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ToThree: Harbin is the northeast provincial capital of China, which is usually viewed as an iced city. This city makes people feel clear, bright and translucent, combining all beautiful imagination people take toward the Ice World.


© Massimo Vitali



Snowy Movie Metropolis, located in the northeast of Harbin, is the center of the film industry. It creates unique experiences combined snowy entertainment, film making and sightseeing together, and thus becoming a various and ecological city.


▼项目区位 The project location



Facing the object, we hope the design can express the visual format like ice and snow in terms of its brand image, meanwhile, can be viewed as a symbolic medium of the film industry. Three rays of light shot from cameras, facing different directions, continuously turn round in a dark-room of the cinema, and thus meeting together to become a snowflake finally. The bluish-purple figure transforms into the three-dimensional space and flutters down onto the moor, and thus forming a sublime scenery of ice and snow.


▼形象构思 Image design

▼品牌动画 Brand animation


The rays of light shot from cameras not only show the content, construct the story line, but also display the sublime beauty of this city. It opens up to audience about attractive features of Harbin.


▼入口 The entrance



The art named as The Beam, located in the center of the square, which is an installation composed of three elongated cons like rays of light shot from cameras, the three cones facing different directions meet together forming a simple and powerful structure.




The inside of the ray-shaped structure is the mirror stainless steel, which creates an interesting optical phenomenon: When you look inside from the bigger end of the ray, you will find a sphere made of light. We set up a circle of light at the small ends, so that there are always spheres of light day and night. The visual presentation formed though optical phenomenon displays a fantastic world using light and shade.


▼装置中间的镜面材料反射光线仿佛穿越时空 The specular material in the center of the device reflects light through space and time




The installation echoes the logo of the project which is also our design, morphologically and conceptually. In terms of the concept, they are various and are not pedantic by a detailed presentation but emphasize the change in the process when watching.The snowflake alternates between a mixed collection and dissipation when changing directions. Light and shade mix in the inside of the ray-shaped structure, forming a unique feeling.

The snowflake, the ray of light shot from cameras and the sphere made of light make audience coming into the space quickly noticed the snow park and the film base in the city. The installation has become a new landmark of Harbin, which attracts more people to explore the beauty of snow and movie.




The new city of Snowy Movie Metropolis has over ten kilometers away from its old city and also is at a distance away from resources in terms of culture and travel. In the field of Snow Movie, we continue the character of the city and bring much readable contents according to the description of landmark and the background of Harbin.




You will see a series of contents about culture and travel in the field, such as the Saint Sophia Cathedral and Harbin Grand Theatre, which connect with resources of the old city. The connection constructs continuous information based on the environment and thus bring much experiences for audience. The instruction about these cities seems to be projected onto these facilities, which construct the view of this city in the filed.




These facilities are made of a whole resin plate and the back side of the plate is covered a purple sheet by melting. The feature being sensitive to the light makes the whole plate looked like an ice sparkling with shades of bluish-purple. People will feel the coolness from ice and snow in the hot summer.




The large-scale figure being curved into the back side of the resin plate shows a change in the depth of curving, which is resulted from a material feature of the resin plate. Differences of the thickness caused by sloping make the figure displayed a sensitive change between light and shade. Images and contents are presented by a special printing method, which make a comparison between two-dimensional and three-dimensional information in these facilities.




The logo tower of this project is located in the Songhua Jiang. The punched plates made of aluminum have a breathable quality and its parts near the ground can be opened upward, and thus forming a shed which can allow people to go through. A cone that its top is large and the bottom is small, is hidden in the inside of the tower. The image of the sky reflects off the cone like the mirror when looking forward from the bottom of the tower. Light and shade will be reconstructed in this installation.


▼logo塔 The logo tower 

▼logo塔底部可打开供人穿行 The logo tower can be opened for people to walk through

▼从塔底中间往上看,天空与镜面相互反射形成一个无限的空间 From the middle of the tower, the sky and the mirror reflect each other to form an infinite space

© Xu Zhuomao



The surface of the cone hidden the tower is bluish-purple. When the lights turn up at the night, the bluish-purple light is hazy through the punched plates made of aluminum, being directed from the ground towards the stars.


▼logo塔夜景效果 Logo Tower night view effect



The indoor information has a detailed design which displays a figure spreading out from a central point in terms of the thickness. The character and figure seems be projected onto the facilities from the wall and thus make the information formed a floating feeling when seeing.



Snowy Movie Metropolis environmental graphic design makes this project displayed the beauty of snow and movie, just like its name, whatever from the logo design to environmental design or from spirit information to public art work. The combination between the film industry and resources of the city not only produces a musical sound between snow and movie, and also creates the infinite joys in this filed.





Project name: Snowy Movie Metropolis
Project Location: Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China
Client: Sunac
Design Firm: ToThree Design Co., Ltd.
Design Team: Yang HE, Rui ZHANG, Peinan ZHANG, Chao MEI, Jinxiao GAO, Feiteng FENG, Songliang WANG, Xuhui JIANG
Construction Firm: HaiKeLian technology, Color Panel
Other Majors: HHDesign, GM Landscape, Dejoy International Architects
Design Period: 2020.06
Photo Credits: Yang HE, Peinan ZHANG



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