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贝尔高林:  苏州融创金融商务广场位于苏州市高新区狮山中心金融商务区,南至竹园路、西至滨河路,可享高新区和姑苏区双区配套,意在构筑苏州黄金地段的绿色科技滨河产品。

Belt Collins:  Suzhou Sunac Financial Business Plaza is located in the Shishan Central Financial Business District of Suzhou High-tech Zone, with Zhuyuan Road in the south and Binhe Road in the west. It can enjoy the dual-area facilities of the High-tech Zone and Gusu District, and is intended to build a green technology Binhe River in the golden area of Suzhou. product.





The demonstration area of the project has now been presented, and its overall structure is inherited from the regulations of the Chinese Garden. The architectural design of the demonstration area is inspired by the Linglong Taihu stone, which breaks the traditional architectural form in an irregular form.


▼以“石”为灵Take “stone” as spirit 



In line with the unique structure of the building, the landscape design of the demonstration area integrates the contemporary Orientalist aesthetics, adopts strong lines to lengthen the depth of the space, and constructs a low-key luxurious and quiet place with architecture, landscape and interior, awakening Eastern culture in the world Return to sexual language, adhering to the cultural pulse of Gusu, and presenting a contemporary humanistic community for Suzhou.


▼空间分析space analysis




Following the traditional etiquette, the designer integrates into the “inheritance and transformation” of Chinese classical gardens, realizes the transformation of modern space in the traditional artistic conception, expresses poetry with the frame of modern landscapes, and creates a realm of landscape with a positive atmosphere.


▼现代山水框景Modern landscape frame 



The world is quiet, the city-state Tibetan forest. In the depths of the pine and cypress, find a mysterious place, full of fatigue around the body, awakening a free heart. At the entrance of the demonstration area, the designer uses white square pavement as a guide. Accompanied by the ancient pine, the ritual space of the house turns around and starts a journey of seeking truth.


▼古松夹道Ancient pine road 



The water mirror is beautiful, reflecting the world and the landscape, supplementing the frame to integrate the landscape, combing the sight level, sculpting natural beauty into artistic beauty, accommodating carved jade masonry, and full of fragrant flowers.


▼水镜铺展water as bright as mirror 



The landscape is designed in a minimalist style, in the shape of mountains, rivers and lakes, creating the concept of symbiosis between the site and nature. The large-area mirror surface strengthens the spirituality of the space, blends the physical environment, the situation, and the artistic conception. It uses modernist external forms and composition techniques to emphasize the spatial spirit of the landscape.


▼几何造型Geometric modelling



The water is the load, the leaf is the boat, and the choice of modeling sculpture is the finishing touch of the entire large water surface landscape. The blades anchored on the water will condense time. Those rushed days seem to stop here. People no longer worry about the future, they just want to immerse themselves in the beauty in front of them.


▼水叶飘摇leaf in the water



The flowing lines make the destination of the space looming, adding a bit of exploration fun. The designer uses the modernity brought by the lines to build a good landscape effect, and constantly pursues the spatial connotation in the design. The combination of perforated steel plates and interactive lighting effects echoes the material of the perforated plate of the building facade, enhancing the sense of interaction and technology, and is intended to show Personalized landscape full of charming colors.


▼夜影灯幢Dappled light and shadow 



Stepping into the back field space of the demonstration area, pedestrians have a new look. The back field design continues the line sense of the front field space and adds more plant elements. The natural and rich soft scenes contrast the modern texture of the hard scenes. Trees, shrubs and flowering fields of different shapes are created in a natural style. The outdoor flower landscape brings refreshing beauty to pedestrians.


▼户外嬉戏outdoor space



The backcourt space is more like an outdoor resting place. The wide sun lawn and elegant landscaped pavilion allow pedestrians to switch between movement and static. Everyone needs such a place. Both can release themselves and can Find a quiet place and get along with yourself.


▼亭中小憩The pavilion



The Chinese have been hydrophilic since ancient times. The addition of a small water feature in the back field space sublimates the tonality of the landscape. The so-called “no water does not become a sight”. Even a small area of mirror water is enough to bring the quiet power of water into the landscape space and enrich the landscaping elements.


▼小水点滴water droplet



Fang is the principle, and circle is the change of the machine. Treating people requires a circle, and landscaping also needs a circle. Following the landscape flow, Suzhou Sunac Financial Business Plaza uses scenes as a medium between square inches to communicate people’s hearts, open up opportunities, and use geometric strokes to create a dynamic environment. This is the “circle” of the landscape maker and the viewer. “Fate”.


▼圆中有缘the “yuan” in the circle


项目名称:  苏州融创金融商务广场
项目地点:  苏州市高新区竹园路与运河路交汇处
开发商:  苏州高新集团、融创中国
景观设计:  贝尔高林国际(香港)有限公司
景观面积:  13383㎡
景观设计风格:  现代风格
项目类型:  示范区
景观摄影:  丘文建筑摄影 邱日培

Project Name:  Suzhou Sunac Financial Commercial Plaza
Project Location:  Intersection of Zhuyuan Road and Yunhe Road, Suzhou High-tech Zone
Developer: Suzhou High-tech Group, Sunac China
Landscape Design:  Belt Collins International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Landscape area:  13383㎡
Landscape design style:  modern style
Project Type:  Demonstration area
Landscape Photography: ARCH-QW Ripei Qiu

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