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Beryl Environmental Art Design: In a bamboo forest, build a small place for people to rest or stop for a while. How to perfectly integrate this structure into the surrounding environment, we chose bamboo, a material that is both ecological and can reflect the design idea. The highly malleable bamboo is bent and combined into the entire structural system, and the roof is covered with thin bamboo strips, presenting a sculptural volume as a whole. The bamboo mesh gives the building a sense of lightness, which not only facilitates air circulation, but also further enhances natural lighting. Bamboo’s natural tones and textures create a warm and intimate atmosphere.




We abandons the commonly used steel (metal) frame, and uses the original “bamboo” as the main material. Bamboo is a natural material, which is highly integrated with the surrounding natural environment. Bamboo weaving is a traditional craft in my country. collision with modernity.


▽竹制材料与周边环境高度融合 The bamboo material is highly integrated with the surrounding environment



In terms of styling, a lot of modern curves and arcs are used. In terms of materials and craftsmanship, we have adopted traditional techniques such as hand weaving, hemp rope bundling, bamboo nail fixation, and lofting models, and have also incorporated new technologies and materials such as 3D printing, metal components, and numerical control modeling to make bamboo products more modern Technical integration.


▽大量运用曲线和弧线造型 Use curves and arcs extensively



Bamboo is essentially a highly efficient structural material: high strength, high toughness, and tensile strength like steel. The segmented fasting structure gives it an elastic property that is extremely lightweight and easily bends into a curved profile. These structural properties contribute to the material properties of the bamboo. Compared with wood, it has stronger elastic and flexibility advantages, and the water swelling rate and heat drying shrinkage rate are small.


▽竹编细节 Bamboo weaving details

▽竹材料的弹力和韧性 The elasticity and toughness of bamboo materials



For a long time, the pursuit of the three principles of aesthetics, practicality and solidarity has never stopped, but the systematic transformation of structural forms is still in its infancy. The problems caused by uncontrolled mining and misuse of building materials, people are eating their own fruits, and the ecological and environmentally-friendly local natural building materials such as bamboo have become more and more prominent: it is enough to build a new type of holistic and sustainable building structure. At the same time, the regional culture, modern technology and practicality are perfectly integrated.




Public art emphasizes ‘sociality’ and ‘openness’. It is an artistic landscape composed of diverse media. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, people also associate its profound meaning. How to use modern design concepts to perfectly combine ‘bamboo’, an environmentally friendly and ecological original material with modern technology, to create more contemporary artworks that are in line with the aesthetics of the times and are economically applicable.


▽夜景 Night view

▽底平面图 Plan

▽顶平面图 Plan

▽立面图 Elevation



参与设计人:李迎华、罗亚西、柯于锴、刘武晖、廖媛 、童子润
联系电话:0755-25206603 13332906608
摄影团队:嘉禾创意 谢雨成

Project name: “Surging” -Post station in the bamboo forest
Project address: Shenzhen Xianhu Botanical Garden -Bamboo Garden
Category: Landscape installation
Creativity :xiejun
Architect: Xie Jun
Participating designers: LI Yinghua、LUO Yaxi、KEYukai、LIU Wuhui、LIAO Yuan 、tongzirun
Contact email: 974508478@qq.com
Contact email: 974508478@qq.com
Contact number: 0755-25206603 13332906608
Company website: sz-beryl.com
Completion time: March 2022
Building area: 200square meters
Brand planning: Zhang Weimin brand design
Photography Team: Jiahe Creative xieyucheng
Building materials: bamboo
Create:Shenzhen Beryl Environmental Art Design Engineering Co., Ltd.




审稿编辑 Ashley Jen

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