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BHLThe Cloud Valley Hotel is located in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province. The essence of this city resonates with its pure tea and timeless purple clay, exuding an ancient charm and unique atmosphere. Nestled deep within Yangxian Lake and surrounded by gentle mountains and flowing water, this is where the venue came to life. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, we yearn for the mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and also cherish the worldly joys and festivities. Taking inspiration from the Cloud Valley, BHL is dedicated to creating a modern mountain resort experience, capturing a moment of tranquility amidst the eternal cycle of life.




The design philosophy of respecting nature is evident in the fusion of the site’s space with the natural surroundings. Through delicate composition, simple materials, and earthy color tones taken from nature, the transition from the lush mountains to the hotel’s interface is seamlessly achieved.


▽山野石崖 Mountains and rocky cliffs

▽拙朴自然的风格调性 Simple and natural style tone


01 探隐山谷 Explore the Hidden Valley


After passing through cherry blossoms and tea fields, the emotions transform profoundly in the foreground. The entrance to the hotel is hidden on one side of the winding mountain road, nestled within a simulated narrow valley space. The vertical dark coffee-colored spotlights blend with the surrounding trees, subtly suggesting the upcoming luxurious experience, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the lush environment.


▽随着茶田中的樱花道缓缓前行 Along the path of cherry blossoms in the tea fields

▽酒店入口空间 Hotel entrance space



The design aims to portray modern aesthetics with an Eastern charm. The entrance space is composed of a lattice-style sloping roof, stone wall fragments, and a mirrored pool. The courtyard follows a three-stage structure, enriched by traditional Eastern garden elements like screens and partitions, creating a multi-layered spatial experience. The minimalistic walls and eaves enhance fluidity and permeability, bringing a modern scale to the rustic ambiance.


▽入口空间鸟瞰 Aerial view

▽格栅式坡屋顶入口门廊 Grid-type pitched roof entrance porch

▽极简的片墙与廊顶 Minimal piece walls and roof



The mirrored water feature crystallizes the luxurious experience and carefree emotions, offering a moment of transition and a serene cleanse, revealing authenticity.


▽镜面水景 Mirror water feature



Between the walls lies a narrow courtyard, simple yet profound, like a secluded paradise. The simplicity of the dry landscape and the elegance of the black mirrored stone achieve a delicate balance. A glimpse evokes deep and lingering memories.


▽片墙之间夹隐的枯山水院落 A withered landscape courtyard wedged between the walls


02 游弋池廊 Wandering around the Pond Gallery


Not all designs originate on a blank canvas. The reception hall adjacent to the mountains was initially a plain flat-roofed building that lacked surprise. When juxtaposed against the rugged terrain, it seemed imbalanced. To integrate the structural integrity while embracing the landscape’s rhythm, the designers ingeniously resolved this conflict, concealing the protruding equipment on the rooftop. The architecture acts as a complement to the landscape. Within the dignified mountainous framework, the architectural pavilions and corridors coexist gracefully, enhancing the surroundings just like the unique rocks, waterfalls, and lotus leaves – a touch of the creator’s artistry.


▽酒店接待大厅 Hotel reception hall



The entrance does not veer away from the natural lake as per convention but rather opens at the center of the water. Wrapped by a curved corridor, the lightweight steel structure envelops the promenade, resembling dragonflies landing on water, creating a graceful scene amidst the lake’s flora and fauna. The winding path prolongs the vacation experience, allowing visitors to savor the lakeside and mountain views.


▽环廊巧妙的置于山水湖石之间 The ring corridor is cleverly placed between the mountains and lakes



Strolling through the meandering gallery amidst the greenery, one finds a sense of simplicity, a moment of tranquility, cherishing time while waiting for the years to flow by.



03 居停之间 While resting


The pool, as a prime venue for setting the holiday atmosphere, is situated on the mountainside near the hotel rooms. Employing a Singaporean-style modern minimalist approach, the design is both light and dynamic, counterbalancing the heaviness and mystique of the front space. Here, people can unwind, shedding their worries, and relish the pleasures of a vacation.


▽山腰上的泳池 The pool on the mountainside



The cascading pool design not only expresses form but also addresses the uneven weight distribution caused by the karst landform. The curvilinear division of the pool aligns with the mountainside, achieving both structural stability and functional segmentation.


▽泳池呼应山体的曲线划分了功能空间与深浅区域 The curve of the swimming pool in response to the mountain divides the functional space and the shallow area



Local elements of the wilderness are extracted and modernized, with blue stone, wood-colored slabs, and natural elements cleverly intertwined. The clean lines eschew extravagant decorations, offering a restrained touch of luxury.


▽现代极简的休闲观景廊 Modern minimalist leisure viewing gallery



With the outdoor bar nearby, one can experience the diverse mountain views within arm’s reach. The smooth marble tabletop reflects the pine branches hanging over the cliff, an exquisite natural engraving. As twilight descends, candles flicker, a gentle breeze rustles, and the tinkling of wind chimes seems to echo in the air…



04 揽云溯心 Embrace the clouds & follow the heart


“As I see charming green hills, I assume the hills also find me charming.” The suspended cliff corridor beside the mountain stands like a scene from a wild landscape, modern yet subtly embodying the allure of the verdant wilderness. The moment one steps onto the transparent glass corridor, the world falls silent, and the wind…


▽悬崖挑廊 Cliff gallery



Even the narrow corners formed by the site’s elevation differences are imbued with value, becoming a natural display case. Modern materials and rustic elements converge here, blurring the boundary between human intervention and nature. With a gentle touch, the charm of the green hills is palpable.



05 枕山而眠  Resting on the mountain


As dusk falls, the Yixing Cloud Valley Hotel sheds its daytime elegance and takes on a shimmering, mysterious veil – a new surprise and gift. Accompanied by flora and nestled beside cliffs, immersed in the sentiment of mountains and water, we exile ourselves from the hurried world, resting on the mountain.


▽夜景氛围 Night atmosphere



摄影师:E-ar Tars

Project name: The Cloud Valley Hotel
Year completed: 2022
Project area: 70,000 square meters
Project location: Yixing, Jiangsu
Design company: BHL
Company website: http://www.behren.com.cn/
Contact email: 326798806@qq.com
Chief Designer: Chen Zuowen
Design Team: Wen Bin, Wu Tong, Hu Mengshi, Lu Min, Wen Hao
Client: The Cloud Valley Hotel
Photographer: E-ar Tars




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