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MBDI: “Shili” is a benchmark cultural tourism project, located in Qidong City, across the river from Shanghai, with a straight-line distance of only about 50km, in the core area of the Shanghai Metropolitan Circle. With convenient transportation, Chongqi Bridge directly connects to Shanghai, quickly integrates into Shanghai’s economic life circle, Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway, and G328 access project. At the same time, it also has the original ecological seascape of 50 meters south.



设计理念 Design Concept


The project vision of moving the Caribbean into Ten Mile Bay matches the American style and interprets the Caribbean town with modern techniques. G328 connects to the entrance. The long bamboo forest cuts off the noise of high-speed traffic, paving the way for a different scenery of the destination ahead, and drives through the bamboo forest trail to Shili Bay.


方案构思 Conceptual stage


项目鸟瞰 Aerial view


曲线美学 Curve Aesthetics


The open and spacious plaza satisfies people to gather and play. The streamlined line design presents a soothing and natural vision, open, vigorous and free, and constructs a simple and fresh natural space. Whether it is a break after work or a family gathering, you can enjoy the leisure and relaxation of this scene.



流线型线条设计构建简约清新的空间 The streamlined line constructs a simple and fresh space


层叠韵律 Cascading Rhythm


The overlapping of the lines of the mountains and the waves surging across the barriers, blending with the style of the bay. A touch of bright white interlaced with a little verdant green, in the meantime, there is no “floating dust” in the downtown area, only the scenery of “clouds and waters without heart”. The breeze is coming, stop for a moment, enjoy the cool gossip, don’t have any fun.




Along the organic curve and shuttle between the wave-shaped installation walls, the wide facade makes the space bright and pleasant. With scattered paving, it melts the height difference of the square.



波澜水景 Waves Waterscape


The water flow leaned out from the swirling vortex, and the wind moved and the clouds moved out a way. Nature is reflected in the waterscape, and there is nature above the waterscape. The bay here is colorful, with the Caribbean-style space, it is full of artistic flavor.




The hyperbolic geometry connects the waterscape, which is beautiful and flexible. The layout of each trend constitutes the continuity and balance of the space.



街区艺术 Block Art


When the city is separated from the living space of the individual, it injects unlimited vitality into the art. Faced with the rapidly spreading urban space, it regenerates and creates a different public space in a new sense. Creative thinking and dexterous hands give the block a different charm.



生活无界 Life without Boundaries


Life is born in water, and the surface of the water is full of dust blown off by the wind. Wherever it is scattered, there will be a wave of ripples, and the air is flowing with the fragrance of a faint plant water vapor, which dilutes the melancholy and dilutes the worries.



一片海盛放仲夏所有的想象 ,一辆慢慢的列车驶向一座慢慢的城 。

A sea in full bloom all the imagination of Midsummer. A slow train to a slow city.





项目地址:江苏 启东
开发商:碧桂园 招商蛇口
景观设计:MBDI 英斯佛朗

Project Name: Ten Miles Bay
Project address: Qidong, Jiangsu
Completion time: 2020.07.20
Developer: Country Garden China Merchants Shekou
Architectural design: Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Landscape design: MBDI
Photographer: Xu Zhe



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