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Penda China:penda recently finished a landscape sculpture in Xiangyang, China, which consists of more than 500 perforated, vibrantly coloured steel fins varying in height. The sculpture marks the entrance gate to the largest Myrtle Tree Garden in Asia. Music, Rhythm and Dance in combination with the surrounding Landscape were the main parameters shaping ‘the Soundwave’.



游客从雕塑进入紫薇园时,将身处500块钢鳍片的环绕之中。这些鳍片在叠石流水的地形景观中向上生长。 受歌德名言——“建筑是凝固的音乐”的启发,设计师利⽤⼤量钢鳍片展现了灵动的声波那⼀一凝固的瞬间。 活力都市、音乐韵律和⾃自然色彩均在这一瞬间得以体现。

Rhythm / Music:
As visitors enter the sculpture to the Myrtle Tree Garden, they are surrounded by more than 800 fins which sprout up like trees in a topographical landscape of stones and water. Resting on Göthe’s definition “Architecture is frozen music”, the aggregation of fins presents a solidified moment of a Soundwave in motion. The vivid city, the Rhythm of Music and the Colour of Nature are reflected within this moment.


和国内多数公共广场一样,广场在夜间将作为市民的公共舞场。每个鳍片均向顶部穿孔,内设LED灯带。500 块钢鳍片共同形成一个照明装置,与广场音响系统相连,以一种⾮常直观的⽅式响应广场上的活动:音乐声越大,灯光移动的速度越快,广场的照明度越高。

Public Dance:
Like many other public squares throughout China, during the evening this plaza is used by the Locals for group dancing. Each of the Fins are perforated towards the top and contain stripes of LEDs. The orchestra of 500 fins produce a lighting, which is connected to the plaza’s sound system and reacts in a very direct way to the movement on the plaza. The louder the music, the more vivid the movement, the brighter the illumination on the plaza.



“声波”雕塑位于襄阳中华紫薇园入口处。襄阳是中国南部一座古老的城市。周边绵延的⼭⾕勾勒出雕塑的 轮廓,并从水平层面建立起雕塑和周边环境的联系。800块鳍片竖向分割了周边环境,在各色鳍片的共同作用下,将雕塑打造成一个区域地标。 紫薇花四种深浅不一的紫色,构成了项目的色彩⽅案。游客进入鳍片区后,会产⽣被树干环绕林中漫步的错觉,并有片刻的迷失方向。但同时⼜又能透过鳍片间的开口空间一探究竟。这些开口后的空间变幻不定,有狭长的步道,视野开阔的空地,给人一种林中漫步的错觉。从而通过游客和广场舞人群为雕塑在白天和夜间注入更多的活力。

Surrounding Landscape:
Located in Xiangyang, China, an old capital of the South, the Soundwave marks the entrance to a large garden. The surrounding landscape of gently shaped hills and valleys form the outline of the Sculpture and connects it horizontally to its background. In a vertical way, the 500 fins are slicing the surrounding and, in combination with the vibrantly coloured fins, the sculpture creates a visual landmark for the area. Four different shades of Purple, the tone of the Myrtle Tree, were applied as a colouring scheme. The field of fins give the visitors a sense of being surrounded by tree trunks, strolling through the woods, being disoriented for a moment, but also able to peek through some openings between the fins to be guided further. Like walking through a forest, the spaces in-between the fins are varying from narrow footpaths to wider clearing-like areas, giving the visitors and local dance-groups an opportunity to vitalise the sculpture during day and night.




The plaza can be seen as a transitional space between the city and the landscape. Looking at the sculpture from further away, it punctures a skyline-like image of a city onto the horizon, but when entering the square, the colour and light, invite the visitors in a sensual way into the natural landscape of the Myrtle Tree Garden.




Material / Light:
The Fins, which form the rhythm of the sculpture are cladded by perforated purple stainless steal-panels . Through an electrolytic passivation process (anodised), the panels were coloured in a bath of Electrolyte and Electricity, which keeps the main characteristics of the steel unimpaired and corrosion resistant. During the day, the matte finish of the panels reflects its surrounding and transforms with the position of the sun, to produce a changing appearance of the sculpture throughout the day. In addition to the shimmering surface of the purple metal, the fins are located in four different water ponds. The reflection of the water adds to the play of light. At night, the lighting within the fins generate a constantly transforming image of the sculpture, which reacts directly to the visitors movements on the plaza.



▼概念来源 Concept


▼材料 Material 


▼平面图 Master Plan▼剖面图 Sections▼模型 Model



项目名称: “声波”雕塑
项目类型: 公共装置、景观设计
项目位置: 中国湖北襄阳
设计时间: 2013 – 2015
项目规模: 5.000平方米
设计团队: 克里斯普,孙大勇,唐菲
摄影: 夏⾄

Project name: The Soundwave
Type: Public Installation, Landscape Design
Location: Xiangyang,Hubei,China
Project year: 2013 – 2015
Size: 5.000m2
Project team:Dayong Sun, Chris Precht, Fei Tang Precht,
Photo credits:Xia Zhi


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