlessly, using perfect arcs to interpret the beauty of geometry

▽3F公共活动区轴测图 3rd Floor Public Activity Area



Using curves and arcs to soften the sharp edges, creating a visual perception that mellows the space.



每一道弧度,都是对阳光、空气和雨露的精神追求 Each curve is a spiritual pursuit of sunlight, air, and raindrops


The curves are graceful, the interplay of light and shadow is diverse, and the landscape is transparent. The continuous curved walls flow like meandering water, echoing the fluidity of the arches. They divide the service areas from the served spaces.




The variations of arches in the space serve to extend and elongate.The top line of the semi-circular arch is both smooth and gentle.




Archways indoors provide a spatial wandering experience.



04 绿°-叙述:热带雨林,如生命般律动 The tropical rainforest pulses with life, like a rhythmic heartbeat.

[ 创意 ]   来源于对场地的精准把握风的动向、光的朝向、房屋的结构洱海·海东方,视野向西,是植物生长最繁茂的界面充分运用了朝西的自然光线,海风的温润一个独一无二的热带雨林的设想应运而生。

[Creative] Derived from a precise understanding of the location.The direction of the wind, the orientation of light,and the structure of the house.Erhai Lake, located in the eastern part, with its westward view,marks the interface where vegetation thrives abundantly.Leveraging the abundant westward natural light and the gentlewarmth of the lake breeze, a unique tropical rainforest concept comes to life.



云集VIP客房,生命原色之[绿] A gathering of VIP rooms, where the color of life is [green]


Injecting the concept of “time” into the space, the unfolding natural art continues to expand. Multiple natural textures, under the enchanting influence of time, gradually blossom into marvelous artistic effects.



热带雨林的浪漫 The romance of the tropical rainforest


It is the external manifestation of tangible functionality, but even more so, it is an inward exploration of the spiritual world. The gentle texture, shaped and portrayed by nature, pulsates like life itself.



沉浸式氛围 An immersive atmosphere threefold beautiful tableau with distant, middle, and close-up views


A hidden dreamland nestled in [Dali], where the tropical rainforest is encapsulated within the room, creating a threefold beautiful tableau with distant, middle, and close-up views.




The warm-toned rainforest bathtub brings a visual impact, and when mist gently rises,the lush greenery creates a scene as beautiful as a fairyland.


▽热带雨林设计施工 Tropical Rainforest Design and Construction by Levan Garden Art


05 品°-叙述:高端定制,精致实用主义 High-end customization entails exquisite practicality


As the Roman disc spins, it takes you into an unparalleled and unique vacation experience



I . 五星酒店配套,打造高品质生活体验 Five-star hotel amenities for creating a quality living experience


▽布沃克复古机车 Buwak Retro Motorcycle


II . KEES SLIM JIM手工咖啡 KEES SLIM JIM Handcrafted Coffee


A highly distinctive and artistic “legendary” coffee machine with a rugged retro-style exterior, entirely handcrafted, globally limited edition, and tailor-made. Numerous exacting labels only serve to emphasize the exceptional nature of this coffee machine.


▽咖啡吧台 Coffee bar



This can be a journey with coffee as the medium, elegant and romantic.



III .  拥有高配健身房的民宿-可能是洱海旁独一家 A Boutique Guesthouse with a High-End Fitness Center – Possibly the Only One by Erhai Lake


An indoor-outdoor seamlessly connected fitness center,hosted by the owner with the utmost attention to detail, has set exceptionally high standards for both room amenities and services at this guesthouse.


▽催生你的内啡肽 Inducing your endorphins


V .  日时夜影餐吧/首驻大理 Daytime to Nighttime Shadow Dining Bar / First Resident in Dali

“川湘料理”  寻味与分享,发掘出关于生活、饮食和美的全新命题。

“Sichuan and Hunan Cuisine” – Exploring and Sharing Flavors, Unearthing Fresh Perspectives on Life, Dining, and Beauty.



VI .  高配沐浴套装 High-End Bathing Ensemble


The Tiptoech Bathing Set from the renowned French fragrance brand.



06 后记°-关于“时间旅人”的诉说 A narrative about “Time Traveler

关于主理人Regarding the host or proprietor


“我的前半生去到过100多个国家及地区,唯一不能忘怀的就是在大理的旅程,也许往后余生将会发现更美之地,但大理,或终将成为我的梦寐之地。作为一个景观人,我喜爱这种不经意中就能触摸到的美,而无论再去往何处,锁住记忆的那些情景,也停留在我们的故事里 ”。

“In the first half of my life, I traveled to over 100 countries and regions, but the journey in Dali is the one I can never forget. Perhaps in the years to come, I will discover even more beautiful places, but Dali may eventually become my dreamland.

As a landscape enthusiast, I cherish this beauty that can be casually touched. No matter where I go, those moments that lock memories also stay in our stories.”


▽张坪先生(老张)Mr. Zhang Ping (Lao Zhang)













[ 对话 ] 与天地,自然对话,引发人的情感归属和共鸣





[ 因为我想提供给客人最好的体验 ]

品味咖啡是一种放松和惬意的生活方式,而我们这个咖啡机,他其实也只是我提供这种方式的载体,  咖啡机可能只是一个物件,纯正的咖啡豆还有操作的一些工艺技术,才是咖啡最本真的一种体现。我想,在这么美好的一个环境,应该配上顶级的设备和产品,让大家在欣赏风景的同时,也能感受到很美味的惬意;





蓝调景观也走过了接近25年左右,我们给全国各地的一线开发商服务,为客户,业主,公共空间参与及城市的人群创造价值,其间,也应运拓展了文旅版块,而民宿,则是我们在 [大文旅探索] 版块的一个重要分项,我们在探索,能不能把我们对景观设计的研究集中在某一个点上来,让它闪光,让它一出手就是一个个的精品;

因此,我们把 [景] ,永远是放在了第一位,可以看到内外空间怎么穿插,交通如何组织,都进行了很多精致,细致的考虑; 我们也为客户做过大量民宿设计,跨越重庆,海南,大理,北京,贵阳,成都,庐山,黄山等,也期待她们未来的呈现;

在 [天边的云] ,我们绝对不是一个简单的跟随者,而是这个行业的引领者,我们希望带动这个行业朝另外一个方向发展,很欣喜的看到我们这个民宿呈现以后,有好多民宿主都来参观,而且有的民宿也跟着我们的这种思路,在开始新的践行,在这里倡导更松弛更独特的旅游度假生活方式,我想,“也许这就是我们所做的事的更大的意义和价值吧!”


▽户外花园效果图展示 Outdoor garden renderings show




——兰京   重庆源道建筑规划设计公司总建筑师,教授级高级建筑师,国家一级注册建筑师,香港皇家注册建筑师






——四川乐道景观董事长陈亚东先生 | 现任CLA西南分部会长





非常感谢蓝调张坪总打造的“天边的云”悬崖海景度假民宿的邀请,我们有幸能够在洱海边,共同打造一个休闲度假体验空间. 共同把日时夜影餐饮也带入大理洱海边与天边的云共同 营造了“远赴山海,抵达松弛之境”的场景立意。相信天边的云悬崖别墅会是大理民宿新的高度,也将会是张总人生生活探索新的起点。




▽设计图纸 Design drawing



总 体 设 计
主要设计人员:任刚 姜瀛洲 龚柯 董济超
LOGO设计:陶懿 姜瀛洲

室内设计:张锷(自由设计师) 彭真(十仟装饰)
装饰施工:恒阁装饰 十仟装饰 西南铝装饰公司
智能设备安装:大金空调 日立电梯 罗兰西尼门窗 德柏仕移动阳光房
科木门窗 科勒洁具 企一灯饰 欧文莱地板砖 金源木业等

摄影师:梵境 十七 禾锦摄影/雷亮 龙致江(自由摄影师)
市场推广:蓝调市场部 欣羽姐姐 乐梵园艺 梵途美宿 日时夜影
参与拍摄的模特们:琦琦 丹丹 冰冰 欣羽姐姐 小龙

Overall Project Planning and Investment:Chairman Zhang Ping of BlueNote International General Design

Total body design
Project Overall Design: BlueNote International
Project Chief Designer: Zhang Ping
Landscape Design: BlueNote International – Third Design Institute
Key Design Team Members: Ren Gang, Jiang Yingzhou, Gong Ke, Dong Jichao
Logo Design: Tao Yi, Jiang Yingzhou

Collaborative Design
Structural Designer: Dali Unity Architectural Design / Xu Yonggang
Interior Design: Zhang Luo (Freelance Designer), Peng Zhen (Shi Qian Decoration)
Decoration Construction: Hengge Decoration, Shi Wu Decoration, Southwest Aluminum Decoration Company
Tropical Rainforest Plant Design and Construction: Le Fan Horticulture
Specialized Dining: Daytime to Nightfall
Intelligent Systems: Chongqing Huangchuang
Intelligent Equipment Installation: Daikin Air Conditioning, Hitachi Elevator, Roland Schenker Doors and Windows, Debo Shi Mobile Sunshine Room, Kohler Sanitary Ware, Qi’er Lighting, Owen Lai Flooring Tiles, Jinyuan Wood Industry, and others

Special Thanks To
Photographers: Fanjing, Shiqi, Hejin Photography, Lei Liang, Long Zhijiang (Freelance Photographers)
Market Promotion: BlueNote Marketing Department, Xinyu Sister, Le Fan Horticulture, Fantu Meisu, Daytime to Nightfall
Models who participated in the photoshoot: Qiqi, Dandan, Bingbing, Xinyu Sister, Xiaolong




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