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YDDS元道景观:情感的力量是设计的核心,向生活和习俗里去找真正的范本,并且从那里吸收忠于生活的语言,透过设计探寻生活美学的本真。—— 王榆

Yuandao Landscape Design: The power of emotion is the core of design. Find the real model from life and customs, and absorb the language loyal to life from there, and explore the aesthetic essence of life through design. —— WANGYU


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So you and I have some unusual images of the extreme town with white walls and grey tiles, Open and inclusive regional culture, The intersection of cultural traditions and modern customs of all ethnic groups, It is also the place where you and I will meet. I’m looking for ancient footprints, You are introducing the romantic style of the footprints here, The beginning of the story is the combination of shooting.




So, I have some unusual images with you



Origin | 场地的记忆 Memory of context field


The project is located in Tengchong, a beautiful extreme city in China. With dense scenic spots and rich tourism resources, it is the only way to Heshun Ancient Town, Huoshan Rehai, Beihai Wetland, Ginkgo Village and other famous tourist attractions. It is surrounded by popular holiday destinations and many characteristic hotels, such as Tengchong Shitou Ji Hotel, Bodu Hot Spring Club, etc. However, the landscape environment around the project site itself is at a disadvantage, and the architectural features are not distinctive enough, which makes the design of the whole project more difficult.


▽极边风貌Polar Style

▽项目周边现状Current situation around the project



How to break through the site disadvantage and stand out from many high-end hotels to form a unique resort hotel? It is the problem we are trying to think about and the goal we are pursuing!



Location | 目标客群定位 Target customer positioning


因此,景观在酒店空间中起到了吸引、沉浸、停留的承载作用。Tengchong image Hot Spring Hotel也希望带给人们心灵的享受,身体的放松,而非简单的物质体验,当人们来到这里时,可以自然地成为景观的一部分,开始一段美妙的旅程。

Compared with pure accommodation and rest, customers prefer to stay in the outdoor space of resort hotels and enjoy leisure holidays.

Therefore, the landscape plays the role of attracting, immersing and staying in the hotel space. Tengchong image Hot Spring Hotel also hopes to bring people spiritual enjoyment and physical relaxation rather than simple material experience. When people come here, they can naturally become part of the landscape and start a wonderful journey.



Context| 唤醒集体记忆的文脉 Awaken the context of collective memory


Yunnan Province is close to foreign countries and ethnic minorities gather, which makes Tengchong earlier accept the influence of foreign cultures and rich ethnic minority cultures, and creates a diversified cultural form.


▽腾冲映象 Tengchong image

▽元素提取 Element extraction



介于项目场地周边界面并无优质外部景观资源,故设计师将景观设计聚焦于这三个庭院空间,形成Azure Blending(水)、Sunbeam Bathing(阳光)、Oxygen Breathing(林间)三个不同风格的庭院,成为聚会空间和趣味点。

With this, we have inspired landscape design and combined modern landscape design techniques with local characteristics to create a scenic resort hotel and interpret a different journey feast in Tengchong.

There are no high-quality external landscape resources in the interface around the project site, so the designer focuses on these three courtyard spaces to form three different styles of courtyards: Azure Blending (water), Sunbeam Bathing (sunshine) and Oxygen Breathing (forest), which become a gathering space and fun point.


▽项目平面图 Project Plan


Azure Blending| 艺术与优雅的交融 Azure Blending, The blend of art and elegance


The central courtyard is interesting in waterfront recreation, embellishing corridors, infinite buildings and water cafes. The blue swimming pool and lush vegetation provide a relaxed lifestyle for travelers. The shadowless tower at the boundary of the swimming pool uses shadowless techniques to increase the transparency of the interface through the overlapping reflection of phenomena, the mutual borrowing of space and scenery, and the penetration and integration of the swimming pool and the backyard landscape.


▽Azure Blending鸟瞰 Aerial View

▽无影塔鸟瞰 Aerial View of Shadowless Tower




In the proposition of how to make Tengchong Image Hotel stand out from many boutique hotels, designers try to extract unique elements from Tengchong culture and design the unique image IP of the hotel [see the special analysis].

After a lot of thinking and searching, the final inspiration came from the unique Kuixing Building in Tengchong. The designer deconstructed and reorganized it, expressed abstract concepts with image design, and transformed people’s thoughts from the present to the future, and then from the future back to the past. The whole process was full of fun, imagination and challenges.


▽泳池边的悠享 Enjoy by the swimming pool

▽水面映衬无影无形 The water surface is invisible

▽池岸的惬意 Pleasure on the pond bank

▽林影下的悠享 Leisure enjoyment under the forest shadow

▽静谧的水岸氛围 Quiet waterfront atmosphere



Walking in this courtyard space, you will be surrounded by the leisurely atmosphere of the private garden and the free atmosphere of the swimming pool. The warm sunshine and gentle waves have become an indelible memory here.


▽以平静的形态叙述其优雅 Describe its elegance in a calm form

▽漫趟处尽显悠雅 It’s elegant everywhere

▽暮色幽微 The night is light

▽浮光熠熠 Glittering light


Sunbeam Bathing|享受静谧与悠闲 Enjoy quiet and leisure


The semi enclosed falling water level, the quiet lawn under the forest, and the vision between the adjacent interface of the hotel guest room penetrate each other. By semi covering the vision, increasing the sense of spatial hierarchy, we can make the space order of the site rich in change, give consideration to both publicity and privacy, and give us a sense of security when we are alone, which makes us feel relaxed and complacent. Let us put aside the chaotic thoughts, stay away from the noise, and in this warm sunshine, Enjoy the peace of the moment alone.


▽林间沐光 Light in the forest

▽绿影婆娑 The whirling green shadows

▽叠水潺潺 Ripple water



The sun is filtered by layers of leaves, It leaks onto the grass, the ground and the ball, It has become a light, round and gently swaying halo.


▽翠色幽微 Green and faint

▽流泉漫步 Strolling in the Flowing Spring

▽镜望悠亭 Looking at the Pavilion in the Mirror

▽溪泉物语 The Story of Stream and Spring

▽幕光优雅 Elegant screen light

▽幕色观林 Screen View Forest


Oxygen Breathing|林影下的悠享 Leisure enjoyment under the forest shadow


The sun is pouring, and the mottled shadows of trees are reflected on the shoulders. The scene of still water and stones extending into the dense forest makes people feel as if they have come to a quiet place in the forest to enjoy the natural comfort of the forest when drinking and taking a nap.


▽翠林斑驳 The green forest is mottled

▽境水观影 Watching the shadow in the surrounding water

▽蓝楹林间磐石之上 On the rock in the forest



When the pale blue jacaranda flowers in the courtyard are in full bloom, With the occasional breeze blowing, Falling on the still water, On the rubble of the courtyard, On the shoulders of travelers.


▽感受林间的气息 Feel the forest

▽林间品茗卡座 Tea tasting card seat in the forest

▽能够放松身心的角落 A corner that can relax the body and mind

▽林下餐吧 Forest Food Bar



The sun shines on the ground through the dense leaves, reflecting golden spots.


▽幕色磐石映林 Screen color, rock and forest

▽林下餐吧夜幕 Night at Linxia Restaurant

▽栖林品茗 Tea in the forest

▽林下小酌 Drink under the forest



After a long journey, At this moment, I am longing for peace, Slow down, return to life itself, and explore the essence of life aesthetics with slow motion, The extremely simple large courtyard swimming pool, gentle wisps of sunshine, and comfortable stories under the forest, It is precisely after frequent travel that passengers, When you return to the hotel, you will enjoy a quiet moment with one window and one scenery.




Not perfect, not on stage, No surprise, no meeting, Tengchong image Hot Spring Hotel.





Project Name | Tengchong Yingxiang Hot Spring Hotel
Party A | Tengchong Hengrui Sports and Leisure Service Co. LTD
Project area | unilateral cost | about 5000 ㎡ | 1200 yuan/㎡
Landscape Design | Chongqing Yuandao Landscape Design Co., Ltd
Yuan Dao Team | Wang Yu, Zhang Zongdi, Zheng Yali, Luo Chunhua, Xu Guilin, Cheng Jinglin, Xu Zhongkai, Lang Shengyu, Wu Hongmei, Ling Dan, etc
Architectural Design |Xicheng Engineering Design Group Co., Ltd. Yunnan Branch
Constructor | Henan Yamei Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd
Project Address | Tengchong City, Yunnan Province, China
Construction Cycle | 2021-2022
Photography Team | Chongqing Meizhu Photography – Xiong Huan




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