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Ralph Bristow:“巴维特(Barwite )花园”是一个占地3英亩的野生多年生植物园,这里曾经是一个养牛场。花园位于澳大利亚维多利亚州东北部乡村的布罗肯河(Broken River)畔,附近有河流、山崖、瀑布,四周环绕着山丘、围场和灌木丛。

Ralph Bristow : “The Barwite Garden” is a 3 acre wild perennial garden, born from a former cattle paddock, set in Barwite on the banks of the Broken River, with a river escarpment, a waterfall, surrounded by hills, paddocks and bush in rural Northeast Victoria, Australia.



设计师Ralph Bristow表示:“我不愿把花园描述为一个‘项目’,它反而是一件艺术作品,更类似于绘画、音乐或诗歌,其中,植物是重要的媒介。这是我自己的私人花园,也是我在创造和设计花园方面的一个案例,无论是在农村还是城市环境中设计花园,我都会如此对待。现在我和我的伴侣及女儿们住在这里,花园可通过预约或对公众开放时进行参观。除了菜园外,花园里的所有工作都是由我自己打理。”

I wouldn’t describe the garden as a ‘Project’ but rather as a work of art, more akin to painting, music or poetry, where plants are the medium. It is my own private garden which serves as an example of what I do in terms of creating and designing gardens, be it in a rural or urban setting. I live here with my partner and daughters. The garden is visited by appointment or when open to the public. All work in the garden with the exception to the vegetable garden is undertaken by myself.


▽设计师和他的花园 Ralph Bristow




My approach in terms of designing this garden hasn’t been conventional or typical. It is an experiment in a creative sense whilst giving myself and others an education in what plants give practically and spiritually. Plants to me are sacred. No drawings have been done. I have made my decisions in laying out the garden by utilising my knowledge of garden design, plants and my skills as an artist (a painter), spending time in the space, responding to the lay of land, framing views, thinking about how one traverses the area and seating the buildings into the landscape.

The selection of plants and how they are combined is imagined as I get them, knowing how they behave throughout the seasons is utilised also in their placement. As the garden evolves it becomes very much more expressive in telling me what to do in response to changes that may be required. Spontaneity reigns supreme. But every aspect of the garden is deeply considered. There is also a substantial vegetable garden. Hardscape is minimal with the emphasis being on the natural and plants. There had to be a harmonious conversation between what has been created by the buildings, myself and the surrounding natural environment. Indigenous fauna such as kangaroos, wallabies, wombats birds, frogs, lizards, snakes, insects, echidnas are all considered also in this fusion of garden and landscape whilst also dealing with feral fauna such as deer and rabbits.






Plants are my particular passion. There is a perennial plant palette that holds the majority of the garden but there are a mix of trees, shrubs and native Australian plants also used. There is interest in the garden every day of year as it changes constantly with peak flowering through Summer, Autumn. Whilst the flowering aspect of garden is magnificent, I particularly want to emphasise a flow of energy and rhythm in the garden that sings with the bush, river and hills.

This is conveyed with the soft architectural, structural qualities given by foliage, grasses and the actual structures of the flowers themselves. For example, the stems, seed heads, petals, inflorescences capture wind, light, shadow, give texture and rhythm. Planted in groups and individually throughout the area and being expressed as the seasons dictate. The repetition of colour, textures and leaves ensure a sense of the natural with unexpected moments of joy and surprise being revealed on a daily basis. This allows the garden to be experienced as a broad gesture en masse or in the macro realm, giving the people a sense of being immersed in a space of incredible depth, beauty and sublime intimacy. When people enter the garden, they forget where they have just come from and can spend a day amongst the plants and in different areas, fully engaged. The principles and practises utilised in creating this garden are used when designing a clients garden.

The garden is very young, 3years in some areas but generally around 1 – 2 years. The growth has been profound due to plant selection and wonderful soil profiles. The wildlife that resides in the garden has increased quite remarkably. The symphony of life is something to behold. A place to find connection with ourselves and nature. These are the qualities and experiences in a garden I want to give to people who visit and to clients gardens I design.


▽花园四季景象 Garden Scenery in Four Seasons


▽植物清单 Plant list




花园地点:澳大利亚 维多利亚州 Barwite
设计公司:Ralph Bristow Garden Design and Services.
首席设计师:Ralph Bristow
设计团队:Ralph Bristow
客户:Private commissions
图片来源:Ralph Bristow, Nicky Sanders

Project Name: The Barwite Garden
Completion Year: Ongoing
Scale: Currently 3 acres
Project Location: Barwite, Victoria, Australia
Landscape/Architecture Firm: Ralph Bristow Garden Design and Services.
Website: ralphbristowgardendesign.com.au
Contact e-mail: ralphbristow7@bigpond.com
Lead Architects: Ralph Bristow
Design Team: Ralph Bristow
Clients: Private commissions
Photo Credits: Ralph Bristow, Nicky Sanders
Photographer’s Website: nickysanders.com.au


在设计师Ralph Bristow眼中,花园并非一个‘项目’,而是一件艺术作品,更类似于绘画、音乐或诗歌,其中,植物是重要的媒介,也是最好的馈赠者。

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