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PDS: In the midst of the city’s hustle and bustle creates pure silence, In the poetic nature of life, feel the calm nature of the heart, Experience the tenderness and long time, In a place of peace, Find home. — Thoreau, Walden Pond



/ 项目概况 / ProjectOverview


The project is located in Minhang District in the middle of Shanghai. The overall tone of the project is modern and elegant natural style. The spatial layout traces the mountains and rivers of classic Chinese gardens.


▽鸟瞰图 Aerial View




At first sight, hidden among the trees, Gatehouse continues the dignified atmosphere of Chinese style, simplifies complicated details, and condenses the symbolic language. It is relaxed and natural, hidden in the green and comfortable city.


▽入口空间 Entrance space



Long bridge lying wave, Deconstruct and recombine traditional elements that present a modern sense.




Colorful water features, Customized glass patterns create a colorful glow, Like being in the secret world of Jiuzhai.


▽七彩水景 Colorful water features




The quadrangular atrium, With the old tree as the center of the site,
Carrying the warmth of collective memory, Searching for the past and the future.


▽老树中庭景观 Old tree atrium view



Paving integrated molding, Straight seam, Embed fine metal details Demonstrate craftsmanship and taste.


▽精致的金属细节 Fine metallic details



Leave a comfortable rest space under the shade, Listen to the rustle of the wind.


▽座凳利用中国传统的榫卯工艺嵌入金属细节 The stool is embedded with metal details using the traditional Chinese mortise and tenon process



The bar window of the building corresponds to the distance of the big tree in the atrium, The trees are green and the wind is swaying, Or have a drink with a few friends, or interact with pets, or share warmth with family members.


▽精致的地被花境搭配温馨的灯光,生活的诗意感由此而生 Exquisite ground cover with warm lighting, the poetic sense of life is born



The metal grated walls of the view are bathed in sunlight,
Bright and still, Cut off the noise and the noise, Take one into the quiet backyard.


▽柔美的灯光与水波交相辉映 The soft light matched the water waves



The facade of the landscape wall is made of contrasting stone with different surface layers, Combined with slit and light, Enrich the effect of spatial hierarchy, Show the beauty of detail and rhythm.


▽景墙立面 Landscape wall elevation




Chinese Tallow forest hides a quiet and elegant backcourt space, Here the water is misty and dreamy like a fairyland, On the still pool of starlight, floating a “cloud pavilion”, Who do you sit with? The moon, the breeze, me.


▽后场空间 Backcourt space



The natural and pure tallow forest, The branches are graceful, The shadows of the trees are dancing and the spirit is still, Telling the story of light and shadow.


▽静谧优雅的乌桕林 The quiet elegance of the Tallow forest



With rich floral softening hard paving, Soften the space with natural tones.


▽自然花境 Natural flower land



Pools of trees floating in the water, Pure wooden thieves with complementary metal details, Create a natural and beautiful dream.


▽漂浮的水中树池 Floating pools of water trees



“Cloud Pavilion” hidden in the forest, Observe the depth of the pool, The scenery is very different from Yunlaiting.




The bottom of the waterscape pool is made of luminous terrazzo technology. At night, the bottom of the pool sparkles with stars, As if the stars fell into the Milky Way, fell into the mountains and oceans, fell into the gentle moonlight.


▽水池观景亭 Pool viewing pavilion



Where the eyes of the garden are, The best place to enjoy water and tea, Tea lattice full of Pu ‘er tea brick, tea fragrance diffuse room, elegant quiet.



/ 景观结语 / Summarize


From the noise of the dust, Meditate and feel nature, A natural oasis in the midst of a bustling city, Enjoy living under the shadow of the forest.




项目地址:上海 浦锦景观设计面积 | 3360 m²

Project Name: Shanghai c&d, him cloud (Demonstration)
Address: Shanghai PuJin landscape design area | 3360 m squared
Open show: 2022
Owner units: Jianfa Real Estate Group, Huafa Stock
Landscape Design: Shenzhen Pailan Landscape Design Co., Ltd.
Architectural Design: Zhejiang Qingmo Engineering Survey and Architectural Design Co., LTD
Interior Design: Shanghai Aiwei Decoration Design Co., LTD
Photography unit: IAM Photography




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