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QIDI Design: In every era, there will be always a dreaming place to live in everyone’s heart. Flourish in bloom among the encompassing mountains and forests.In the mean while, it is concise, wild and luxurious,enjoying a sense of seclusion and tranquility,which is called “unbounded mountain dwelling”.


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Since the moment of stepping into the demonstration area of Majestic Land, the issue of the typical high density urbanization and anxiety is completely neglect.Substituting by the blue sky and white clouds, continuous hills and mountains, Jade trees, insects and birds, fulfil of poetry and picture perfection, constantly lead visitors to picture the ideal life.


▼夜幕下的漫山小镇 Majestic Land at night

© 远洋
© 远洋



Renovation in landscape design is respecting and preserving the spirit and origins of beauty.In the highlight, the designer explore the close relationship between landscape and community.On the depending with diversity layers of mountain vegetation and plants, and continuously hills,to feel the original strength of nature beauty by the local mountain and rivers. To create intimacy connection within local nature , finally result in the harmony of man and nature.


▼设计分析 Design and analysis

▼项目鸟瞰Bird’s eye view


入山 -渐入佳境理为序 Phase One – Preface to the Journey / Paradise


Through several practice on the site, the final entrance features a high-low scattered metal grille and elegant GRC white ribbon, both of which create sense of the undulating hills and mountains.
The winding lane guides visual sight and route, with high density of forests, ornamental grass and terrain on both sides of lane,to enjoy the nature artistic conception.After a Long way of detour, arrived at the parking space. Everything suddenly become bright and clear, experience the surprise of looking for the “Peach blossom forest”.



伴山 -万物伊始相自然Phase two- sense of ecology


The architecture is built on the mountain, as a cube box embedded decoration. The “hidden” corner of the building facing the south,and the main building exposed facing the north giving completely different visual feeling. Pure and exaggerated design to interpret the both aspect of artificial intervention in nature,Indeed, it is reflecting the difference whether inside or outside of the building.Point trees in three or five clusters, ornamental planted, breeze blowing, amusing wild field, soft grass slope softens the sharpness of the mountain stone.


© 远洋


视界-阅尽铅华心自净 Phase three- Horizontal Visualization, sense of purify


Four-layer platform landscape, maximize the increase in the area of static water surface. While it has weaken the boundary, forming an extraordinary scenery of water and sky.To create an infinite horizon, water seems to be able to extend infinitely, into the boundless territory.




Transparent viewing platform made of glass has a panoramic view of all the surrounding scenery, which has feeling of “a panoramic view of of all mountains”. The transparent texture creates an unbounded atmosphere, standing on the platform as if standing above the trees, suddenly appearing the feeling the breeze on your face.



望巅-台叠参差画卷里 Phase four- Perfect picture on the top


The atrium design with 4.5 meters height difference through a four stacking terraced landscape. Using white GRC material for creating textures for the façade, as if the mountains and rivers is entirely in front of you.



归心-千秋大业归尘土 Phase five – Ritual of returning scenario


The stream passes through the fragmented paving and slowly merges into the still water. Furthermore, the waterscape, building, and plants is set to contrast to each other.the waterscape sets off with buildings and trees, and the wind moves the water waves and branches, making people feel the beauty and comfort of the mountains even if they sit for a while.




The waterscape is surrounded by unique red tiny stone, and material is original rock on the surrounding mountain.By making material connection with the surrounding environment so as to preserve and promote the culture and spirit of the region. After polishing, the most primitive approach is used to make collage. Not only merging local site characteristics, but also carries the history of local area.




The height difference between North pedestrian entrance and main atrium is 1.8 meter.Walking Along the curved pedestrian path, stroking the stone wall, it gradually enters the mountain forest, and ornamental grasses on both sides are swaying with greeting. Plants set off building, while building nestled up to the mountains.The contrast between the virtual and the reality can highlight the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, city and forest.



造物-有山皆图画,无水不文章Phrase six- Creation, nature methodology


The natural landscape stone is split by artificially and embellished in the field, leaving traces of us.




The still water and surrounding reflect to each other,turn the world in the reverse vertically world. It become a wonderland in the mirror.




Greenery everywhere, shallow thatch, fully of potentials.




Piece of paving,trickling,weeds in the seams interpret the vitality of life. Natural mountain rocks are reused in sustainable from nature resources .




Nature stones cladding wall ,echo with mountains, textures mottled. An exceptional feel of being nature.



改造详解 Renovation in details

整改区域以强调体验效果为主,约3.9万㎡, 动线进行重新梳理,硬质铺装进行调整,约0.7万㎡;整体造价600元/㎡。

The reforming area is mainly emphasizing the experience effect. With total approximately 39,000 RMB per square meters. The construction line is recalculate, the landscape hard pavement is under adjustment, and is approximately 7,000 RMB per square meters.The overall cost is approximately 600 RMB per square meter.


▼改造前原貌 Original appearance before transformation



A.The reinforcement of the main entrance is relatively important. 17,000 RMB square meters.
B.The commercial area of reconstruction is 3,000 RMB per square meters.
C.Planting cultivation and reforming total trail , approximately 7,000 RMB per square meters.
D.Plaza adjustment area ,road lane ,approximately 5,000 RMB per square meters.
E.Atrium landscape reconstruction.


▼改造示意图 Modification diagram


设计师语 Landscape designer’s quote


The landscape, architecture and the surrounding mountains are integrated, creating a wild but not quiet, extravagant but not floating secluded mountain residence for future owners. Unconsciously, people can naturally thinking of Mr. Xu Zhimo’s “living in the Cold Emerald Mountain’’.It has describe as“ Only when you wonder alone, you will figure out what is happiness of the soul.During the sunshine and breeze wind, your situation become clear, your life is without obstacles.”The romance in his works is pure, probably just like this.




完成年份: 2020.10
项目面积: 39000㎡
联系邮箱: brand@hk-cdi.com
主创设计师: 张莺
设计团队: 张莺、郑爱钻、刘轻松、罗莹、李毓茂、王霈霖、朱笑、周欣艺、刘旭广、郭鹏勋、邵志敏、张秋霞、罗美琼、陈颖峰

roject: Sunac·Majestic Land
Completion Date: 2020.10
Landscape Gross floor area:39,000 square meters
Location: Zhengzhou City, Henan Province,China
Landscape Firm: QIDI Design Group
Website: www.qidiplus.com
Contact email: brand@hk-cdi.com
Landscape chief designer: Ying Zhang
Landscape team: Aizuan Zheng,Qingxing Liu , Ying Luo, Yumao Li , Peilin Wang, Xiao Zhu, Xinyi Zhou , Xuguang Liu ,Pengxun Guo , Zhimin Shao , Qiuxia Zhang , Meiqiong Luo,Yingfeng Chen
Client: SUNAC Henan Yujie Industrial Co., Ltd.
Architect firm: Shenyang Jianzhu University/GAD Zhejiang
Interior firm: WUZ Design Co.,Ltd.
Landscape construction firm: Zhejiang New Oasis Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
Photo Credit: ZOOM Architectural Photography Studio




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