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MBDI: Broad-minded and secluded, Tranquil and composed. In the complex and hectic city, feel the seclusion brought by the vitality.



设计语言 Design Language

景观形态上的“折叠”沉着/ 低调/ 内敛隐匿于空间画面感之下的设计语言,现代风格融合东方气质美学,外在空间与内在情感相互融合,与自然对话,打造一种含蓄内敛的场地气质。

Through the “folding” of the landscape form, the composed/ understated/ intrapersonal design language that hidden under the sense of spatial image and the modern style of integrating the aesthetics of oriental temperament, the design makes the outer space and inner emotion to fuse with each other. We are in dialogue with nature and trying to create a subtle and introverted atmosphere of the site.



山的影子 The shadow of the mountain

自然与都市度假结合的调性设计 A style design that combines nature and urban resort





The design restores the natural experience of walking. Light and shadow that intertwined here are touched, seen and perceived

As the ancients say, “The house is crowned by the door”, and the door is the place where a family exhales. The door symbolizes the status and prestige of the family, and records the history and culture. The design extracts traditional elements such as door latch, screen, bamboo and red signet to combined with modern architectural style, in order to create a deep and solemn entrance space without losing its calmness and openness.


▽入口 Entrance


湖的梦境 The dream of the lake

寻找一种隐逸的归宿感 Searching for a sense of seclusion and homecoming


The inner courtyard is still in a deconstructed morphological context, with sharp lines on the plane enclosing water features, tree ponds and floating bridges. Meanwhile, it creates a realm in nature, which builds a more poetic sensory experience in the façade space.


▽内庭鸟瞰 Aerial view of inner courtyard

▽交错的光影空间 Interlaced light and shadow space


风的声音 The sound of the wind

具有感染力的自然语境 Infectious natural context


Standing on the viewing platform leading to the back garden, people look back, and then, feel the natural poetry and lush green atmosphere of the front garden. We hope that people can feel the right spatial atmosphere from the experience of standing and resting here.


▽连接后庭的线性步道 Linear walkway connecting the backyard

▽透明的“盒子”观景平台 Transparent “box” viewing platform



Prefer exquisite courtyard with small bridge and water, Thriving flower garden with rustic landscape vignettes. Finding a natural and relaxing environment, Giving the idea of humanism into the landscape environment, Structure hide in the greenery, Quiet water, clear breeze, warm sunshine, From the body to the heart, we merge into the nature.


▽婀娜的树枝与精神堡垒呼应融合 The graceful branches echo and merge with the spiritual fortress

▽精致的细节展示 Exquisite detail display




Project Name: Shimao Yunjing
Project Location: Pidu District, Chengdu
Developer: Shimao Group
Party A’s team: Li Heng, Xu Xiaofei, Liu Meiling, Luo Hongjun
Design time: 2021.03
Design area: 3500㎡
Landscape Design: MBDI Insfranc
Photography Team: Hejin Space Photography
Project Name: Chengdu Shimao Yunjing
Year of completion: 2021
Project area: 3500㎡
Project Location: Pidu District, Chengdu



审稿编辑 Ashley Jen

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