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ZDS:Located between the public green belt along Lianke 1st Road and the iconic towers of Shenzhen UpperHills, South Plaza is visually and functionally, a central anchor to the area. Additionally, “Shang-ma”(a heritage sculpture featuring a man jumping up to the back of a strong horse) was given to the site, making the plaza a linkage between past and the present.




As a host standing in front, South Plaza was always presented to those who start drawing their first footprint onto UpperHills, regardless the transportation tools and the purposes: A walking man could easily recognize the sculpture ‘Shang-ma’ on the way to his office in T1, whist a car heading towards the plaza was just about to park in front of the mall… Those who converge here are, in a way, turning the scenes as if the plaza was rotating by herself.


▼区位分析 District Analysis

▼城市环境鸟瞰 Plaza in the City Context

▼整体鸟瞰 Overall bird’s eye view



Gentle waves of grass, shades of leaves and sparkles of water… those elements are smoothly interwoven, shaping a sculptural space, in which the surrounding topographies are reflectively condensed in thus matrix which answers back to her environment——a city growing with its nature.


▼以小见大动图 See the big picture

▼设计概念推演 Concept Insinuation

▼地景空间与雕塑 Sculpture in the Landform


多-少| More-Less


It becomes complicated and almost seems impossible, when one tries to define the site: it is the extension of public interface to the city, a show-window of companies to the office towers and, a relaxing backyard garden to the shopping-mall… All of these identical figures are condensed here along with the flows and circulations.


▼场地分析 Site Analysis



Such complexity caused the South Plaza, the smallest, yet the last piece to be constructed, among the whole area of Shenzhen UpperHills development.


▼6家设计单位的8个设计提案(2013-2019) 8 design proposals from 6 design companies (2013-2019)



To the fact that the plaza contains the mentioned identities and, a lot more comparing to the actual occupation of the land area, the design team of ZDS strategically did something ‘less’, trying to find a common element and figure to complement those ‘more’.


▼整体鸟瞰(塔楼侧) Plaza in Tower Perspective




Softness and hardness sings together with the contrast and complementary on shapes and materials: curvy metal curbs softly hold grass with a sharp finishing line, representing the mountains around; water gently covers up the stone, reflecting the modern glass facade of the towers.




Those elements simultaneously interweave and synthesize a coherent roll of frames that is natural yet modern, soft yet sharp to a point.



光-影| Light-Shade


After all the materials were curved in position, the light started answering back: Shades of leaves are brought down to the skin of grass, expanding to touch the edge of water. Waves of land flow around, guiding those who tend to find their way. The sculpture, calls back the focus by standing vertically in the center, turning the time as a sundial.


▼正立面 Front-2-3

▼溢水沟 Drain Gutter

▼《上马》由新中国第一代雕塑艺术家梁明诚创作完成,创作手法写实、洗练,具有厚重的城市历史美感。“Shang-ma”, the sculpture created by Chinese sculpture artist Liang Mingcheng, was famous by his realisticism taste and heritage value to the city.



And when it’s at nightfall, sharpness of the metal fringes turns into sparkling light beads along. We specifically selected warm lights for hills and chill color to the water-mirror, as if temperatures of such textures could be felt and touched. In a way, we want to construct another light-scape to the plaza.


▼塔一视角(夜景) Night View in T1 Perspective

▼种植池灯动图 Planting pond lights animation



▼种植池细节 Planting pond details



Despite the scale of the project, challenges and surprises came along with quite a few changes and modification. The completion of construction is, by giving our highest respect and gratitude, the contribution of all members of relevance.


▼场地原貌&水景基坑 Original site appearance & waterscape foundation pit

▼雕塑吊装 Sculpture hoisting

▼灯光测试 Light test

▼施工放线&绿化种植1-2 Construction set-out & green planting 1-2





Project name: Shenzhen UpperHills South Plaza
Project Location: Lianke 1st Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
Project area: 3500㎡
Completion Time: 2021
Landscape Design: ZDS Design & Consultant co., LTD
Design Team: Zou Yujun, Yang Shaodong, Zhao Qi, Guo Xiaoyong, Dou Youxiang,Hu Meijun, Liang Xiaolin, Li Yingqi, Li Yanping
Client:Shenzhen Kezhigu Investment co., LTD
Client Team: Zhao Weijie, Tao Ying
Conscruction: Shenzhen Duotiangong Environment Construction co., LTD
Metal Decoration Consultant: Shenzhen Yisheng Decoration co., LTD
Photograph Credit: ZDS Design & Consultant co., LTD



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